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Tha O Show: Episode 151

Tha O Show Radio
O-sters! Big Daddy Donnie and your bro Dan-e-o are back with the 151st episode of "Tha O Show"! On Episode 151, tha boys are joined once again in-studio by Frank Fronte to discuss all that is O-worthy in the world today!

Following in the footsteps of fellow WWE Hall of Famers, The Iron Sheik, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine and "Superstar" Billy Graham, the one and only Jimmy Hart makes his debut on "Tha O Show"! Press play or download the mp3 now!

On today's show, you'll get...

"Tha Os And NOs"

"Tha Pit Stop" with The Notorious T.I.D.

"Tha Black Prophet".

The long-awaited return of "Tha Classroom" with "Textbook" Tyson Dux.

And "Tha Round Table" with Don, Dan, Frank and WWE Hall of Famer "Mouth Of The South" Jimmy Hart!


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17 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 151"

Fuck Fronte said...

If you guys are O Tang, Dux is KRS.

Great show once again...
Greatly sad admission from Fronte about his lack of game... Geez.

I can imagine the opening of the next O Show...

"Ladies and gentlemen... sad news Frank Fronte was found beaten within an inch of his life outside of a gym due to honky-fication of Dan-e-o advice."

D. Ross said...

You guys act like Wu Tang don’t have a 100 names each. Look at ODB! Method Man has a ton of names but less than Ghostface Killah aka Tony Stark aka Pretty Tony aka Iron aka The Wallaby Kingpin. Frank can be Hornswallow or Gaekwan or Jonn Jonzz aka Martian Manhunter. I am putting too much thought into this.

TNA is firing all their shots into the air and then rushing into the building to save the hostages. Kendrick is cool and I am glad he’s somewhere even though I JUST read an interview where he was gonna work independents. I guess he actually still is. Ooh, sick burn!

The Classroom rules. Why has it been so long? Frank and Prophet are like a damned odd couple or something. And where is that “Must increase my bust!” from. Punky Brewster? Why do I know that? No Fronte. Chicks do love assholes. That shit sucks. I can be an asshole but it takes too much energy. Rather stay home and play SvR09. I like the Dan-e-o dating advice. Hell, give me some! Advice that is.

Who could ever hate Jimmy Hart? This guy is so fun to listen to. Even when I didn’t like Hogan I still liked Hart. He really doesn’t get any credit for being a good manager. How could someone use a megaphone and wear those loud outfits but still not be called one of the greats? I have never thought so much during a Round Table. This was excellent.

Moonsalt said...

I have to give an O to Japanese wrestling fans. I have always hated ROH and TNA fans for the chants and bullshit the do throughout a match. Im a smark too but fuck, just try to suspend your disbelief for more than two minutes.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Hart!! O!!!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing episode.

When Dan and donnie let loose with DONE THE PARTY GUY SHOW OVER i spit my coffee all over myself. I am sending you guys a cleaning bill.

Congrats on the big news.

Anonymous said...

So Girl Dynamite is NOT just fucking SEXY - she's a producer too?? Lands you guys a SICK guest!

jenn said...

One of my fav episodes ever. Only things missing were a Bret Hart impression and a Road Rage story. Hell, even a "Just Like Jordan" FREESTYLE!

Ok I'm a Donnie mark.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Tyson is the fucking man. Nuff said.

jim j said...

How come Donnie didn't say that Bubba got Escodero'd

Sir Robert of Tha O Nation said...

Jimmy Hart is a class act. 10

kathy said...

Great episode BDD and Dan...congrats on the big news :)

Reaally enjoyed the interview with Jimmy Hart, I had no idea he did the music for all those wrestlers.

Anonymous said...

Hogan is a cock. He is destroying TNA. I didn't think it was possible for TNA to get worse but it is

PlanBFromOuterSpace said...

In regards to the lame "We have enough problems here, why should we help __________ out?" argument, have you ever noticed that in most cases, the people taking that stance aren't donating to their OWN communities either? I mean, hey, if you can show that you're contributing to local charities or to something that affects your state (or province for our Canadian friends) or country, WHILE saying you don't see the point in helping out other parts of the world, at least you're not a hypocrite. Thank you for doing something someWHERE, but jeez, if you're not helping out anywhere, please keep your mouth shut.

That reminds me of another lame argument that pops up here in the States quite a bit with d-bag minors looking to get their asses out of hot water, the "I'm old enough to die for my country, but I can't buy booze?" argument. As a former member of the Air Force, and someone who got bust-a-las for underage drinking in my early Air Force days, I didn't know ANYONE that got busted for underage drinking while I was in that used that excuse. The kids using the "I'm old enough to die for my country" bit AREN'T the same people that are running off to join the service on their 18th birthdays. Sorry for going a little off-topic there...

Hipnosis said...

I wanna add TNA to the Death Pool....

the TNA Cast Members might get pissed off at me...but with the way its goin its done in a few months

halb said...

i found an interview with the guy incharge of the new white basketball league check it out at this link

Maverick said...

just had to share this