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Luna Vachon Found Dead

It is with a heavy heart that we here share the news that Montreal native, Luna (Gertrude) Vachon has passed away at the age of 48. Details surrounding her death are scarce at this point but we know that she was found by her mother in her mother's home earlier today.

Luna was the adopted daughter of the great Butcher Vachon and the niece of Mad Dog Vachon and Vivian Vachon. Though he wasn't officially her godfather, the family often referred to Andre the Giant as such.

Luna was married several times, most recently to our friend Gangrel (David Heath). The two split in 2006 but as Gangrel has said on Tha O Show in the past, the two remained the best of friends.

Earlier this year, Luna's house had burned down and she lost most of her personal possessions, including all of her wrestling memorabilia and career keepsakes.

We will have more on this sad story as it becomes available.

4 comments: on "Luna Vachon Found Dead"

Dante Ross said...

One of the most original wrestlers ever. Not just for a female wrestler. Just in general. Damn it.

Anonymous said...

Dan, in your year the Dan-E-O curse has spread to injuries and deaths. There was Rico,Lufisto,Donnie,Dan, and Luna have all had near deaths or have had hard times. Now with Kanyon, Cade, and Luna gone, who will be the next to go? May she rest in peace, and hopefully she will actually get a tribute unlike Cade.

Ken said...

To know that her husband was just on the O show, it sent a chill up my spine.

I believe Luna should have been considered one of the best women wrestlers ever. She had solid in ring skills but you have to look beyond that and see the character she played. It hurts to see this. She was one of the nicest persons when she wasn't on air.

My prayers to you Gangrel

Anonymous said...

One of the best ever. She blazed the trail for all of us.