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LuFisto Suffers A Stroke

LuFisto with Miss Danyah (left)
& Cherry Bomb (right)
My long time friend Gen Goulet - better known to the wrestling world as LuFisto is down right now.

This past weekend, The Queen of the Death Match suffered a stroke. At this time there is no connection between the stroke and her wrestling career - and it is believed to be a hereditary issue.

LuFisto was taken to hospital following her stroke and is now resting at home and being cared for by family. She is just 30 years of age.

Please post your Get Well Wishes here or send to ... we will ensure she gets every single one.

We will have an update for you on her condition this week on Tha O Show Radio Program.

3 comments: on "LuFisto Suffers A Stroke"

Anonymous said...

April's just not been a good month for the nation of O at all. It kills me to hear someone suffering a stroke at such a young age, and I hope she fights through this and gets better, I know she's strong.

Hipnosis said...

this is just crazy whats happenin to our brudgin's and sisterin's man :(

Anonymous said...

C'mon Lufi, jump quickly out of bed and drink some beer with the Nation.