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WWE Loves Biting!

Big shout out to O-ster Matt Falcone who hit me up with THIS ARTICLE from Long story short, the Fed has jacked my idea (like I've done to a few beats in my day) and have posted a "Hip-Hop Loves Wrestling" article of their own. The piece entitled "Rap'N Wrestling Connection" appears in the new August 2009 edition of WWE Magazine.

They've even gone so far as snatching a few hip-hop quotables from my series of articles (see the Nas and Redman examples). And to rub salt in my wounds, they've even placed a cartoon characatuer of fellow Dan-e-o-biter, LL Cool J at the top of the piece!

In all seriousness. This is hype. No better form of flattery than bite-aliciousness!

Check out all of the O-riginal "Hip-Hop Loves Wrestling" articles HERE!

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Matt said...

Your welcome

You should give them a call, they might have work for you. I can see it now.

Dan-e-O: Regular contributer to "hip hop loves wrestling" section of WWE Magazine.