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Tha O Show: Episode 155

Tha O Show Radio
O-sters! Big Daddy Donnie and your bro Dan-e-o are back with the 155th episode of "Tha O Show"! This week, along with Frank Fronte, tha boys show you how internet radio is made!

Back at Tha O Zone Lair, Donnie, Dan and Frank rip into everything pro wrestling, MMA, sports, music and entertainment like no one else can.

Press the play button or download the mp3 now!! It's O time!

On today's show, you'll get...

The return of the Horse Tooth Killa!!

"Tha Os And NOs".

"Tha Pit Stop" with The Notorious T.I.D.

"O-sters With Somethin' To Say".

And "Tha Round Table" featuring former WWE referee, Jim Korderas!


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34 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 155"

Robbie Nekoda said...

Hey! My Smooth Criminal call got OVER! *Laughs*

Great show as always you guys!

Robbie Nekoda said...

Wait... I'm on it twice this week! Fucking hell! *Laughs*

titan said...

Nekoda is tryin to take credit for MY smooth criminal call!!!

Anonymous said...


shane said...

Jim Korderis is a class act.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Nekoda

Anonymous said...

O Show ... You need a toll free #

Anonymous said...

Wow cheap bastards.... it might cost you a few pennies ... get a decent long distance plan mate

kaos said...

Frank is a twat

leo said...

The "freestyle" made me piss myself!!! all around another awesome show.

GrimeMinister said...

Love the show, but the whole "I'm a horrible rapper but it's intentional and supposed to be ironic or comedic something" intros aren't funny, just annoying. I think that since we are off treating Frank like a bitch for a while, we should lynch Donnie for his horrible attempts, not at rap, but humour.

CHOM said...

I disagree with you donnie
Demian maia vs Anderson silva smells a lot like Silva vs Thales Leites.

Ufc 110 might turn out to be good, a lot of the ppv's that people shit on turn out to be good like 108.

I do agree that ufc 109 looked like two old-age pensioners getting into a fight outside a socail welfare office!

AdamFromWelland said...

The TNA PPV was wonderful in itself. The matches were solid and there was nothing really horrible.

Also, Anderson vs. Pope in the finals was so hype. I don't like Anderson, but because the crowd hates him so much it creates alot of the love for Pope.

The pop he got when he won against Anderson was almost like watching wrestling in 2001 where the pop was actually electrifying.

BTW, the way to go with Danielson is to have him constantly outperform Miz in the ring against his opponents and Miz starts to get hot and then start a program with Danielson & Miz.

John said...

I thought the "And you're a twat!" at the very end would give away that was Nekoda doing Smooth Criminal.

kathy said...

ok so i'll admit it...i said i tapped out, but i couldn't stay away. Don and Dan put on such a good show and i'm so fuckin' glad i didn't miss this episode between BDD's freestyle and Smooth Criminal damn that shit was hilarious but i did fast forward on a couple of franks it still called fast-forward? geez i feel old lol

CHOM said...

Great show, but doesn't feel the same without black prophet.

Heres a thought, to make fatty bearable, only have him in when asylum is in studio, love the way he ripped on him last week.

Also can someone please tell me what episode it was that fucking fatty announced that he was going to train to wrestle.

Robbie Nekoda said...

Fuck you Titan! I can re-deliver that call at will! XD

I have to admit, I'm really pretty embarrassed and actually feeling oddly guilty that I was featured three times in one episode. I think I'll tap out for a while, let the gimmick freshen up.


Awesome on getting Mr. Kordera back again. He was (is!) one of my favourite referees as he knows the balance: he obviously knows that a referee's job is a whole lot more than counting to three, but that it has to be done with subtlety. You have to advance the story without 'registering' in the viewers' minds, and that in itself has a truckload of psychology behind it. In addition he is proof that referees are the watchers, they literally have a first-person view of the action and, thanks to their earpieces, a line into the plot of a broadcast. Referees have wrestling MINDS and I think this is often vastly overlooked.

RadioFreeG said...

@Dan-e-o, what's with the "Fuck Lent" comment? Weak. You need to call a press conference like Tiger and apologize.

Dan-e-o said...


That's a fair request. But I don't think that either Tiger Woods or I need to apologize to the public for anything.

I grew up a Catholic and am well aware of the inconsistencies and absolutely inexplicable practices of the religion. I don't mean to disrespect or offend anybody which is why I didn't get into it on the show.

However, as a former Catholic, there's a ton of stuff about the religion that I take issue with. For instance, the Catholic Church's view of the woman as inferior - they not only considered unworthy to be ordained as priests but priests aren't even allowed to touch them!

So a religion that preaches against homosexuality also insists that its highest members don't have sex with women. Wha???

And we all know what many priests have chosen as the alternative for their innate natural need for personal connection.

I could also discuss the concept of sacraments and the forcing young children to confess their sins to a priest - a mortal man - even though they are taught that God and God ONLY can absolve you of your sins. We are told to call these guys "Father" when the first of the Ten Commandments commands that you only worship ONE God and put no other before Him.

Keeping this commandment in mind, why do Catholics pray to Mary as well as a number of saints or anyone else who ISN'T God?

Anyway, I WILL apologize for this long tirade and refer to your question. I think the practice of giving something up for 40 days is retarded.

If you're going to sacrifice something, then give it up for good! Quit smoking, quit drinking, quit eating meat (and no not just on Fridays, what's the deal with that?).

Make a lifestyle change that will be better for yourself and those you care about. Do good deeds for others all the time, not just when you're asked to or when there's a disaster to respond to.

When I was in Catholic school and was a constant visitor to Catholic church, I encountered WAY too many people who felt that spitting out a certain number of "Our Fathers" and "Hail Marys" was their key to salvation.

I met too many individuals who acted as if fulfilling their weekly quota of a Sunday visit to church would absolve any reason to be kind to others for the rest of the week.

I believe that people should believe in whatever they want without judgement or persecution from long as they actually practice the peace of God and the love for mankind that all belief systems are supposed to teach.

All the time.

So with all due respect...Fuck Lent.

O-Nonymous said...

Good show but I'm tired of Nekoda trying to put himself over all the time. Kinda like the Dog Pound at the TNA shows.
But hey, Thats just my O-Pinion.

Anonymous said...

If GrimeMinister doesn't laff at Horse Tooth Killer's rap then he just shouldn't be listening to this show because that shit is platinum.

Anonymous said...

Dan-e-o the church no longer condemns homosexuality ... not since 2006

Dan-e-o said...

Sure it doesn't.

Anonymous said...

what episode it was that fucking fatty announced that he was going to train to wrestle.

RadioFreeG said...


Thank you for approving my original comment. It is good to see you allow praise and blame in the comment section. That takes guts.

This "Locker Room Radio" comment section is not the place to get into the theological discussion necessary for many of the points you've raised. So I won't. I would, however, like to make a few general points:

Lent is a time of giving, praying, and fasting. It's about much more than giving up chocolate or Fronte bashing for 40 days. To say "Fuck Lent" makes you sound very uninformed.

You don't have to apologize to anyone. But, maybe, ask Big Daddy Donnie why he is even making the effort to give something up. The "Fuck Lent" comment brings silence instead of meaningful dialouge, and that is almost always a terrible place to end up.

We've all run into bad practioners of particular faiths, but that does not lead to any justification for bashing particular practices and the faith itself based on the actions of those individuals.

With all that being said, still looking forward to show 156. When you guys wind up this show my Thursdays will never be the same. Thanks.

Dan-e-o said...


You're right. Tha O Show is not really the place for these types of discussions.

And truly, I don't mean to "bash". But all things considered, our "Locker Room Radio" style is the appropriate medium to say generally ignorant things like "Fuck Lent" among the other crazy shit we spew out on a weekly basis. I'm sure it's one of the many reasons that you and so many other O-sters listen in. It's should also perhaps be called "No Holds Barred" radio.

That being said, I don't (in real life) feel any disrespect towards Catholics or anyone else who practices rituals associated with Lent.

Thanks for your comments.

Christopher Casúr said...

I kind of side with Dan on this one. I may not agree with him making a statement like "Fuck Lent", but equally tasteless things have been said on this show before and have experienced far less backlash. Actually, more tasteless things have been said, like Donnie saying he was going to book a casket match between Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero.

Helix said...

Juss Like Jordan,
Radio Free G got bent
All because Dan E O
Said Fuck Lent

Big Danny Donnie's freestyle
might leave a dent
And Cody Deaner's new gimmick
Has fronte pitching a tent.

All are happy now
Water under the bridge it went.
Juss wondering how
1 5 6 will add up to ten

Hipnosis said...

A new WWE PPV has been Announced


"1 Match....2 men....3 hours"

RadioFreeG said...

@Christopher Casúr, yeah, the Benoit comments are tasteless, but Big Daddy always gets me chuckling with the "Too Soon?" follow ups.

@Dan-e-o, guess I fell for the angry host gimmick! You do it better than Fronte. Thank you for addressing your listenership as intelligent human beings, (unlike some other wrestling podcasts that will go unmentioned, that Big Daddy used to work on, and got chased off the airwaves).

BigDaddy said...

Casket match between Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero.

I said that?

Anonymous said...

I dont see how Dan-E-O can say "fuck lent" but get mad at bubba the love cunt for saying "fuck haiti"

and if someone said "fuck kwanza" i be he would be really mad

Christopher Casúr said...

Yeah, Donnie, you said that way back when. Like, in 2007 sometime. You said you were going to book it for an LLW show. I remember laughing so damn hard I nearly split my pants.

John said...

Dan, fuck that, you shouldn't have to apologise just for saying "Fuck Lent", especially as Catholicism is one of the largest organisations of global evil there is.

This is coming from someone from one of the most catholic countries in the world. Fucking scumbags, though that's to be expected being a figurehead in any prominent religion.