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Tha O Show Radio Program: Episode 168

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Big Daddy Donnie and your bro Dan-e-o are back in Tha O Zone Lair, along with Frank Fronte to hit you with their super-sick 168th edition of tha show that makes you "O"!

It's the kings of "Locker Room Radio" hittin' you up with all things pro wrestling, MMA, sports, music and entertainment!

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On today's show, you'll get...

"Tha Os And NOs".

"Tha Pit Stop" with The Notorious T.I.D.!

"O-sters With Somethin' To Say"

"Is It Gay Or Is It Okay?"

"Tha Round Table" with Donnie, Dan-e-o, Fatty Frank and TNA Superstar, Hernandez!


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20 comments: on "Tha O Show Radio Program: Episode 168"

Anonymous said...

I'm confused about the War Machine rant... the arc reactor is the power source of the Iron Man suit. So Stark needs to make an arc reactor for every suit, like the War Machine suit. It's like the engine that runs the thing, Stark's reactor just happens to also power his heart.

mkf said...

I was in same boat as Donnie on the Iron Man thing. I specifically remember in the first film seing the suit made with a cut out in the chest for the arc reactor. The suit fit over top the reactor in his chest.

It was never suggested that Tony made a reactor for EACH suit. The previous Oster is just coming up with that conclusion on his own.

Jim J said...

I'm blown away at how fuckin cool Hernandez is and what a fuckin tool Choclair is. Hernandez is a huge fucking name and is out to dinner and takes time out for you guys but Choclair cant make it into the studio.

Anonymous said...

"Choclair comin' down wit the No-Show Touch"

Anonymous said...

If Choclair was actually booked to be on the show and then sent some texts saying he was still trying to come then he is a dick. Friends or not with Dan-e-o he pissed off tha nation of O!

I'll never buy another Choclair album again. It won't be hard since I don't have any as it is.

chuck T said...

Fuckin Hernandez is awesome!

Anonymous said...

How dare the Black Prophet and Chockair pull a no-show? This is a bad in black history.

Carlito said...

As someone who hasn't seen Iron Man 2 yet, Obidiah stole Stark's updated arc reactor towards the end of Iron Man (where was house?).

He used that arc reactor to power the Iron Mongr suit, so I guess theoretically Tony Stark could havebuilt numerous arc reactors to power each suit.

AdamFromWelland said...

Just to be clear I love The Flatliners work (in a non-homo way) and in no way would I even put Asylum and Frank in the same class.

Kinda sucks Choclate Eclair kayfabed you guys though. I was ringside at RAW hoping to spot tha O show gang.

Sir Edward - Knight Of O said...

Choclair and Prophet no show and i was expecting Donnie to break into song and sing "WHY THEM NOT SHOW?" or ... to the tune of Waving Flag "FIGHTING TO COME" - but that last one would get twisted by Fatty and he'd get all insecure about his premature ejaculatiousness.

Kanonballs said...

Thank you Donnie for the Di'O' reference, in the name of all your fellow metalheadz Osters!
Long live rock'n'roll, Dio <3!!!

kathy said...

Re: the guests its simple Dan is "friends/aquaintances" with a lot of douchebags while BDD tries not to be.

Good show expect of course for Franks stupid ass voice being audible.

Anonymous said...

Stark was dying. he created a suit for Rhode to wear as his replacment. so yes, he DID make the suit for Rhodes. thats why he let him steal it.

Anonymous said...

For the is it gay...I've actually watched the show because I've seen ads for it on MTV (canada) so I knew what i was expecting checked it out once, and was alright, and if nothings on and i pass mtv and it is on i watch it at times it esp helps because its uncensored. And it's great that the panel for the most part always changes plus not all the topic are gay related relationship some just random shit too.

Basically this show just with one segment, 20 questions and on TV

Adam said...

Iron Head Hayward was the Loufa guy.

Anonymous said...

Hernandez is the fuckin man.
So is Scott Hall but i think he's gettin future endeavored

zuma said...

Great episode!

"Stark was dying. he created a suit for Rhode to wear as his replacment. so yes, he DID make the suit for Rhodes. thats why he let him steal it."

I'm a film student and we always talk about reasonable implication vs fabricated possibilities. Nothing in the film confirms your theory. Rhodes said he was taking Tony's suit - not "the suit Tony made for me".

When Tony and Rhodes met in suits - Tony was surprised to see him suited up.

gieger said...

I just discovered this show on Podomatic and I am now a fan!! GREAT SHOW! O O O O! <--- my O Face!

Anonymous said...

Dan the characters name is Tony Stark not STARKS!!

Anonymous said...

I thought his name was ghostface killah?????