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The Book Of Daniel Turns 10!

On February 15, 2000, I released my debut album The Book of Daniel on One Rock Records - a label I co-founded with my crew, Monolith. Approximately three years in the making, (13 if you counted every year since I started rapping), this album marked the fruition of a childhood dream.

Spawning three videos in "Corrida De Toros", "Margerine" and "Baahd!", The Book of Daniel taught me a huge lesson in what it is to be an independent hip-hop artist from Toronto. It's HARD!

And while the struggle continues ten years later, I'm thankful for the road that The Book of Daniel helped pave for my future projects. It remains a heralded project in the history of Canadian hip-hop as its devotion to lyrical dominance was a focal point.

To commemorate the 10 Year Anniversary of The Book of Daniel, a brand new mixtape will be released shortly. In the meantime, you may purchase the original album - either CD or MP3 - for only $9.99 by clicking on the links below. It is also available on iTunes.

The Book of Daniel CD

The Book of Daniel MP3 Album

Thanks to everyone who has supported me for the past decade. The best is yet to come!

Interesting tidbits about The Book of Daniel that may shed some light on my obsession with the number 10:

-The album was mastered on August 29, 1999 - Michael Jackson's birthday
-I arrived to the studio at exactly 12:34pm (digits equal 10) after my car ran out of gas, making me late for my session at noon
-The mastering session took 10 hours to complete
-The album release party for The Book of Daniel took place on February 10, 2000.

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