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Elimination Chamber Recap

"The road to WrestleMania is about to take a most diabolical turn. Ahead, two miles of chain link and 16 tons of bonecrushing steel casts an ominous shadow on this journey." This voiceover announcer is so spooky they should bring Halloween Havoc just so he can narrate it. Here we go!

Pyros are firing off en masse and Cypress Hill is telling us to RISE UP. Michael Cole: "The Gateway to the West is now the Gateway to WrestleMania!" THE CHAMBER IS COMING DOWN ALREADY. Apparently we're going to have one right at the start!

* WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match

Our first entrant into the Chamber tonight is JOHN CENA. It's about 50/50 in St. Louis - Lawler and Cole are claiming the roof came off, but that's an equal measure of cheers and boos raising the roof. Matt Striker is also joining them on commentary. Cena climbs the ropes and points at the WM26 sign before being locked up inside the bulletproof glass. Our second entrant is TED DIBIASE. Striker says the Chamber can be your mansion but only if you're willing to mortgage your career. RANDY ORTON IS THIRD. Unlike John Cena this isn't a 50/50 pop - he's one HUNDRED percent babyface in his hometown. DiBiase and Orton glare at each other as RKO slowly saunters down to the imposing steel structure. Cena cracks his knuckles and looks on as Orton gets in the ring, staring at DiBiase through the glass before taking his own place in a pod. THE GAME IS NEXT. He's snorting, snarling and spitting all the way. Obviously there are only two men left now, and they will start the match for the first five minutes before a pod is unlocked. S.O.S. - I hear Kofi callin'! That leaves only one man - the WWE Champion Sheamus. Our Elimination Chamber is now set and at 8:14 PM EST we're ready to begin! Sheamus goes to every corner to show off his title belt. Most just glare at him but Hunter talks trash and Cena waves a hand in front of his face.

Sheamus goes for the big boot right at the start and misses, and Kofi is firing kicks before he hits a crossbody for a one count and a dropkick for another one count. Kofi wrings the left arm and fires off more kicks. Sheamus finally gets a kick of his own to the gut and pounds on Kofi's back as the crowd LOUDLY chants R-K-O. Kofi starts firing back with elbows and an uppercut, but Sheamus levels him with a spinning forearm to the face, then tackles him before pounding his chest and screaming, drawing a loud boo from St. Louis. Sheamus tries to hip toss Kofi to the chain outside the ring but he lands on his feet, hits an enzuguiri, then gets a near fall. Kofi tries to pull Sheamus away from the ropes but gets punched in the face as the Louis fans chant CE-NA SUCKS. There's no question who they like and who they don't. The little kids try to start a Cena chant in response but aren't nearly as loud. Sheamus and Kofi end up brawling outside. Sheamus kicks him back in and hooks him for a backbreaker and a 2 count. TEN SECOND COUNTDOWN. Who's coming in?

HERE COMES HUNTER! His grin is pure evil. Sheamus stares at him as the crowd chants TRI-PLE H. They get nose to nose, Hunter shoves him, and the two start brawling. Hunter knocks him down with a Harley Race knee and drops a knee lunge for two. Hard clothesline in the corner drops Sheamus to a knee, so H pulls him back up only to punch and stomp him down again. Clothesline for 2. Trips tosses him over the ropes onto the hard steel. He tries to throw Hunter into the fence but he blocks it with a boot. Sheamus tries to reverse it but Hunter blocks too and throws Sheamus back inside the ring. Hunter fights off a Razor's Edge and hits a DDT for 2. Kofi leaps over Hunter and clotheslines Sheamus for 2! Kofi stacks up both Sheamus and Hunter in the corner. Hunter falls out onto the steel so Kofi leaps on top of Sheamus for 9 punches then bounces off the ropes for 10, then BO! BO! BO! leg drop over the ropes onto HHH and the steel. Sheamus takes advantage when Kofi's ass and back hit the steel and works him over. TEN SECOND COUNTDOWN. Who's next?

RKO! The crowd is thrilled. He goes after Sheamus then stomps on Hunter before slamming Kofi's head into the turnbuckle and walloping him with an uppercut, then goes right back to stomping on Sheamus' gut and legs. He attacks Hunter some more before a knee dropped on Sheamus head for two, followed by Orton throwing him out to the steel near Cena's pod. Orton runs Sheamus headfirst into the chains three times, and Hunter three times too! Orton and Cena stare at each other as Sheamus gets a boot to the throat. Orton works over Hunter and Sheamus until Kingston leaps off the ropes and wipes out the whole pile! Kofi springboards and leaps high in the air but Orton cuts him off with a dropkick. Orton deals with him until Hunter jumps him from behind, hits a knee to the jaw, but Orton hits a scoop slam in return. The Viper coils and waits for Hunter to stand. RKO blocked! Kofi misses with Trouble in Paradise. Hunter's pedigree blocked into a high back bodydrop on the steel! Kofi is tossed to the steel by Orton too. On the outside Sheamus throws Orton's head into a steel turnbuckle. TEN SECOND COUNTDOWN.

TED DIBIASE IS IN. DiBiase drops a right on Hunter and turns to look at Orton, slumped in the corner on the ropes. DiBiase offers him a hand and helps him to his feet. Both men turn and look at Hunter. They double team Triple H with stomps then go to give Sheamus boots to the gut. Orton throws Sheamus' left shoulder into the steel ringpost. Orton goes outside and pulls on the chain to see how much give it has, then he and DiBiase shove Kingston's head right through the fence! DiBiase applies a half crab while his neck is stuck in the chain link fence and Orton kicks him in the gut repeatedly. It's a very brutal looking spot. Once Kingston is left for dead Orton and DiBiase go to work on Hunter in the center of the ring. Cole reminds us there's not been a single Elimination in the Chamber yet, and Striker says no Raw EC has ever had all six men in at one time. Lawler expresses worry that Kofi will need serious medical help. Orton drags Hunter through the ropes and gives him the London Bridge DDT onto the steel! DiBiase and Orton stare at Cena and wait for the TEN SECOND COUNTDOWN.

Cena fights his way out of the pod and takes down both men! Orton is knocked into the ring in the process, Cena gives him the YOU CAN'T SEE ME and the five knuckle shuffle. DiBiase tries to help and gets bulldogged. Cena climbs the ropes. Flying legdrop connects! DiBiase is used as a battering ram while Cena is trying to adjust his attitude, and eventually just adjusts him onto the steel outside. Orton tosses Cena out on the other side. Cena reverses Orton head first into the steel fence then puts the STF on DiBiase! Orton makes the save and applies a reverse neckbreaker to Cena. Orton waits to hit the RKO while Rhodes runs down and throws a steel pipe to DiBiase. DiBiase hits Orton and Cena with it! DiBiase can't decide who to pin, he looks at both men, finally he covers Orton. RANDY ORTON IS ELIMINATED.

The venue in St. Louis has just been killed dead. DEAD. Not a single person is happy Orton is gone and it's ominously quiet as Sheamus brawls with Kingston outside. Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise on Ted! DIBIASE ELIMINATED. Sheamus blasts Kofi in the face with a big boot! Sheamus hurks Kofi up and gives him the Razor's Edge. KOFI ELIMINATED. All of the intrigue in this match is gone in less than 60 seconds. We're down to Cena, Hunter and the champion Sheamus. Sheamus blocks the Attitude Adjustment and hits a backbreaker followed by a slam for 2.5. Sheamus puts Cena in a tree of woe and hits a sliding knee to the head followed by more headshots. Sheamus turns him back up onto the top rope and tries to pick him up for a Razor's Edge but Hunter cocks Sheamus with a low blow. Pedigree connects! SHEAMUS ELIMINATED.

Goodie. So much for Sheamus vs. Triple H at WrestleMania 26. In fact so much for Sheamus. Cena goes for the STF and Hunter squirms and struggles to get out. Cena pulls for all he's worth and Hunter refuses to tap. Hunter can't get to the ropes to break free though and Triple H taps out! WINNER AND NEW WWE CHAMPION: JOHN CENA. All of a sudden NO CHANCE IN HELL hits. Vince McMahon: "Congratulations Mr. Cena you're going to WrestleMania! Just as long as you can defend your championship right now... against this man!" HERE COMES THE ANIMAL. The Chamber is raised and here comes Big Dave with Cena unable to even get to his feet!

* John Cena {C} v. Batista (WWE Championship Match)

Cena tries to pull himself up on the ropes, hits Batista with a punch, but Batista rears back and hits a SPEAR and a HUGE BATISTA BOMB FOR 3. Your WINNER AND NEW WWE CHAMPION: DAVE BATISTA! Batista leaves with the belt, talking smack all the way up the ramp as the crowd boos, roars like a lion and holds his prize up his high! We get a replay of the one punch Cena was able to land before Batista decimated him.

There's a mixture of cheers and boos as Cena gets to his feet and limps his way around the ring with a pained look on his face, looking up at the WrestleMania 26 sign. Some unsympathetic St. Louis fans are even chanting YOU CAN'T WRESTLE at Cena as he slowly and deliberately takes one step after another up the ramp. We go to a video promoting WM26. Afterwards we go to the announce table, which throws us to a video of Bret Hart on last Monday's Raw.

* Drew McIntyre {C} v. Kane (WWE Intercontinental Championshp Match)

This is quite possibly the most anti-climactic title match in history. Could anyone in St. Louis, let alone anybody watching at home, POSSIBLY care about Drew McIntyre defending this belt after the WWE Championship just changed hands twice in a matter of minutes? Drew walks to the ring so slowly that Lawler jokes it was like a herd of turtles running through molasses, then says McIntyre needs "a charisma bypass." Cue Kane. Cue the raised hands. Cue the pyro from all four turnbuckles. McIntyre looks on nervously before handing his title to the referee.

McIntyre tries to jump out to a hot start with punches and kicks until Kane unloads with a big right and snaps Drew over for a dropkick and a two count. Kane applies a side headlock and talks some shit. Drew gets back to his feet but Kane knocks him down for a near fall and gets another side headlock takeover. If the arena was silent when Orton was eliminated, it's pindrop quiet by comparison now. I've heard louder conversations at a funeral service. McIntyre starts a comeback brawling until Kane levels him with a clothesline. Kane misses with an elbow and Drew starts kicking his left knee. Kane tries and fails to toss Drew to the floor and Drew snaps his arm off the ropes, which Kane starts selling. Drew goes to an armbar on the left arm and Kane tries to fight out to a mild round of applause. Kane powers his way to his feet and shoves Drew over the ropes right to the floor. Lawler sells the idea Drew hurt his shoulder and knee on a hard landing. Drew manages to get back in the ring seemingly unscathed and snap the arm and shoulder of Kane to the mat for a near fall. Drew puts a knee into Kane's face and pulls on the arm for all it's worth. Kane fights out with punches to the gut. Drew hits a big boot off the ropes.

Kane blocks an underhood DDT and hits a boot of his own before a big splash clothesline in the corner. Drew blocks a second and comes off the second rope but eats a right to the jaw for 2.9 in the process. Side slam by Kane for another near fall. Kane goes out to the top rope. Flying clothesline connects. Chokeslam coming! Drew blocks it and gets out to the apron. Kane runs him into the ringpost and goes out to give him a big boot that knocks him to the floor. Elbow to the jaw. Slam to the steps. 10 count makes it to 5 before Kane throws him in. Drew rolls out the opposite side and tries to leave up the ramp. Kane chases him down and gets punched in the face. They brawl on the ramp. Kane gets the better of it and throws Drew in at 7. Drew grabs the ropes to prevent a chokeslam, the ref tries to break them apart, Drew hits a thumb to the eye and the Future Shock DDT for 3! WINNER AND STILL IC CHAMP: DREW MCINTYRE. Maryse was cutting a promo while I took a piss break and I missed the whole thing.

* Maryse v. Gail Kim (WWE Divas Championship Tournament Finals)

Vickie Guerrero: "Excuse me. I SAID EXCUSE ME! It has come to my attention that the Raw divas have had some disparaging comments about the Smackdown divas. Being a diva myself I can say that the most competitive and beautiful divas are on Smackdown." St. Louis: YOU SUCK, YOU SUCK. "I said EXCUSE ME!!!" Vickie Guerrero: "With the only woman here who has the authority to do so, I am officially postponing this match into a tag team diva match!" WWE DIVAS CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH IS THUS CANCELED.

* Maryse & Gail Kim v. Layla & Michelle McCool

I'd be lying to the readers and to myself if I said I gave two shits and one fuck about this unscheduled and unannounced women's tag match. Instead I'm getting a snack and some beer from the fridge. McCool gives Kim a kick to the face on the apron and she's out on the floor while Layla waits in the ring. McCool tags her in and they both hit dropkicks on Kim on the outside. McCool throws her back in for a near fall. Kim reaches out for a tag and instead of giving it to her Maryse shoves her in the face back into the ring so McCool can hit a Styles Clash for three. WINNERS: MCDEADTAKER & LAYLA. Whoop-de-shit. Maryse gets in the ring to mock Kim and give her a French Kiss DDT. Maryse has to pose for 30 seconds before the crowd finally cares enough to boo. Promo for WWE NXT on Tuesday follows.

Josh Mathews is backstage talking about WWE NXT and introducing The Miz, who has on a suit and tie and has all three of his titles. "Josh, I am the first WWE superstar to hold both the unified tag team and the United States championships. So if anybody is qualified to teach Daniel Bryan how to be a success, it's me. Bryan may be the King of the Indies, but I look at him and see the first guy in line at a Star Wars convention. If he listens to me, and he better, I'll teach him the charisma to be a star in the WWE - because I'M THE MIZ AND I'M..." MVP interrupts. He reminds Miz that he won an opportunity to face him for the US title, and that title match is going to be tonight. MVP says he'd better change out of that dorky suit, and later on NXT he can tell his rookie how he lost the US title, but did it with style and personality!

William Regal makes his way to the ring. Cole reminds us Regal is a free agent and a mentor on NXT. "This Tuesday, will be the debut of a never before seen program, that was dubbed by Mr. McMahon himself as the new evolution of television - WWE NXT. 8 rookies paired with 8 WWE pros. And I being a man with such a wealth of experience, have understandably been chosen to be one of the pros. Out of all the pros and rookies I have the most experience and tenure in this ring." Every sentence is met with a WHAT? Regal: "Such wonderful people! And as such, I expect and demand to be treated with respect. I am the model of professionalism. Each and every one of those rookies could learn something from me. In fact each and every one of you could learn something from me! If you could just conduct yourselves..."

EDGE INTERRUPTS. Regal: "Now what on earth do you want sunshine?" Edge: "I'm sorry Lord Snugglesworth. I was listening to you drone on and on and on and honestly it's like watching paint dry. I thought I'd come out here and tell the WWE Universe something they might actually WANT to hear. 3 weeks ago I won the Royal Rumble, which means I also won a chance to be in the main event at WrestleMania. Which also means I can choose to face the WWE Champion or the World Heavyweight Champion. Tomorrow night, live on Raw, I'm going to make that decision! But tonight, tonight I'm here to do something else." SPEAR TO REGAL! Fans in St. Louis cheer! Edge's music plays as he leaves with a smile. Lawler thanks Cypress Hill for the theme song from "Rise Up," new album available April 6th. Cole, Striker and Lawler discuss the next Chamber. I'm not saying I didn't enjoy the last segment, but this is one of the most bizarre WWE PPV events I've seen in a long time.

* The Miz {C} v. MVP (WWE United States Championship Match)

Big Show accompanies his tag team partner Miz to the ring. MVP makes his way out and Big Show backs off because Mark Henry accompanies HIS tag partner. The bell rings and we're underway with Miz calling MVP "boy." Miz gets a slap in the face and a series of punches and stomps in the corner until the ref pulls him off. MVP is all over him with knees to the gut and a knee off the ropes to the head. Miz tries to clear things out with a punch but MVP hits a release suplex that sends Miz all the way out to the floor, where MVP slams his head into the barricade before throwing him back in. Miz tries to charge the ropes and dropkick MVP on the outside but MVP sidesteps and nails him then gets a near fall. Miz hits a shot and a kick to MVP's jaw and gets back in control. MVP ducks a clothesline, leapfrogs, knocks Miz down off the ropes and hits some g'n'p before another near fall. Announce team discuss Miz' disdain for Daniel Bryan, although Striker thinks his world of experience will help American Dragon. Miz gets another near fall. Miz chokes MVP on the ropes then kicks him in the gut as Big Show shouts encouragement. "Wear him down Miz, there you go!" Striker says Bryan has a world of wrestling experience but not a superstar look. MVP hits a small package for a near fall. Miz nearly gets reversed on a lazy cover of his own into a pinfall. MVP lands a big right and Miz is stunned for a moment, but recovers to hit a clothesline for 2.

Miz grinds MVP's face into the mat, tucks his arm, then applies a crossface. MVP stands up with him for an electric chair and bridges it into a 2 count! MVP and Miz slug it out before Miz hits a short arm DDT for 2. Miz tries to sink in a chinlock as Henry looks on and the crowd chants M-V-P. He stands up and backs Miz into the turnbuckle to get free but Miz knocks him right back down and hits a running kick to the ribs. Miz grinds his throat into the ropes with a knee and gives him a facewash for good measure. Show is warned by the ref not to interfere. "I'm following the rules sir!" Miz hits his patented splash into the corner and Big Show is ecstatic. Miz climbs the ropes but MVP knocks him off and Miz gets crotched. Miz hits headbutts to get MVP off the ropes and climbs back up again. MVP recovers quickly and runs up the ropes for a belly to belly suplex! Miz is bleeding. Lawler says he opened himself up on the headbutts. 2 count.

Both men recover slow and start battling on their knees. Lawler says he was never a fan of the headbutt, but St. Louis' own Harley Race was the headbutt king. MVP flapjacks Miz and hits a jawbreaker, then pops the crowd by signaling it's time to go BALLIN'. Elbow connects! Two count before Miz gets a boot on the ropes. Big Show drags Miz out to save him. Henry runs Big Show's skull into the post. Big Show throws Henry through the ringside barricade. It's DESTROYED. Back in the ring MVP and Miz continue to brawl. MVP misses with a yakuza kick, fights Miz off, but Show catches him with a knockout punch while he's freeing himself from the ropes. Miz covers for 3! WINNER AND STILL US CHAMPION: THE MIZ. Big Show is thrilled his little buddy retained. He's all smiles and hugs and walks up the ramp with him as Miz shows off his title, pointing out his the champion for everyone in sight. Meanwhile the National Guard is ringside at the show, getting their props from Jerry Lawler. Replay of McMahon screwing Cena earlier tonight follows.

* World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match

At 9:53 PM EST, for the second time tonight, the Chamber is lowered over the ring. BOOYAKA BOOYAKA, REY'S OUT FIRST. Mysterio takes his time to pose for the fans before getting locked into his own pod. THE SHAMAN OF SEXY IS SECOND. They give us the slow mo' as pyros go off behind him. Striker says the ankle injury won't effect Morrison. "Take a shot of cortisone and let's go!" Striker reminds us Morrison's a former ECW Champion before he gets locked into a pod. Y2J IS THIRD. Cole reminds us he's competed six times but never won the Chamber, but that history is on Jericho's side since he won his first world title in St. Louis. Jericho tests the fence one he's locked in. LIGHTS GO OUT, PYROS GO OFF, SMOG ROLLS IN, TAKER IS NEXT UP TO TAKE A POD. Taker eschews his slow and plodding entrance though and rips off his jacket to quickly get into a glass chamber. Cole sells it as Undertaker being focused and determined. I sell it as the PPV starting to run long and them needing to cut time.

HERE COMES THE STRAIGHT EDGE SOCIETY. Punk: "I really hope that the symbolism isn't lost on your four superstars right now. Here's four, extremely weak individual that are locked inside a prison of addiction like most of these people here today. And now, the four of you, are locked inside the Elimination Chamber with me. And be sure it's not me locked in here with you. It's you locked in here with me. Tomorrow morning when you nurse the pain and wounds myself and this Chamber have caused you, I want you to remember that when your pod door opened and you came out and I defeated you don't think of it as failure, think of it as me saving you! Think of it as me setting you free. Tomorrow morning when the pain is too much and you drown yourself in a see of alcohol and pain medication I want you to remember..."

R-TRUTH INTERRUPTS. Well if they were trying to save time they would have cut Punk's promo or Killings' rap short, but he's still doing his entire performance like usual. ST. LOUIS - WHAT'S UP? (What's up!!) ELIMINATION CHAMBER, THAT'S WHAT'S UP. Thank you Captain Obvious. Punk waits while Truth gets in and the ref holds up the belt. Cole reminds us the men in the cage have held 77 belts and 16 world titles between them. If you could count R-Truth's NWA World Championships (and WWE won't) that number would be even higher! Punk knocks him off his feet and picks him up for a slam and a one count. Truth does the splits to duck Punk then gets a near fall off a kick before clotheslining Punk to the steel outside. Truth counters him and catapults Punk into the fence! Truth throws Punk into Mysterio's pod then dives off the ropes to wipe Punk out, hurting both men in the process. Striker calls the Chamber "a callous coliseum." Punk is thrown into the fence so hard he rebounds back inside the ring. Truth misses with the axe kick. Punk misses with the G2S. Truth misses with a spinning corkscrew. Truth eats a head kick. G2S connects! 1-2-3 R-TRUTH IS OUT. Punk takes the mic, breathing hard, coming over to Taker. "You better pray your pod door opens last. Because when it does I'm gonna make you tap out like I did before!" To Morrison: "I'm gonna prove your decadent rock life will get you nowhere. I'm gonna prove that straightedge means I'M BETTER THAN YOU. For those of you at home, put your hand on the screen and feel CM Punk flow through you!" TEN SECOND COUNTDOWN.

BOOYAKA REY IS IN. Crossbody for two. Boot to the head for two. Rey is rollin'! Punk tripped into the ropes but Rey is cut off before he can hit a 6-1-9 by Punk getting back in the ring for a snap slam. Punk picks Rey up for the G2S but Rey counters into a roll-up for 2.995. Punk rolls out to the steel, Rey gives chase, Punk catches him and swings him like a baseball bat into the cage fence left and right! John Morrison looks on at the carnage in front of him. Running step up knee by Punk on Mysterio in one corner, then thrown headfirst into the empty pod in the other corner! Serena Deeb counts along as the ref nearly reaches 3. Punk sets Rey on the top rope. Rey fights him off with punches and a headbutt then climbs up to the top of a pod. Punk cuts him off and puts him in position for a G2S but Rey gets free and Punk gets crotched on the ropes. Rey gives him a headscissor onto the steel then hits the West Coast Pop back in the ring for three! CM PUNK ELIMINATED. That starts our TEN SECOND COUNTDOWN.

CHRIS JERICHO IS IN! Mysterio monkeyflips him but Jericho clotheslines him for 2. Boot to the jaw. Pancake throw and slam. Jericho raises a hand like he's already won and goes for the moonsault but Rey counters it into the 6-1-9! Jericho rolls out to the steel, Rey leaps out at him, Jericho ducks, Rey lands on the fence like a spider, Jericho yanks him off and slams him down face first. OUCH. Rey is thrown back in and Jericho launches himself over the ropes onto him for a two count. Jericho provokes Undertaker all while beating up Mysterio, before putting him in a submission hold and screaming ASK HIM at the ref. Mysterio frees himself with elbows to the gut and hits a moonsault off the ropes for 2. Jericho tries to catch Rey in the air but Rey applies a dragon sleeper! Jericho charges him into the corner turnbuckle to get free and applies the Walls of Jericho WITH A TEN SECOND COUNTDOWN.

JOHN MORRISON IS IN. Cole teases that Rey was saved by the buzzer. Morrison throws Jericho out to the steel. Rey charges and gets tossed then hit with a head kick that leaves him laying on the steel outside. Jericho tries to schoolboy Morrison. Morrison goes to the top rope to fly but Mysterio yanks him off and he crashes his head backwards into a pod. Mysterio charges Jericho but gets tossed to the steel outside. Jericho follows him out slowly and throws him back first into the fencing. Morrison dives over the turnbuckle to wipe out both men! Standing shooting star on Rey for two. Rey ranas Morrison into the ropes but Jericho cuts him off before the 6-1-9 for a two count. Mysterio with a tilt-a-whirl knocking Morrison into a turnbuckle. Rey climbs up top but Morrison counters the rana and hits Starship Pain! MYSTERIO IS ELIMINATED. Undertaker is pacing, dying to get in. Morrison puts a knee to Jericho's jaw and he sinks to the canvas. Jericho gets back up trips Morrison and gets the Walls of Jericho by stepping on Morrison's hand! TEN SECONDS.

HERE COMES THE DEAD MAN. Taker is a house of fire and all over Y2J. Snake Eyes. Big boot. Morrison clotheslined outside. Leg drop to Jericho! Two count. Double chokeslam time? No - Morrison and Jericho cut him off and hit a double suplex then a double clothesline outside. The union breaks down as Morrison nearly eliminates Jericho. Y2J with a high back bodydrop over the ropes to the steel. His left cheek is bloody from something. Jericho goes out to the apron and starts slapping Taker around. BIG MISTAKE. Jericho tries to get in a pod and shut the door to save himself when Taker gets made. TAKER RIPS THE DOOR APART. It's hanging off the hinges. Jericho is laid out so Taker turns his attentions to Morrison and gives him Snake Eyes but Morison leaps off the ropes for an enzuguiri and hurts his injured ankle in the process! Morrison crawls to the ropes and tries to hit Starship Pain but Taker has enough time to recover and get a knee up. Jericho goes to hide in the pod before Morrison is thrown out to the steel. Taker throws Morrison into said same pod as the crowd chants ONE MORE TIME. Taker picks up Morrison for a powerbomb but Jericho interferes and Morrison goes spider on the fence like Rey did earlier. Taker charges and Jericho throws him headfirst into the pod with a shattering crunch! Knee to the skull of Jericho by Morrison for a 2 count. Chokeslam by Taker to Morrison on the steel! Taker drags him back in by one leg for the cover. 1-2-3 MORRISON ELIMINATED.

Taker pulls down the straps. He signals for Jericho to get up and take what he's got coming to him. If Shawn's going to interfere, now would be the time. Taker easily knocks Jericho down with a series of punches and overwhelmes him in the corner. Big running knee connects once, but the second try Jericho ducks and Taker crotches himself. Superplex by Y2J leaves both men down. Jericho crawls over slowly for a near fall. Knee to Taker's skull. Taker goes for a chokeslam but Jericho rolls through for the Walls. Taker tries to counter into Hell's Gate but Jericho re-counters back into the Walls! Ref asks if he wants to submit and Taker says no. Undertaker manages to roll out and sink in Hell's Gate for a second but Jericho gets free and gets the ropes for leverage to escape. Undertaker sits up! LAST RIDE COUNTERED INTO A CODEBREAKER. Jericho crawls for the cover. Taker kicks out!!

Jericho screams STAY DOWN at Undertaker to no avail. He goes for punches on the top rope in the corner. Big mistake. LAST RIDE. "Vintage Undertaker" sayeth Cole! Both men are down and getting up slow. SWEET CHIN MUSIC BY SHAWN. JERICHO COVERS FOR THREE. WINNER AND NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION CHRIS JERICHO~! The announcers are totally perplexed as am I. How did Shawn get in? Where did he get in? I looked away for two seconds and suddenly there was Shawn in blue jeans and a workman's shirt worthy of Mick Foley. Shawn stares at the prone Undertaker as the PPV goes off the air at 10:42 PM EST with no replay or explanation whatsoever!!

I've got to rewind this to find out what the hell happened. Okay here we go again. Last Ride by Undertaker. Taker gets up slowly, slashes his throat to signal the end. Shawn comes in through the steel to the Chamber, removing a grate and coming into the ring, literally coming up from Hell. Crowd pops behind Taker and he's totally oblivious to it and SWEET CHIN MUSIC CONNECTS as Striker screams it's all legal in a Chamber and there are no DQ's! Jericho takes the pin and immediately flees for higher ground with the title belt, kissing the gold on the ramp. Shawn stands there in the Chamber, staring at Taker as he lays on the ground. We go off the air with a promo for WrestleMania 26. That's it for a totally wild edition of the WWE Elimination Chamber PPV! Hell of a night. Thanks for reading the recap!

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