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TNA Should Sign Kimbo Slice

Admittedly, this idea was inspired by a post on another solid wrestling blog, The Steel Cage (that is, before they started charging to view content). Their post suggested that WWE sign Kimbo Slice.

Although that would be an interesting idea as well, I think it'd make more sense for TNA to sign the recently released UFC fighter.

For one, Kimbo has proven to be a TV ratings draw for Elite XC and "The Ultimate Fighter." Assuredly, Kimbo would draw the attention of casual fans to TNA for the first time.

For two, there'd be a huge potential (at first, for sure) to attract some UFC fans already tuned in to Spike TV. Spike could promote Kimbo's appearance on "iMPACT!" during other UFC programming.

For three, Kimbo could be the PPV draw that TNA has been lacking. If TNA is to become profitable (more on that later), they need to sell more PPVs. For reasons lost on me, the higher-ups in TNA are more focused on improving TV ratings (they've gone down, it should be noted), instead of PPV buys, which should be the #1 revenue source for a company that's house show business is minimal. Kimbo's first PPV fight could pop a buy rate, and if booked properly, could maintain new fans.

Kimbo could be the MMA fighter TNA has always wanted. You could train him a little, but you'd want him to maintain his MMA-style to make the matches seem as realistic as possible. Imagine Kimbo vs. Joe or Kimbo vs. Angle. I'd watch that. You would too.

For four, what other options does Kimbo have at this point? Cetainly he could sign with a lesser MMA group and fight in a few more TV speacials or PPVs. But he's 36 years old . . . for MMA, that's old. But in pro wrestling, 36 is young! He's got at least 20 years left!

Unfortunately, the idea of TNA signing Kimbo may be moot, if you are to believe recent dirtsheet reports. According to F4W Online (via NoDQ), "TNA will be making a lot of budget cutbacks starting this week. [Dave] Meltzer described the situation as 'not good' and things are 'going to start happening soon.'"

It's easy to see how TNA could be in pretty serious financial trouble - adding the likes of Hogan, Bischoff, Flair, RVD, Jeff Hardy, Ken Anderson, Scott Hall, and re-signing Sting, while seeing little to no revenue increase, is a recipe for disaster. Word is that many backstage in TNA are worried about their futures in the company.

What do you think? Should TNA sign Kimbo Slice? What major changes are coming in TNA?

4 comments: on "TNA Should Sign Kimbo Slice"

Anonymous said...

Pro Wrestling should stay as far away from MMA as possible. It exposes the business and makes everyone look bad. All of the shooter gimmicks on the indy's are horrible. Pick a sport pro wrestling or MMA there should be no crossover.

Anonymous said...

I 1000% agree with you. However, for a short term contract to build to match with either Angle or Joe, or even both if booked properly.

Kimbo has more mainstream appeal than anyone in that company currently and would fit with the TNA audience.

Andrew Gray said...

Anon - The business is already exposed, but I sort of see your point. Agree to disagree.

Frank - Definitely a short term thing. Could TNA book Kimbo-Angle properly? Now that's another question.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHHAHA Tid called you and idiot!