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Tha Raw Report: Hoff-some

Seriously, I think Donnie should take a stab at the look the Hoff was sporting on "Raw." I don't recommend Donnie trying to out-drink the Hoff, that would be, "a mess." The opening segment of the show made more sense than the last ten opening segments. Hoff said that Orton has beaten Swagger twice so he should get a shot. It took the Hoff to figure that out?

Maybe it's just me, but the Womens division should be more utilized on "Raw" since it doesn't get a lot of pay-per-view play. I'm not talking about gimmick matches though, just the real matches. Determine a number one contender in a wrestling match not a "Dress to Impress" gimmick'o'rama. I will say Eve did well, but damn that belt really is ugly.

I'm not going to be too negative and shit all over "Raw." I'll allow weirdness since they're overseas and it's a special "Raw" and the Draft is coming up. So not everything is going to perfect. Both rosters on one show can lead to good matches, but it can also lead to a clusterfuckish disaster.

The D.H. Smith and Miz match was pretty good for what it was. What it was though, is a way to further the storyline by heels being heels, instead of furthering the storyline by allowing the face to get a win and the heels to play catch up. I do like that they've involved Bret in this though. Otherwise the Hart Foundynasty still wouldn't be doing anything.

Evan Bourne needs some sort of push that leads to a title run. I understand the Miz is the United States Champion, but it's secondary to tag team titles. I guess you can't have your cake and eat it too though. No tag-team division has long been a gripe, but not at the expense of a singles title that could lend to a push for someone.

Carlito seems to be in the ultimate revolving door. Pushed, buried, pushed, buried, buried, buried and then buried again. There is literally no reason to keep him around, unless he joins the next wave of the Legacy faction which will apparently be led by Ted DiBiase, the Million Dollar Champion. If not future endeavor him and put him out of his misery.

I like that they are turning this into a storyline, although there is this sneaking feeling that with Vladimir Kozlov's "I will destroy MacGruber" comment they'll turn that into a put-over for the craftiness of MacGruber. I would like to see Carlito do something though. It doesn't matter what, just something.

I know how big a fan of Sheamus everyone is, and I don't mean to irritate them but Sheamus needs something. I don't even know what he needs, but he needs something else. He isn't a great worker, but he's a WWE diamond. The thing is though is that he isn't completely over. There's one thing missing. His attack on Triple H the night after Mania was a step in the right direction. Maybe beating Triple H will be that something.

As good as Kofi Kingston is he keeps getting buried. His feud with Orton didn't do him many favors, this mini-program inside a program with Sheamus isn't going to do him many favors. I'd hate to see him leave from "Raw" as one of the only bright spots in my opinion, but if "SmackDown" will push him correctly, please go. Win.

I realize that his matches aren't complete burials, but he's used as a means to put over someone else. He got his stilts spot in Money in the Bank, and maybe the sheets were full of shit saying he was going over, or maybe that cost him the shot. Either way, Kofi would have been the best choice to grab the briefcase.

I dare somebody to give the Hoff hell about calling the World Champion Jackie Swagger. Honestly, who cares? Actually, I dare Thwagger to say, "Who cares the most about Jack Swagger." That would be entertaining, but then, it'd just be him again. With the Draft on the horizon it's hard to say who will do what or win what since the rosters are a meld right now.

The "Raw" Draft in two weeks should clarify a few things. Hopefully though the thing it accomplishes the most is to get younger guys into position and put them over. This is fast becoming WCW with the same guys at the top of the card.

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