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Heyman To Sign With Strikeforce?

Paul Heyman may not re-enter the world of pro wrestling after all.

Following Saturday night's show in Houston, Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker said "we'll have an announcement probably in a couple weeks" in regards to a deal between Heyman and the MMA company.

Coker would not specify Heyman's role in the company. Coker did, however, confirm that there was a meeting between the two parties last week in New York, and that he was hopeful a deal could be reached.

(See the 7:02 mark in this video for Coker's comments on Heyman.)

I'll comment on how this affects the pro wrestling side of things, and leave the MMA side to be discussed by TID and others.

To put it simply, I think this is bad news for TNA. It appears as if they're missing an opportunity to bring in a guy who has a unique vision on how to turn TNA into a more profitable and entertaining company.

From my view, the sticking point in the Heyman-TNA deal is not the ownership/stock options that Heyman is demanding -- I think Dixie Carter would, or has, offered that. Instead, I think Dixie is letting loyalty get in the way of a good deal.

Dixie wants to protect the likes of Hogan, Bischoff, Russo, Jarrett, and others who Heyman would certainly let go if brought in. It's well-known that Heyman would want to make changes to the front office and roster, but I don't think Dixie will give him that absolute control.

Dixie Carter is the anti-Vince McMahon, and it's hurting her (and her company) in this situation.

Hopefully, between now and and the time a potential deal with Strikeforce is finalized, TNA gets their shit together, swoops in, and brings Heyman into the fold.

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