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Tha iMPACT! Playback

Last night, TNA iMPACT! marked its 200th episode! The show opens with The Main Event Mafia making their way to the ring. Angle goes off about being crossed by Bobby Lashley and calls him out. Before Angle can even finish the sentence out comes Lashley with a baseball bat.

Lashley tells the group that he’s still hungry unlike the Mafia and that why he didn’t join. Is it me or is this just the NWO all over again. Fortunately for me I liked the NWO days to a certain extent. Lashley makes Angle an offer and out comes Mick Foley.

Foley goes off about ratings and how Angle promised great ratings and offers a tag team match for the night in the main event.

Foley and Lashley vs Angle and Nash with the Singles Titles both on the line. Who ever gets pinned loses their respective belt (Nash of Angle) Sounds fishy to me. Angle pauses but loses his cool and accepts the match.

First match of the night is Hernandez vs Samoa Joe. Hernandez as a singles competitor seems to be working for the LAX member as he seems to be getting some baby face appeal. These two big boys go at in a decent match.

Back and forth solid fighting until the surprise upset when Hernandez gets the win! After the commercial, we see what happened during the break with Samoa Joe losing it over his loss and Taz tries to calm him down. I wanna see these two go at it bad, it’s just a matter of time my friends. Off to a Matt Morgan interview whos still trying to get in the Mafia - think Booker T trying to get in the WWE NWO. What a loogen. Do your own thing bonehead.

We go to an interview with AJ Styles. I try to like AJ 'cause he's the underdog but it’s not always easy.

After the commercial, it’s Lashley and Foley being interviewed explaining their alliance. Yea yea I wasn’t born yesterday. Next up is match number 1 in the Best of 3Series for a TNA Championship Title match at Hard Justice between AJ Styles and Matt Morgan.

What a size difference, Davey and Golith here. AJ starts off taking it to Morgan but the Blueprint turns it around when he catapults AJ to the floor. Matt’s a bit too cocky in my opinion. A bit of a primadonna. AJ mounts his comeback on the big man and gets the splash off the top ropes to get the pinfall and win the first of the best of three series.

Backstage with Tracy Morgan where she rants and raves about TNA not doing what they said they could and announces she is official a part of The Main Event Mafia! Then she says this biz is not made for ladies but made for bitches! And the TNA Knockouts are up next! Time to stay close to the tube...

After the break, TNA gives a recap of Tara’s and The Beautiful People s history and on to Don West’s interview with Tara. Why does TNA love to mention WWE? Keep it up and Vince may come calling to buy the Impact Zones. It’s happened before.

Next up it's Knockouts Tag Team match. Awesome Kong, ODB and Tara vs. The Beautiful People. I love to see The Beautiful People, if I could just get a match with 'em. A lot of quick tags in this match. Tara and Kong start goin at it all the way to the back. so much for partnerships. They leave ODB to fend for herself. Out numbered 2 to 1 by the Beautiful People. Cody Deaner distracts Velvet Sky and ODB gets a quick roll up for the pin!

Eric Young, Kioshi, The Sheik and The British Invasion make there way backstage towards the ring and we get a recap of the history between Eric Young, Kioshi, The Sheik and The British Invasion. With all the fellas in the ring, Brutus Magnus announces Eric Young is the leader of The World Elite! – Eric goes on a tirade about the U.S. drawing mad heat from the audience. Go Canada!

Then he starts shaving his head while talking about his decision to be who he wants to be, blah,blah and we have another stable ladies and gentlemen – Officially – The World Elite.

Team 3D interrupts them and come out for their match against the British Invasion in a ICWP Tag Team Title Match. The 22 time Tag Team Champs run out for their tables match and the match kicks off and 3D takes it outside the ring, to the crowd even. Great rivalry here.

Once back in the ring, World Elite members try to interfere. Brother Devon calls for the tables, with the British invasion recovering. Big Rob Terry hits the ring and knocks out the ref. With the ref still down Bubba hits Magnus through the table but Eric Young comes in and hits Bubba with the title belt and knocks out Ray, then switches his position and puts him in the table to look like The British Invasion won. Eric wakes the ref and Team 3D gets screwed! New ICWP Tag Team Champions! The World Elite celebrates in the ring. Great match, full of surprises,

Backstage, it’s Dr. Stevie interrupting a report who freaks out. Richard just give it up pal. He puts a bounty on the head of Abyss…yawn.

Video package next that gets interrupted by the MEM in Foleys office trashing the place and beating down Lashley and Foley knockin Lashley out cold! Beer money brings it to Stiener and Booker down the hall.

Main Event Time, it’s Kurt Angle & Kevin Nash vs Mick Foley & Bobby Lashley. With the stipulation that if Angle or Nash gets pinned ,whomever pins them from the opposing team walks away with whomever gets pinned title. Following this?

Angle and Nash make their way to the ring. Lashley then Foleys music hits…..and nobody comes out! But wait ! Foley’s music hits and out comes Mick! Angle meets him up the ramp and they go at it. Mick comes out alone and starts taking on Nash and Angle in a handicap match!??

Mick tries but Angle and Nash just pick him apart…slaughterhouse…totally out numbered the hardcore legend earns his name and takes everything Angle and Nash give him. They wear Foley down until he tries a comeback and pulls out the sock to no avail.

Angle gets Foley in the ankle lock in the middle of the ring….Mick’s sure to tap when the lights go out! When the lights come back on Sting is in the crowd pointing at Angle and Foley is gone! Sting is back!

Lights go out again and Lashley is in the ring behind Angle. Bandaged up Lashley runs interference and Foley rolls up Nash for the pin and captures the Legends Championship!

A lil payback for TNA and we go off the air with Nash laid out in the ring. Five solid matches here through out the night. Non Stop Action for sure. Hey Jeff! I think its time we change nights to Monday and start to give Vince a run for his money.

Nothin’ like a good ol’ wrestling war to shake things up. I know I’d be hard pressed staying on one station at a time.

iMPACT! Results:

Hernadez vs Samoa Joe
Winner: Hernandez

Matt Morgan vs AJ Styles
Winner: AJ Styles

Knockouts Tag Team Match: Awesome Kong, ODB & Tara vs The Beautiful People.
Winners: Awesome Kong, ODB & Tara

Team 3D vs The British Invasion
Winners: New IWPG Tag Team Champions The British Invasion

Kurt Angle & Kevin Nash vs Mick Foley & Bobby Lashley
Winners: Mick Foley and Bobby Lashley. New Legends Champion Mick Foley

4 comments: on "Tha iMPACT! Playback"

Hipnosis said...

That promo about the TNA Revolution was interesting...TNA said they here the fans so....time to see whats gonna happen =P

Anonymous said...

Have you seen RAW this week? I'm pretty sure TNA just schooled them this week.

Anonymous said...

Unlike last week's show where every match ended in a heel or face turn, this one was ok.

Joe looks ridiculous when he crosses his arms and stares like Taz. His 'tattoo' looks cheap and his attire looks like someone made them in Home Ec class. I'm not a big Umaga fan but he looked bad ass.

- Fan In Van.

Chris said...

I was expecting the Hernandez Joe match to tear down the house but was a little disapointed, I guess that's what I get for expecting something epic. I feel like the MEM is picking up too many hangers on. Everyone in that group should be former multi time champions. Traci, the survivor girl, Tazz don't make sense. Joe as the enforcer fits and Matt Morgan constantly trying to get in makes some sense for a while.
Why are they always bringing people in for Abyss to fight?
Booker T needs new theme music: