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What's NXT?

How is everyone doing? Yeah, I haven’t posted something in a minute but rest assured I am still a part of Tha O Show and have been loving every episode. Enough blow jobbing, I wanna talk about something I thought of while listening to Adam Carolla’s show.

Roddy Piper was on and talking about how he grew up in Canada and how he went on the road at the age of about 15 and how little he was paid and how he had to sneak into hotel rooms after one wrestler would rent the rooms. Shit sounded rough.

What this got me thinking about was the road. We hear Tha Road Story on the show and the crazy things that go on. We have heard about guys surviving off of barely nothing just to achieve their dream of being a wrestler (because no child ever goes “When I grow up I wanna be a sports entertainer!”). With WWE turning ECW into the new NXT they plan on doing it in the vein of Tough Enough that aired on MTV a few years back.

There are some wrestlers that are still around from Tough Enough such as John Morrison, Melina, The Miz, and Matt Morgan. Sorry if I left anyone out. Not really. Now with NXT they plan to run the show in the same way. I’m still not sure if this is a good or bad thing.

For a while I have always thought that FCW should be televised. The only thing I believed stopped that from happening was that a lot of the guys show up on Raw, ECW, or Smackdown as a new character and that would be confusing the to WWE Universe. Now that we will get to see wrestlers train in the “WWE Style” will it kill watching the shows a bit more?

I don’t mean in the sense like, “Oh, we’re going behind the curtain a bit too much now…” I mean it in, will be see guys learn how to wrestle in three minutes? Cut very scripted promos? Learn how to develop characters that very few of us will take a shining to? Because as we all know knowing too much of what goes on backstage can sometimes take away from enjoying a show or a wrestler. How many of you hate Sheamus just because he apparently rolls with HHH? You can admit it.

I am hoping that NXT succeeds just because I like watching good wrestling or anything that is wrestling related and entertains me. But for some reason I am way nervous about NXT. Besides having an unoriginal name that isn’t catchy, I fear a huge “We wish (insert name) the best of luck in their future endeavors.”

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