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Tha O Show: Episode 157

Tha O Show Radio
O-sters! Big Daddy Donnie and your bro Dan-e-o are back with the 157th episode of "Tha O Show"! This week, along with Frank Fronte and the gorgeous Jennifer Blake, tha boys celebrate the release of the "Last Minute" short film as well as begin the count down to the third anniversary of "Locker Room Radio"!

They also kick off their inaugural show as the marquee program on! Get ready to O!

On today's show, you'll get...

"Tha Os And NOs".

A rant from "Tha Black Prophet".

"O-sters With Somethin' To Say".

An impromptu edition of "WrestleTrivia!"

And "Tha Round Table" with the original Doink The Clown, Matt Bourne!

This interview was made possible thanks to our friends at They are running an awesome event on March 27th in Freehold, New Jersey at the ISPW Arena. Also on that show: Big Vito, Noel Harlow, Samu, Hugh Morrus, Nunzio, Tony Malaluke, Tammy Sytch and many more! Visit


Dan-e-o - "Last Minute" Official Short Film

Dan-e-o - "Last Minute" Short Film Trailer

Dan-e-o - "Last Minute" Short Film Trailer 2

Dan-e-o - "Break It Down"


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13 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 157"

BigDaddy said...


I need to apologize

Our pre-amp was badly damaged yesterday. After spending a couple of hours working on sourcing out a replacement to use while ours is repaired, we did the show.

There were certain settings on the new pre amp I wasn't aware of until after the show was complete...

As a result the mics on myself and Dan-e-o are slightly hot / overmodulated ...

From midnight until 5am, I tried my best to correct the issues manually in post production and unfortunately, there was very little I could do with my limited editing knowledge.

I apologize to everyone.

We have set a standard of excellence when it comes to our broadcasts ... and to me, the quality of this week's show is unacceptable.

The good news is, this should not be a problem again moving forward.

So please try to enjoy the show - and if you're frustrated then I ask you to please come back for episode 158.

Much love.


jim j said...

As always, I and many others, appreciate the smount of work you put into this show. So if it sounds a little off today, we'll deal. If anybody wants a refund - fuck em it's free entertainment.

Thank you guys.

Evitman said...

Wait a damn minute, nobody said they could fuck them for free.

Trannies to the right for Dan.

Frustrated gay Jamaican men to the left for Fronte.... no condoms please.

And any girls that haven't had sex with a Sasquatch, straight on in the middle for Big Daddy.

Love the show, wouldn't change the thing.

Hey why wouldn't Dexter be at the condo again?

Anonymous said...

the audio on this week's show isn't what we have to expect from Tha O Show, but it is still WAY BETTER than 99% of the other shows out there.

Your WORST DAY is better than the other guys BEST. Take pride in that.

No Fronto

Christian said...

OMG RVD is coming back!

Hipnosis said...

Wheres da damn play button on this bitch **sigh** I gotta download da shit....just tryin to get more hits N' shit ain't you?

Mike said...

Can't believe Jen Blake was answering the question you asked Matt.

eric said...

Great show guys ... I love the effort and dedication to excellence.

D. Ross said...

Damn, I am dying listening to this episode. And isnt that O-ster that agreed with Dan-e-o Kingdom? I swear it sounded like him. I love hearing Girl Dynamite. She sounds hot. I'll be the judge of her booty. Okay. Its not massive but she is great looking.

Strawberry sherbet pussy exists. I assume Jenna Von Oy has it. Oh, and thanks for making me almost shart myself with that Oreo's making your shit black! And that finger sniffing thing is kinda true. And Donnie, escense never sounds sexy. Donnie is a fucking freak, man.

I'm not even done listening but I had to comment.

Anonymous said...

Fuckin awesome episode guys!

k said...

i don't think donnie was trying to sound "sexy" using the word essence. he loves women..and you can tell by the fact that he doesn't sound like he's 14 when he talks about them (at least not on air) and dan i don't know what kind of women you have had the misfortune of being with, but i feel sorry for you man but i feel worse rest that will follow i don't know a woman in her right mind who would sleep with you if she knew of your "issues" prior to being nekkid with ya lol clean women don't smell or taste bad (trust me i know)

fuck you frank fronte

Robbie Nekoda Dammit! said...

Fuck you, Linton!

Anonymous said...

Lintons rap was fuckin sick. Eat a dickalaz Robbie Nekoda!

This show was jam packed with awesom-osity!.