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Beyond Tha Limit Of Insanity

When you get a voice mail from a friend that says, "Answer your phone, I need someone to tell me what's going in the WWE's Parade of Retards, it really does speak volumes. Especially when it couldn't be more spot on. Watching the PPV I couldn't help but ask myself, "Does the WWE really want people to watch?"

Ass backward booking, and the rules from the office that are cause for concern were the biggest spots of the show. Two times tonight the match had to be interrupted for more than a minute so jackasses with Cotton Swabs could wipe blood off of the heads of C.M. Punk and John Cena. The crowd booed the Punk wipe down and Punk was visibly unhappy.

There has long been criticism of the TV-PG rating, and now, the no blood rule has proven how damned ignorant it is. When your main event is an "I Quit" Match between two less than stellar workers you expect other things to take the spotlight. High spots, or the best those two can do of them, chair shots, and sheer brutality.

There were chair shots yes, but to the back, to the shoulder and to the thigh. Yes the thigh. With the TV-PG rating chair shots to the head are now illegal. So Batista just hit Cena on the back a few times with the chair, once or twice on the shoulder, and then rammed the chair into his thigh.

Mind you the TV-PG is geared towards a younger audience who should be protected from brutality. This is professional wrestling dammit, brutality is to be expected. So, again, no chair shots to the head, no blood, but Batista, you go ahead and try to run over Cena with a car. Maybe it's just me, but trying unsuccessfully to run someone over with a car is worse than hitting them in the head with a chair.

Onto other highlights of the show. Rey Mysterio won his Hair vs. Pledge match with C.M. Punk. That was bad enough, but he won with a crucifix. A roll up pin decided a match where a guy had to shave his head. As long as WWE is TV-PG though, Rey Mysterio will be booked to win, since those 13 and under still like him.

Well, he'll be booked to win until he gets injured again, which I'm banking on happening in the next three to six weeks. I don't understand having Mysterio go over against a former three time world champion twice in there PPV's with one being WrestleMania. Especially with a roll up with hair on the line.

Continuing with the Ass backward booking, the mystery man, most likely Joey Mercury according to everyone comes in and attacks Mysterio. After the match. So do the rest of the Straight Edge Society, only to be thwarted by Kane. What the hell? Are they furthering the Kane vs. Fake Kane storyline from 06?

Speaking of injuries though, does anyone remember when Orton complained about Kennedy not protecting him on a back suplex and then bringing up Kennedy being injury prone? I do. I remember watching Over the Limit and seeing Orton get injured again as well. If you follow Mr. Anderson on Twitter you've seen his comments about it.

Don't get me wrong, I like Orton, but he's hurt a lot. When you think about injuries you think about Rey Mysterio, Edge, Randy Orton and Batista. Kennedy was on that list, but of all people to bring that up you'd think Orton was the last one.

Orton's injury is either a broken arm or a separated shoulder, that's according to reports coming from WWE and various dirt sheets. Orton was clutching a spot in his right forearm for the close of the match, that was quickly changed to a double count out following his injury, which apparently came from his fist pounding into the mat.

In what was likely the match of the night Kofi Kingston won his second (third) WWE Intercontinental Championship from Drew McIntyre. The WWE Intercontinental Championship isn't what it once was, but now's the time to turn it back into it.

Let Kofi hold it the belt for a while and very, very soon after losing it take the World Heavyweight Championship from the champ. Matt Hardy also made an appearance and laid McIntyre out with a Twist of Fate. So maybe McIntyre will move on from the championship, but it's unlikely.

Jack Swagger continues to underwhelm. Retaining his title by disqualification. The new X-Pac is generating his X-Pac heat as only he and Sean Waltman can. During his post-disqualification beat down of Big Show, which again involved chair shots to everywhere but the head the crowd was pretty dead. Swagger marks, your arguments will no doubt be posted and that's fine.

WWE Over The Limit Quick Results...
*WWE Champion John Cena def. Batista
*WWE Divas Champ Eve def. Maryse
*Big Show def. World Heavyweight Champ Jack Thwagger via disqualification
*Edge & Randy Orton ends in double countout after shoot injury to Orton
*WWE Tag Champs The Hart Dynasty def. Miz-icho
*Rey Mysterio def. C.M. Punk
*R-Truth def. Ted DiBiase w/Virgil
*Kofi Kingston def. WWE Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre to become champ.

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