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Tha iMPACT! Playback

Tha iMPACT! Zone is in full effect tonight! I will admit I missed the first match, packing for the drive south. My bad. I’ll make it up. Fill me in O-sters!!

I think Morgan is playin’ Angle hard and expect him to turn any moment. Kurt knows this maaan….but does he? OR is he desperately playing catch up and trying to save his own ass?

Now is Earl Hebner not the guy who screwed Hogan in the twin ref scandal with Andre the Giant back in the day? I expect nothing less of ol’ Earl.

Ok Dr. Stevie’s growing on me. According to Mick Foley, wrestlers wrestle, someone tell McMahon that.

Taylor Wylde & Sarita take on Alissa Flash & Daphnie in another Knockout Tag Title Tournament qualifying match . I love the butt bump. Gothic Goodies? Taz your killin me. Callin' Taylor an hombre, come on dude.

Jay Lethal takes on The Pope. Plenty action here. Epic fail when Black Machismo fell wrong off the robes. I gotta say The Pope doesn’t do much for me, before, now, ever. Dude’s wack. Why does TNA love to mention WWE? Or former WWE wrestlers or history. We know where you guys came from. DDE to Lethal and its over. Pope is still a herb.

Next the WE and MEM have a disagreement. Growing pains. Stiener spits on em. Ha! I say it every week now. I love the Beautiful People….I gotta get a poster! The BP face Madison Raye & Roxy much to the dismay of Vevlet and Angelina in another qualifying match for the Knockouts Tag Titles. Thank god Roxy’s hair s comin back in. Remember the head shaving. I love what Madison was wearing. Some kinda punny printaz a gwan… Angelina pulls off the victory and my favorite Knockout’s advance.

Deaner convinces Foley to let him face a Knockout in an MMA style match. Can u say Tara?!

They promote the Foley-Nash rematch for next week. WOW ! Nash is a 20 time champ eh. Bet that bugs Flair! Wooooooooooo!!!!!

Micky Foley comes to join the broadcast team. I do like Taz better than West but they both suck stylll. Abyss makes his way out until Dr. Stevie attacks him on the ramp. Look it’s Mankind and Foley in the same room. I till see a wack Kane when I see Abysis. As long as the mask don’t come of we might be ok. Abyss dominates Stevie and takes him out hard. Big Sexy sneak attacks Abyss and Foley goes for the save. Mankind and Foley in the same ring!

The World Elite take to the ring, still trying to recruit Hernandez….Out comes Hector Guerrero to set the WE straight. Eric Young basically makes a threat to Hernandez, where’s this going other than face building. It reminds me of when the NWO was courting HHH, a dead end street.

Cody Deaner vs. Tara. Now Deaner has the headgear on and Tara doesn’t? Tara gives Cody a ass woppin from jump. Kong blindsides Tara and KO’s her. Deaner gets the win. Cheap tho he got his ass handed to him. I like the Tara – Kong feud. Deaner you crazy fuck…fight a man dude!

No Surrender is building up nicely. Predictions soon…..

Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels & AJ Styles for our main event. AJ and Daniels are on fire here! Epic fail when Morgan doesn’t move the chair for Kurt when it was meant for AJ!. Intentional? I think so. Confrontation time and Morgan gives it to Angle via the Elevator which is just a suplex.

Just when I thought it was over the WE carry Homicide to the ring using him as bait. Hernandez cleans house and Homicide turns on his brother. WE beat down ensues ala NWO style. Can you say first Latin TNA Champion?!!!

I gotta say as far as action goes TNA is staying consistent week in and out, unlike say "The Price is Raw".


Missed first match Fill me in!!!
Taylor Wiylde & Sarita def. Alissa Flash & Daphnie
The Pope def. Jay Lethal
Beautiful People def. Madison Raye & Roxy
Abyss def. Dr. Stevie
Cody Deaner def. Tara
AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels def. Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe

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Christopher Casúr said...

I can't stay silent. Gordo, you gotta work on this.

I know that you mean well, and I know that you're boys with Dan and everything, and that you do this because you love wrestling, but your writing is getting worse. And I don't mean from a "I don't agree with you" perspective. Your article is littered with typos, grammatical errors, improper punctuations, and all sorts of mistakes. Your articles are becoming less coherent with time. Please, man, take the time to proofread your articles, or at the very least, run your work through some sort of word processor and utilize the spell check.

Everybody makes a typo here and there, but it's really starting to affect the readability of your articles.

Anonymous said...

Dude the grammer and spelling is off on purpose. This is not journalism, its straight off the cuff thats why Im not merely reporting blow for blow. ITs not supposed to be that way thats the whole idea. Pal

Blake, Louisiana said...

Damn the dude just got his ass chewed up online. But it was deserved. Dr. Stevie's is doesn't make sense.Im pretty sure ombre is spelled hombre and even if it is ombre you should put an instead of a in front of ombre. And dude Abysis doesnt have AN I lol I know that and that was the first time watching this show.

Dan-e-o said...


At least Gordo comes through and throws up articles regularly.

With all due respect, send Gordo a personal email the next time you want to bash a fellow writer of this site.

We on the same team or not?

That being said, I agree with you.

Now can't we all just get along?

Dan said...

Nash has 20 titles altogether, not 20 world titles, so I'm sure Flair don't give a shit. Nash only has 6 world titles.

Kevin Nash said...

How sweet it is that BIG DADDYS GOT THAT GOLD!!....Im also suing Donnie

....hey....its nothing per$onal just bu$ine$$ kid

Hipnosis said...

I don't know about ya'll but TNA iMPACT! has been off the hook this past month

New superstars and great Matches...only problem is this is what fans wanted and the muh fuggahz ain't watchin What the hell?

Looking froward to seeing Pope Dee Dee vs Suicide though....the DDE will be struck