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Samoa Joe Suspended!

One of the patron saints of O, Samoa Joe has suspended by TNA. Apparently management is displeased with Joe's general attitude and the final straw was an incident that took place at the July 13th tapings for iMPACT!.

Joe was working Jeff Hardy in a ten minute Broadway. Prior to the match, Joe was very vocal to those involved in putting the match together that there should not be a countdown when the time was nearing the end because that would spoil the finish.

It's true. I've said this so many times ... as soon as the audience hears "2 minutes left" they know what's up. The drama and shock value is a million times higher if you suddenly just ring the bell and announce that time's up.

With 30 seconds left in his match with Hardy, Jeremy Borash started a countdown. After the match, Joe was livid and yelled at various crew members and people in the production truck (believed to be David Sahadi, Keith Mitchell and Vince Russo with TNA president Dixie Carter present).

Also, one of the stories going around is that management (i.e. Bischoff / Hogan) are upset with Joe's weight. I feel like I need to paraphrase Jules Winnfield and say "I wouldn't go so far as to call him fat - the brotha is Samoan, what's he supposed to do?"

Joe's size is what makes him special. If he was 215 pounds, his ring work would look like about 200 other guys. The ability to be as explosive and agile at his size is what sets him apart. And "they" want to take that away from him? Hell, I'd be pissed too.

Joe is the second notable star to be suspended by TNA this year - the first being Awesome Kong who was subsequently granted her release. Joe is currently not scheduled for any upcoming TV tapings or house shows.

Add to all this the fact that Melina recently posted a pic on Twitter of herself with John Morrison, Gregory Helms and Joe and the rumors are already flying like crazy.

5 comments: on "Samoa Joe Suspended!"

Anonymous said...

"One of the patron saints of O, Samoa Joe has suspended by TNA"

I think you forgot the word "been" in there buddy!

literary genius my ass!

AdamFromWelland said...

Who let Tony Schiavone in the building?

Andrew Gray said...

Totally agree -- announcing the time remaining gives away the finish.

Christopher Casúr said...

I've had a bad feeling right from Hogan's arrival that Joe's size would be an issue. But it shouldn't be.

Who cares if he's fat? He can work and put on entertaining matches. Hey Hulkster, remember Yokozuna? Remember Vader? They were considerably fatter than Joe, and they did just fine for themselves.

I don't see Joe going to WWE, because I think Vince will have the same issue regarding his weight.

Anonymous said...

Tonga Jim - Season 3 NXT Winner.