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Tha Linda Effect

Linda McMahon is running for senate in Connecticut. If you didn’t know that let me know what its like under that rock, will you? We’ve known this for quite some time. Her opponents have been using WWE against her mentioning how seedy it is.

Bringing up examples such as the necrophilia angle (which most fans nowadays don’t even know about), using Stephanie McMahon, her daughter, in storylines that involved her being on a makeshift crucifix and a possible relationship with her father (again, how many fans remember that?), and the fact that Vincent McMahon, her husband, owns a yacht called Sexy Bitch. Ooh! So scintillating!

So what does this mean to fans of WWE?

It means that we don’t see blood anymore. I mean, we do, but medics rush out and clean it as soon as it occurs. At the recent pay per view, Over The Limit, twice during the show matches were stopped to clean up blood. Why? Because WWE doesn’t want anymore ammunition used against Linda during her run for senate. Know what else has been banned? Chair shots to the head. This one bothers me. Now, don’t think I’m some asshole that wants people getting chair shots to the head or anything. The biggest issue I have with chair shots being banned is the reason.

It wasn’t when they found out that wrestlers taking unprotected chair shots were getting the brains of 70-something year old Alzheimer patients. No, that wasn’t enough. Matter of fact, I don’t think they have ever come out and admitted or acknowledged that fact. Deaths of wrestlers at young ass ages didn’t stop the chair shots. Relatives of these wrestlers who became victims of crime because of mental issues and brain damage because of chair shots didn’t stop chair shots. Careers being shortened because of injuries didn’t stop chair shots.

Linda McMahon running for fucking senate did it.

They can use the whole PG rating as the reason for the toned down violence but we know what’s really going on. Am I wrong for being pissed about this? As a fan of wrestling for the last 28 years I have watched as wrestlers I loved growing up have died because of injuries, drug overdoses, and heart attacks. Is Linda to blame for all of these? No, of course not. They were all grown ass men and made the decision to put their lives on the line for the business of wrestling. But you know what would be nice for these wrestlers that we all know and love? A fucking union.

Johnny Devine spoke of this recently on Tha O Show. Since its no longer “wrestling” and we’re supposed to call it “sports entertainment” why not have a union? With a union they wouldn’t have to worry about being fired by Fed-Ex while they nursed their injuries. This would cut down on the wear and tear on their bodies. It would cut down on being worried about losing your spot. It would cut down on pain killer addictions. It would help. A lot.

One of the byproducts of WWE toning things down is that companies like TNA have looked at this as an opportunity to turn their volumes up. Checked out TNA lately? “More unprotected chair shots! More blood! More violence! More thumb tacks! Hey, look at us! This isn’t sports entertainment! This is wrestling!”

If Linda wins this senate seat will WWE continue on with their PG activities? Oh, yeah. Matter of fact the stuff we’re complaining about right now is going to seem extreme if she wins. We’ll be looking forward to 2 hour shows with 15 minutes of wrestling. They have called wrestling a male soap opera for years. Guess it’ll finally be true.

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balmoraldrive said...

Great article, Dante.

The fact that they toned their product down over Linda's senate run makes no difference in the end. Hey, if white guys in their 60s want to discredit her for being attached to a wrestling product, it doesn't matter what content rating it has. They know nothing about the product, they just know that it's "low brow".

The PG world of WWE is OK; good workers and talkers are good no matter their restrictions.

However, I will argue that unprotected chair shots, if used in a limited way are not the biggest offender contributing to the ailments and early deaths or workers.

The idea of keeping up appearances has contributed to more of the bad habits (especially the drug regimens) leading to people giving their lives prematurely.

A union would help, but beware of the other side of that coin. Give a group of mentally underdeveloped morons a bit of power over their employer and you'll have a grievance-a-thon.

Dante Ross said...

Thanks for the comment, dude. When I think of guys taking time off to heal themselves I picture what everyone says when someone gets hurt for a while or films a movie: Someone has to step up. Imagine a show where everyone stepped their game up. It would be amazing.

One thing I think is also hurting progress is older wrestlers calling younger ones pussies because they dont have their fucked up schedule like in time past. The whole "show must go on" mentality. They booed when Orton got hurt last week even though they knew the shit was real. Thats like getting mad because Keanu Reeves had a neck injury while filming The Matrix. Its fine to be tough. Its another to be stupid.

Anonymous said...

We do see blood but only when it isn't to the area of the head traditionally associated with blading. For the last 2 weeks on Smackdown, we have seen Swagger with a bleeding ear and Taker with a bleeding nose and not be cleaned up, but the minute we see blood anywhere near the forehead or top of head trickling down to face area (such as punk and cena at over the limit) that is cleaned because it could imply that the wrestler has bladed.

I'm thinking this must be the rule because Smackdown is the show that is/was primarily aimed at the younger audience.

Dante Ross said...

When I saw Taker bleeding I was like "What the hell?" Every time he fights Rey he gets his nose busted.

Panda Snare said...

When thinking about a union, I agree with balmoraldrive - they would abuse the union to no end. instead, if they want to heal up, I think that SmackDown! and Raw should have seasons. I don't know why they haven't implemented it, it seems like a fair idea. They could each rotate every 3 or 6 months, and allow wrestlers to heal, and give them time with their families. I know that may fuck with storyline continuity, but for fuck sakes, their storylines are short enough to allow the implementation of such a system.

Dante Ross said...

I used to think the season idea would mess with story lines a bit, but you're right. It wouldn't. And I also realized that having people rest and get better is far better than having them get fucked up and dropping like flies before 45.

Its going to take a new mentality for things to change. No more of this "work through pain" shit. Just get better. There's no reason to be on the road as much as they are. I'd trade in 3 months of an awesome show instead of weekly horseshit that I'm really not that interested in.