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Tha Movie Review: Hot Tub Time Machine

Okay, now I know a lot of people shit on this movie for the title alone. But I’m one of those people where if you have something that sounds goofy enough I will check it out. Hot Tub Time Machine is one of those kinda movies. Now to let everyone know, when this movie was billed as the next hangover I was hesitant.

I’m that one guy that didn’t like The Hangover. At all. I chuckled at one scene and that was it. But I figured I’d give this one a shot.

This movie stars John Cusack (I am not gonna list his credits!), Rob Corddry (The Daily Show), Craig Robinson (The Office), and Clark Duke (Sex Drive). Cusack comes home to find his wife has left him with nothing. Literally. His nephew played by Duke lives in his basement playing video games about prison. Corrdry almost kills himself drunk driving. Not actually while driving but check it out and you’ll see why it’s the dumbest and funniest ways to almost die. And Robinson works at a pet boutique pulling objects out of dogs asses and helping them lose weight.

They all decide to take a trip to a place they used to go to when they were younger. A ski resort that was the place to be in the 80’s. They arrive and its dead. Everything is shut down and they have a bellhop with one arm and a bad disposition played by Crispen Glover who has experience with time travel films. While realizing how shitty their lives now are they decide to jump into the hot tub to relax. After spilling a drink on the controls they are transported back to 1986.

See, this is the point where you decide to check out or continue going. They look around the ski lodge and see MTV playing videos (the first sign something isn’t right), ALF on television, leg warmers, cassette players, jerry curls, and the one thing that solidifies that they are in the past.

“What color is Michael Jackson?”

Clark, who is the youngest character and having not been born in 1986, sees his mother as a crack snorting slut. He realizes that changing any small thing will affect their futures. Some of the guys don’t see that as such a bad thing. After trying to stay on the same path as they did back in the past things happen that make them realize that it may not be such a bad thing to alter the future just a tiny bit. Would you still break up with that hot girl? Would you still sleep with that other one? Would you allow your ass to be kicked? Would you go for the girl you never even saw the first time around?

This movie is not only funny as hell but it made me wonder what kind of stuff I’d do with access to a time machine. Oh, and before I forget. Chevy Chase is in this movie. Yeah. And the always hot as hell Lizzy Caplan. You may not know her name but you’ve seen her before and she is just too damn hot for me. I recommended seeing this movie with some goofy ass friends unless you don’t mind laughing in a theater alone. I don’t.

I give Hot Tub Time Machine 4 out of 5 “O”’s.

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PlanBFromOuterSpace said...

Granted, this isn't the kind of movie that you go to for historical accuracy, but from what I understand, there's all sorts of stuff wrong with a lot of the things that pop up here and there. I only saw bits and pieces of the film, as we only had it for 2 weeks at the theater I work at, but a couple of friends of mine saw it and pretty much verified that there was all sorts of stuff in the movie that wouldn't have been out in '86, at least that early. For instance, Alf didn't come out until the fall, nobody knew who Poison was until later in the year, and there was a poster for Rambo 3 somewhere, and that movie didn't come out until the summer of '88. I know, this is pretty nitpicky for this type of movie, but really, if they wanted to jam as many 80's references in there as possible and not annoy people that remembered them clearly, maybe they should have set it in 1989, and they would have been in the clear. Still, I look forward to seeing this film and I'll probably enjoy it...until it starts airing endlessly on Comedy Central in about a year and a half...

SirOwen said...

Dante, i'm with you there. The Hangover was easily one of the worst movies of last year & one of the worst movies i've ever seen in my life. Not funny, not original & made only so idiots can laugh at idiotic things. I watched it with the girl I love, still doesn't make me like it.

I very much enjoyed Hot Tub Time Machine. The title had me immediately & even though i'm not big on most of the cast, I still laughed hysterically throughout it all. Funniest thing i've seen so far this year without any question.

Dante Ross said...

PlanB, I read on imdb some of the mistakes made. At this point I can only assume they do stuff like this nowadays just so people can see stuff like that and talk about the film. HTTM has already made its budget back so I doubt it will be on Comedy Central next year. HBO yes.

Thank you, SirOwen. People have accused me of not having a sense of humor and making me list my favorite comedies because I didnt like The Hangover. I chuckled when dude jumped out the trunk naked. But it just seemed like Dude Where's My Car with more guys and no aliens.

SirOwen said...

Yeah same here Dante, they said I just "didn't get it" well my response is what's to get really.

PlanBFromOuterSpace said...

Well, it'll still land on Comedy Central eventually, given the talent involved, as Comedy Central MADE Rob Corddry, and they seem to have a weakness for the Cusack too. It was also their promo guy doing the voiceovers on the ads for it, not the usual trailer guy(s). It's performed pretty decently, but even if it hadn't, cable and DVD is where it will continue to perform for years.

Speaking of movies that run on Comedy Central, did you ever see House Party 4? Yikes! It'll still pop up on occasion, and I can't imagine why, except that sometime long ago, someone in charge of Comedy Central's programming lost a bet...with God. The movie itself is essentially a black re-make of Ferris Bueller, only somewhere along the line, some genius (an unemployed genius, hopefully) decided "Y'know what? We can't sell this thing as-is, but I think slapping the 'House Party' brand on it will really make a difference!".

Dante Ross said...

House Party the original is the only one worth watching. The guy who did 3 and wrote the 2nd. Also directed You Got Served. So...yeah. 3 had its moments with Bernie Mac but it will never top the original.

I got rid of my cable years ago and watch everything online. It used to piss me off that with all the funny shit out there Comedy Central would decide to play Joe vs. The Volcano every fucking weekend.

PlanBFromOuterSpace said...

Once in a while, "Juwanna Mann" still creeps it's way on to Comedy Central too. *shudder* Speaking of House Party, Reggie Hudlin has been heavy into comic book stuff the last few years, and that's usually worth checking out. Also, I just saw Chris "Kid" Reid pop up in a straight-to-video sequel to the straight-to-video version of War of the Worlds a little while back. He basically played the character of "black guy", second banana to C. Thomas "Soul Man" Howell.