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Tha Classics Part 1

I miss tag team wrestling. No this isn’t going to be an article about how bad tag team wrestling is nowadays and how teams are slapped together with guys that they have nothing better to do with but wanna keep employed or on TV. No. This is the first in a series of matches from my childhood that made me love wrestling.

I’m starting with a match featuring The Steiner Brothers versus The Beverly Brothers. This match will be good for anyone that has never seen the Steiner’s in their prime and only know Scott Steiner as Big Poppa Pump. It also shows what great bad guys The Beverly Brothers were. Damn, I hated these guys. This match showed off the best of both teams and had a great finish.

I know I don’t have to say it but goddamn I miss Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon on commentary! This pay per view, which I have on VHS as a series of shows I had to clean the house to order, was well worth it. Royal Rumble 1993 was a cool ass show, y’all.

I forgot how well The Steiner’s were at getting crowd reactions. I have included a link to the match for anyone that hasn’t seen it or haven’t seen it in years. And in case you’re wondering, calling it right down the middle is none other than Bill Alfonso. The Beverly Brothers, Bloom and Enos, had me cracking up with their love for each other. I feel like a kid again when I watch these matches. It reminds me why I feel in love with wrestling and why I got so emotionally invested in matches.

Click THIS LINK to watch this match and let me know what you think about it. Also, if any of you have any recommendations let me know. If this goes well I will continue to cover more of what made me fall in love with wrestling. The end of this match still makes my balls jump into my body.

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D.J.B. said...

Good shit DR, as always. Heenan and Monsoon were incredible. They had a chemistry that you probably won't find again until DJB and Dante Ross call Royal Rumble 2013.

All kidding aside it was a great match, a good article, and a to the heart point about why we all love wrestling.