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ECW On SyFy Recap

THE ENTIRE WORLD IS WATCHIN'. Thanks J.R.! We're backstage in Baton Rouge. Tiffany reminds that in two weeks, ECW will be going off the air, and that everybody assembled in the room from ECW's roster will become free agents, free to sign with NXT when it debuts on SyFy.

"I just want to let you know it has been an honor to serve as your ECW General Manager. Let's look at the next two weeks as a chance to show anyone and EVERYONE watching just just what we're capable of. Most of all let's have fun - I know I will!" She puts on Mardi Gras beads and grabs a cocktail drink - she's ready to party!

Zack Ryder gets in her face and asks if she's just going to slack off. "Lighten up - the Saints just won the Super Bowl!" Ryder can't believe she's acting like this. Tiffany: "Woo woo woo - you know it!" Zack shakes his head in disgust.

Cue the opening pyro and music! The announcers inform us Vance Archer and Shelton Benjamin will have a no DQ match in tonight's main event. In the ring Savannah tells us the winner of tonight's match will get a shot at the undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions on next week's final episode of ECW.

* Yoshi Tatsu & Goldust v. The Gamer Geeks (#1 Contender's Match)

Goldie works over Trent to start the match until Yoshi gets tagged in. Josh Mathews calls him "The Cardiac Kid" and I nearly threw something at my TV. Yoshi nearly gets put in a schoolboy but rolls through for a near fall of his own and hits a deep arm drag. Trent drags Yoshi to the heel corner though and tags in Caylen. Heels trade quick tags and Trent is back in to work Yoshi over. Trent sinks in a chinlock as the crowd claps Yoshi to his feet.

Trent whips him into the ropes but gets floated over and lands jaw first on the turnbuckle. Goldie is tagged in! Trent bails, Goldie gives chase, Caylen gets a blind tag when Trent comes back in the ring and Goldie doesn't realize he's the legal man. Caylen hits a chop block to the leg and we go to commercial.

Gamer Geeks are stomping on Goldie and making quick tags when we come back from break. The ref is warning them to stop using the ropes to add more impact to their illegal heel tactics. Crowd is canting for Goldie to make the hot tag as Trent tries desperately to hang on. More quick tags.

More attacks on Goldie's left leg. Trent tags back in, gives Goldie a disdainful boot to the face, then grapevines the hurt leg. Goldie twists to throw him off. Trent comes back over and hits a couple of running knee lifts, Goldie hits a high back bodydrop and oes for the tag, but Yoshi had just moments ago been knocked to the floor. Second time though Yoshi gets it and is a house of fire on the Gamer Geeks!

Roll through kick to the chest on Caylen for 2. Flying flip for a near fall before Trent breaks it up. Goldie clears the ring. Yoshi hits the Yakuza Kick on Caylen and gives him a bloody lip in the process for 3! WINNERS: TATSU & GOLDUST. Mathews and Saxton throw to a video package for the 2010 Hall of Fame inductee Ted DiBiase. EVERYBODY HAS A PRICE! Promo for NXT as we go to commercial.

* Ezekiel Jackson v. Harry Wallace

This should be quick. Even Regal is shaking his head at the diminutive jobber like he's got no business being in the ring. Jackson picks him up with one hand and throws him into the corner for a beating, then tosses him all the way across the ring with ease. Regal shakes his head with disdain.

Clothesline, urinage, 1-2-3. WINNER: EZEKIEL JACKSON. The moment the bell rings and he's announced the winner, Zeke picks Harry up and LAUNCHES him over the top rope to the floor outside. To Harry's credit, he took that bump for all it was worth. Regal picks up a mic as the crowd boos. "I hope our General Manager hasn't succumbed too far into her debauchery to hear what I'm about to say, because it's important.

What happened in the title match at the Royal Rumble was a travesty. To be ejected from ringside like a common non-entity was a blatant injustice. Tiffany, your legacy will be that of someone who made a travesty of everything she touched, and setting back women managing in the workplace by 25 years. However your last decision could be your finest. Please madam, do the right thing, grant a title rematch to a man who deserves to be champion - Ezekiel Jackson." Crowd boos.

Zeke: "Christian, if you choose to accept this challenge, next week, ECW and your reign as a champion will both come to an end. But, as your final ECW champion, that will only be the beginning of the rise of my dominance! As it written in the book of Ezekiel, the end has come, it has awakened against you." Zeke's music plays. Commercial.

Raw Rebound when we come back from commercial focused on Cena, Vince McMahon and Bret Hart. Christian is backstage and says Regal is like a rash that won't go away. He accepts Ezekiel Jackson's rematch but says that for the last episode their fight should be EXTREME RULES.

* Shelton Benjamin v. Vance Archer (No DQ Match Main Event)

Benjamin: "WHO DAT!" Cheap pop. He tells us he wasn't happy to come to ECW at first because he's too good and too talented for this show, but then his first week here Yoshi Tatsu kicked him in the head and pinned him in 10 seconds. He said every week after that he saw how hard the youngsters in the back worked, and how they earned a little more of his respect each time. The crowd chants WHO DAT every time he leaves a pause in his promo.

Benjamin says he'll miss each and every one of the superstars in the back except for Vance Archer. "Tonight Mr. Archer me and you have a no disqualification match. Tonight I can't wait for my final ECW moment, me wiping that stupid smile off your face, and beating you like you've never been beaten before." Not a bad promo for the Gold Standard! Commercial with a promo for Jerry Springer on Raw next week.

Archer comes out right after the commercial break and is immediately outclassed in the ring, having to bail outside for a breather. When Benjamin comes back in Archer lays into him with stomps and kicks as the ref looks on, which since it's a no-DQ there's nothing he can do about.

Benjamin gives it back to him even harder and pops the crowd, then turns a near fall into a single leg crab. Archer tries to get a rope break but the ref won't give it to him. Benjamin lets go of his own accord to attack Archer. Archer tries to punch him from the ropes but Benjamin kicks him off to the floor and we go to break.

We come back with a promo for WWE NXT debuting in two weeks on SyFy. As we return to the action Vance Archer is pulling a singapore cane out from underneath the ring. Benjamin blocks it with a steel chair, swings it around up high with one arm, but misses Archer with it and hits the steel steps instead. Archer drops him across the barricade and gives him a boot to the face.

Here's something you almost never hear - a LET'S GO SHEL-TON chant. I think having black and gold trunks really helps in this Saints happy state. Archer throws Benjamin back into the ring and the ref stops the match so that medical personnel can attend to Benjamin for some reason. Ah - during the commercial break Benjamin's head was cut open on the announce table. They superglue the cut shut, Benjamin waves off stopping the match and goes back to fight with Archer, but Archer powerbombs him off the ropes for a near fall.

Archer rips the top pad off the turnbuckle and snaps Benjamin's left arm off it to the boos of the ringside before dropping a knee on it then twisting it behind his back. The crowd claps for a Benjamin comeback. BTW Ring the Bell, the interactive show where YOU the fans get to have your say is live right now in the AngryMarks chatroom as we reach the 11:02 PM EST mark on this match with another near fall for Archer. Archer: "WHO DAT NOW?" Crowd boos.

Archer tries to squeeze the air out of his lungs but Benjamin fights out with right elbows to the face, and the more he slugs the more the crowd likes it. Benjamin leaps off the top rope and knocks Archer down, then goes on offense with a series of running strikes and a reverse spinning head kick for 2. Archer spears Benjamin in the gut and tries to scoop him up but Benjamin counters into a backwards overhead suplex. Benjamin charges the corner, jumps over the exposed turnbuckle, then hits a flying neckbreaker. Before Archer can recover from that Benjamin hits PAYDIRT for 3! WINNER: SHELTON BENJAMIN.

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