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ECW On SyFy Recap

* The Hurricane vs. Paul Burchill (w/ Katie Lea)

After the bell rings, Burchill shoves Hurricane to a corner, backs up, then Hurricane connects with punches and a back elbow. Burchill ducks a clothesline, Hurricane ducks a clothesline and connects with a springboard crossbody. Burchill regains control, goes for a hiptoss but gets blocks, and Hurricane flips him over. Hurricane applies the rarely used Octopus Stretch!

Burchill reverse with a slam, then a tight back suplex. He drags Hurricane to the center of the ring for a 1-count. The crowd rallied for Hurricane but Burchill uses a short-arm clothesline to take him down.

Burchill charges at Hurricane in the corner with double knees and gets a 2-count for it. Burchill lifts him up and drops him on his knee for a modified backbreaker. A submission is applied now as the fans chant "U-S-A! U-S-A!" Hurricane counters with a roll up, flips out a suplex but gets clotheslined. Hurricane sends burchill out the ring and follows up with a flying plancha! Burchill gets a pele kick in before our first commercial break.

Hurricane tries to fight out of a headlock when we return from break, and the fans again chant "U-S-A! U-S-A!" Hurricane gets a reprieve when Burchill goes flying into the ringpost. He leaps onto Burchill whenhe charges in, regains control, then gets a 2-count. Hurricane with a flying crossbody from the top rope for 2! Burchill sits atop the turnbuckle, Hurricane cuts him off, climbs up behind him, Burchill with a POWERSLAM from the top rope! Only a 2-count. Burchill runs into a back elbow and suffers a hurricanrana after Hurricane leapt from the second rope. Katie Lea gets on the aprin, Burchill ducks the Shining Wizard, Hurricane avoids Burchill and he almost collides into Katie Lea. Hurricane connects with the Eye of the Hurricane and gets the win. WINNER: The Hurricane.

Matt Striker and Josh Matthews bring us back to the events from last week when William Regal threatens Christian and Tommy Dreamer if they step to them. That is, until the faces bring out singapore canes. A newcomer, Savannah, interviews Dreamer and Christian. Dreamer says ECW is his home, and a part of his life for the past 20 years. Christian continues by saying they're taking a stand and they're ready for a fight. He even mentions the ECW title match will take place at WWE Breaking Point. We go to a commercial break, including a promo for next Monday night on Raw when Batista will make an announcement concerning his career.

* Shelton Benjamin & Sheamus vs. Yoshi Tatsu & Goldust

Goldust starts off with Shelton and they go back and forth with shoulder block and hiptoss moves. Goldust shoot Shelton to a corner, misses a bulldog, and connects with a throat thrust. Sheamus tags in and he continues his rivalry with Goldy... until Yoshi tags in. Tatsu jumps over Sheamus and chases off Shelton, which gives Sheamus enough time to clothesline him when he turns around. Sheamus drops elbows and covers but Yoshi kicks out. Shelton tags in and applies a headlock as the fans rally for Yoshi. Sunset flip by Yoshi, Shelton rolls though, Yoshi crawls for a tag and shoves Benjamin off. Goldust battles with Shelton on the outside and the ref pushes him back. A clusterfuck ensues until Sheamus and Goldust are legal. Goldust gains momentum even knocking Shelton off the apron. Sheamus takes Goldust out and Shelton makes the blind tag and covers to get the win. WINNERS: Shelton Benjamin and Sheamus.

Sheamus is upset that he did the dirty work and Shelton steals the victory, so he attacks him! Shelton retaliates and punches Sheamus. The fight spills out of the ring and several referees attempt to break it up as the crowd shouts "Let them fight! Let them fight!" Shelton breaks free from the refs and the crowd erupts. Promo for the main event and a commercial break.

* Zack Ryder vs. Rory Fargo

Before the match starts we see a message at the bottom of the screen that reads: "Zack Ryder can't wait for the release for the new Backstreet Boys album." Zack attack Rory at the opening bell. Rory gets a schoolboy but Zack rolls right out of it. Zack kicks him in the head nemerous times shouting C'MON BRO! Zack hits a running kick to Rory's head, slams him, then hits the Zack Attack for the win. WINNER: Zack Ryder.

The announcers begin to talk about the card for the upcoming WWE Breaking Point PPV:
* ECW Championship - Submission Match: Christian {C} vs. William Regal
* World Championship - Submission Match: CM Punk {C} vs. Undertaker
* Sumission Count Anywhere Match: DX vs. Legacy
* WWE Championship - "I Quit" Match: Randy Orton {C} vs. John Cena

Tiffany is talking to Tyler Reks until William Regal and the Ruthless Roundtable interrupts. Tiffany tells them that it's not the right time, but Reks still excuses himself out of the office. Regal wants to know how Dreamer and Christian got away with attacking his crew with sticks. Tiffany figures it to be fair considering The Roundtable have attacked them in previous weeks. Regal says he will be the next ECW champ after Breaking Point and he and the crew walk off. Breaktime.

* Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson (w/ William Regal) vs. Tommy Dreamer & Christian {ECW Champion}

Regal steps out the ring and the bell dings. A loyd "E-C-dub!" chant breaks out as Christian wrestles Vladimir and escapes a bearhug. Kozlov knocks the ECW champion down, delivers punches to the gut and Christian escapes that. Big show lands on Vlad's face and Zeke tags in. Dreamer tags in as well and gets shoved down by Big Zeke. Dreamer takes care of Jackson and uses his quickness (by comparison) to avoid him as he charges at him. He goes flying out the ring and Christian tags in. He hits Zeke with a baseball slide, but gets caught when he goes for a plancha, so Dreamer dives at them to knock the big man down. The faces and fans celebrate once we go to another commercial break.

Trish Stratus returns to guest host Monday night Raw in Toronto. Dreamer is in control when we come back from break, that is until Zeke runs him down. Vlad tags in and runs him down as well. Zeke tags back in and they BOTH run him down with double shoulder blocks. Jackson covers for 2, then applies a butterfly submission hold. He backs Dreamer into his corner so Kozlov can tag in. Kozlov lays in shots and hits a belly-to-belly suplex for 2. Kozlov has Dreamer in a waistlock, Dreamer stands up, but Kozlov shoves him into the corner. He sits Dreamer on the turnbuckle, Dreamer stops the attack and hits him with a flying clothesline!

Christian tags in, punches Kozlov, two clotheslines don't work, and a missile dropkick from the second rope STILL doesn't make Vlad fall. But a dropkick from the top rope does! Christian has his hands full attacking both men and Kozlov rams his head into Christian's midection. Zeke tags in and has control of Christian. Zeke delivers a suplex and Christian kicks out of a pin. Kozlov tgas back in and takes Christian down, covers, and gets only a 2-count. Vlad lifts Christian in a backbreaker but the champ fights out. Eventually Vlad hits a fallaway slam and Christian is in trouble. Zeke tags in and puts the butterfly submission on Christian, then delivers a double-arm suplex. Vlad tags in and continues the beating with shoulder tackles in the corner. Christian avoids the last hit and takes him down, and Dreamer finally tags in!

Zeke tags in as well and Dreamer takes him down with a crossbody. Jackson blocks a suplex but Dreamer gets in control again. Frog splash from the top rope connects! Vlad stops the count, Christian takes Vlad out, Regal trips Dreamer, and through the distraction Big Zeke lands the Urinage Slam. WINNER: The Ruthless Roundtable.

William Regal gets in the ring and applies the Regal Stretch to a prone Dreamer in the middle of the ring. Christain tried to get back in the ring but Regal kicked him in the head. Regal, Kozlov and Jackson all raise their hands in victory as ECW goes off the air.

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ecw should get more than 1 ppv match and their feuds within the first 2 weeks are more interesting than on raw that could last 2 months