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Tha Movie Review: The Wolfman

Wow. I have wanted to see this movie for months. I remember when I first saw the trailer I was like “Anthony Hopkins? Benecio Del Toro? I am so there!” So when I finally got to see it I had high expectations. I normally try and quell such things but in this case I couldn’t. I love both of these actors and was excited to see them together.

Imagine my disappointment as I sat and watched 90 minutes of one of the most unoriginal stories I have ever seen. Even if you have not seen this film you already know the ending. It was more predictable than Titanic.

It stars as I mentioned Benecio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins as a father and son. Yeah. Let’s ignore that part. Del Toro’s character, Lawrence Talbot, comes home after receiving a letter from his brother’s lady that he is missing. He gets there to find out that his brother is no longer missing, but dead. Torn to shreds by either a madman or a beast.

This is the part where we see the villagers discussing how the town is cursed, the gypsies are causing it, or a madman. Oh, I didn’t mention that Lawrence was locked in an asylum after witnessing his mother “kill herself” (maybe?) when he was a child? Yeah. That happened. Eventually he is locked up again and receives treatment that makes One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest seem like a trip to Disneyland. I should’ve known this would be bad since the director Joe Johnson did Jurassic Park 3, The Rocketeer, and Hidalgo which took great actors and put them in puddles of shit they couldn’t swim out of.

He gets out, of course, but not before ripping some people to pieces and proving that he isn’t crazy. He’s a fucking werewolf. Now, I’m not sure if he had always been one as his “father” Anthony Hopkins says or if it was after he was attacked by a beast. They don’t explain it clearly enough. Insert the trusty old montage of his brothers lady researching werewolves and a detective played by Hugo Weaving (how can you have him in the movie as well and make it a stink fest?!) searching for Lawrence. At this point the movie becomes a long chase scene ending in one of the most predictable conclusions since Hulk Hogan invited Sean Morley to join TNA.

On a scale of 1 “O” and 5 “O”’s I give The Wolfman 2 “O”’s. This movie had the potential to be so amazing but in the end came off as a copy of a copy. Good special effects which is why it didn’t receive 1 “O”.

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