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Floyd Mayweather And Shane "NO"sley

“It’s a work!”

This is what Rico Montana said to me via twitter when I wrote about how excited I was to see the Floyd Mayweather/Shane Mosley fight. And after watching it I had to agree. Damn it. This fight could’ve been and should’ve been amazing. But it wasn’t. I sat there covering my face in shame as Mosley chased Mayweather around for 12 rounds.

I grew up watching as much boxing as I did wrestling. Maybe there’s something about rings. But I hadn’t been excited about a boxing match in years.

I think the last time I wanted to see a fight was De la Hoya vs. Mayweather and that was just so I could see Mayweather get his block knocked off. That didn’t happen. But this past weekend I was praying for Mosley to whip Mayweather’s ass. Of course, that didn’t happen.

Remember that episode of The Simpson’s when Homer became a boxer? That’s how Mayweather fights kind of. Homer would stand there and take punches until the other hobo’s got tired and he’d nudge them. Mayweather dodge’s and bounces around grinning like a monkey about to throw shit at a child until the other guy gets tired. Mosley showed his age from the 4th round on. After the 6th round everyone knew that Mosley wasn’t gonna win and we started discussing his beautiful eyes and big ass tattoo on his arm that didn’t fit him.

You wanna know why I don’t like Mayweather? He bores me. I grew up watching Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler, Mike Tyson, and Lennox Lewis. Guys that put on great matches. Smaller guys like Caesar Chavez and Paez as well. These guys entertained me. They would break guys down with punches and body blows. Not run around until the other guy was exhausted. The crowd was silent for the last 6 rounds and cleared out immediately after the fight.

Neither fighter looked all that different than when the fight started. And then I saw De La Hoya come into the ring and my brain started screaming “Work!” Sure, it seemed real for the first 3 rounds. Mosley had Mayweather shook for a minute there and I went crazy. “He’s gonna do it!” I shouted. But no. He didn’t. He just stopped. Seriously. What the hell, man?

If Manny and Mayweather don’t find a way to get their fight going within the next few months I honestly wont give a damn. Manny doesn’t want to give his blood and urine to Mayweather and I get that. But come on. Some things are bigger than you. The sport of boxing cant continue to survive with big money matches like this past weekends turning out the way it did. I wanted a decisive victory. I wanted a knockout. What I left the fight with was this.

Mayweather has good conditioning.

2 comments: on "Floyd Mayweather And Shane "NO"sley"

Da Black Wrestling Nerd said...

Dante im a fan but you say work and i say great defense. Mayweather showed how much of a strategist his camp turned him into. After the 3rd round, Money showed why he is the best at what he does and why he has no equal.Pacquiao will duck him until he goes against the special drug testing which i dont see Floyd doing.The rumors about Manny have been going around for years and Floyd was just the right person to say he wasnt clean and people listened up.So therefore the superfight people want to happen probably wont.

Dante Ross said...

Manny doesnt want the Olympic style testing. Mosley took it because he is in his last days of boxing and it was a good pay day. This fight will help boxing and Manny has all the power in this situation and that has to bug Mayweather's camp. Everyone calls both guys the best. Manny doesnt have the belt but he puts on far more entertaining fights.