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MMA To Be Legalized In Ontario

Huge news will be broken later today as the Government of Ontario's Ministry of Consumer Services will announce that MMA will be legalised in the province with the first professional events to be held in 2011.

This moves clears the path for companies like the UFC and so many others to start running shows in what Dana White referred to as "the top mma market in the world".

It is expected that Ontario will adopt the same rules and will not look for concessions / changes.

More information on this as it becomes available.

5 comments: on "MMA To Be Legalized In Ontario"

GSP's Gonna Kill You said...

Can we essentially book GSP/Big Mouth Josh for The Rogers Centre?


White Thunder said...

Supposedly there's gonna be a show in march at the Skydome. Also I would like to say one day I will be fighting for some company and it will be an honor to be posting on this site.

-The only oster to get noed twice online :).

Anonymous said...

Also dont forget ontario is in a multi billion dollar debt and a report said mma events can bring 6 mill. Thats the only reason

Anonymous said...

A certain writer for this site who only writes about sports is telling people how his friends the twin dragons are responsible for this.

Nevermind the work of HUNDREDS of others and the president of UFC Canada Tom Wright.

Get over yourself Norm.

Ben Ortmanns said...

Who even cares who's "responsible"? We are all responsible. From Tom Wright, to those of us who've done behind the scenes work, to those of us who marched on MMA Day, to those who've covered it in the media, but more importantly, everyone of us who've spent our hard earned dollars on PPV's, ticket sales, clothing and merchandise, etc.

All that matters is that the largest market in the world for MMA can now officially call it home, and that the countless professional MMA fighters from Ontario can now fight at home, and those of us who love the sport can go support it live! Live MMA, and live UFC shows are CRAZY electric. If you haven't been, which I'm assuming most of you haven't, do yourself a favor and check it out!


And if anyone would like to learn the art of MMA and are in the London area, come down to the Adrenaline Training Center! Check us out on Facebook! It's ran by Sam Stout, Mark Hominick and Chris Horodecki. And for those in the Toronto area, check out Xtreme Couture! Mark and Chris teach there as well and have many other super talented instructors and fighters!