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Enough Is Enough - It's Time For A Change!

On Episode 125 of Tha O Show, I spoke about my frustration with the general apathy people have towards the state of indy wrestling - particularly in my home territory, Ontario.

I feel that with a proper business plan and acumen, this is a problem that can be fixed. I am in the process of writing a full business proposal to the prime stakeholders (promoters of top companies in the province).

I'm calling it, the Ontario Wrestling Council for the purposes of this outline only. The brand can be changed at any time.


I am proposing the formation of a “board of directors” to act as a governing body over pro wrestling in Ontario.


The board would be comprised of representatives from each of the top independent federations in the province.

A few of the longer running, more successful companies would be granted automatic entry to this board. The criteria for defining the top promotions can be established later. Number of shows per year, profit margins, talent used could all be on the list of criteria.

That board will then reach out to other federations and individual promoters to join the committee.


The board has an appointed treasurer and co-signer responsible for one central bank account. The bank account has full transparency and any member of the board is authorized to know what is in the account and / or to request transaction statements.

The board will form a parent brand. As mentioned earlier, for the purpose of this proposal we will title it the OWC (Ontario Wrestling Council).

Any companies affiliated with the OWC will have a logo on their posters / tickets etc stating that the event is endorsed and licensed by the OWC.

All wrestlers who compete for an OWC sponsored company MUST pay a mandatory licensing fee. For the purpose of this proposal, we will set the amount at $100.00 annually.

Licenses are issued following the receipt of an application from the talent, and approval from the board to license said talent. This may be the responsibility of 1 or 2 people on the board – with the appointment changing annually or bi-annually.

The founding promotions will be handed X amount of complimentary licenses to hand to their core regulars. The comp licenses will have to be renewed in the standard process the next fiscal year.

Money received from license dues is immediately deposited into the OWC bank account.

Any wrestler without a license MAY NOT compete for any organization under the OWC banner.


Workers coming into Ontario from outside areas to work are still required to be approved by the OWC before being advertised or added to a card. Short term (single day / weekend) licenses can be obtained at a lesser rate. The fee will be waived with respect to talent currently or previously under contract to a national promotion. Developmental contracts do not apply.

Promotions & Schools

Any promotion not under the banner of the board, must APPLY for a promoting license. For the purpose of this proposal, we will set the promotion license at $500. The OWC has the right to refuse a permit to a federation should they feel that it is going to adversely affect one of the existing partners (i.e. proximity). A licensed worker is NOT permitted to work an unlicensed show. Discovery of such would result in penalties, fines or suspension of license. A sliding scale of penalties can be established at a later time.

This same process can be applied to wrestling schools.

Benefits to OWC

- There would be a checklist of items all promoters should adhere to. This allows for peer support and ensures we are setting our partner companies up for success.

- Fly by night promotions will be strongly discouraged / prevented from using legitimate talent, and popping up in the neighborhood of an existing partner company.

- A doctor to check on the talent, before and after matches to ensure they are physically fit and won't be putting themselves or their opponents in danger.

- Blood testing to scan for transmittable diseases. Bob Orton wrestled for years with Hepatitis and bled all over the place.

- A central calendar would be maintained to avoid / show overlap. Semi regular (monthly or quarterly) conference calls would be used to announce upcoming dates and have the person on the OWC responsible for scheduling to input changes.

- The central bank account… Money accumulated would go towards payment / subsidizing of insurance for all companies under the OWC banner. Additional petty cash can be made available on a request basis for marketing materials, or other pre show costs.

- Build fan loyalty through memberships that allow them discounts on OWC ticket prices, merch etc. Memberships can be set at any price. For the purpose of this proposal set the amount at $50 per member annually.

- These are just a few of the very high level benefits ... dozens more would become evident upon drilling deeper.

Non Compliance

Failure to remain in good standing with the board results in a review meeting where promoter could be subject to fines or removal from board. A list of issues that would warrant a review can be created at a later date i.e. bait & switch, running show without insurance, last minute cancellation without notice to patrons / talent – etc.

That's the concept in a nutshell everyone!

To support this concept, or contribute to it, email
Thank you for your time.

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14 comments: on "Enough Is Enough - It's Time For A Change!"

Steve said...

You've got my support! Any improvement to the quality of a wrestling territory is a ***** idea, and a rising tide will lift all boats to boot.

Anonymous said...

OK, for the sake of arguement, who are the core feds

BigDaddy said...

I'm not prepared to say who the top feds are right now.

I don't want to turn this into a "my feds better than his fed" because then ego will derail before minds can even come together.

I think there are a handful that would make up a strong starting point for this group.

Anonymous said...

Ok what about to Wrestlers and Promotions that dont want any part of this.

Traviling Fan said...

I do not agree with most of what you wrote Donnie I have been a fan of indy wrestling for 5 years and overlapping shows for me is competition and let the beter promotion prevale but thats just me. I agree with same guys and same matches at alot of the prmotions i.e. Elgin and Rip are two guys that i see at alot of the shows i go to But I can not see you or any board putting a coller around there necks
Then take promotions Like PWA, Strangle Hold or C4 they do what they want they are risk takers they would never let a coller be put on them.
My point is there is know way you can put a coller on indy wrestling that is why I love it so much the risk taking that happens and the Compatition between promotions is are just two reasons why I became a fan and if this Idea of yours comes in affect well then i lose intrest.
One last thing to Jonny Oldschool Divine you may be great in the ring But you lack in people skills.

donnie said...

Good discussion on this subject can be found here

BigDaddy said...

Travelling fan -- this isn't about Collaring good wrestlers or good companies... it's about eliminating the shit ones and supporting the legitimate ones.

How is that bad?

Zyrone said...

This is a great idea and is something of a step in the right direction. I'm not sure if I read it right but did you mention in your proposal anything about medical insurance for those who would join?

Anonymous said...

I see nothing in this outline protecting the workers of Ontario. I see the workers having to pay a fee of $100, but what is in it for all of them?

Will the OWC make guidlines for proper payment of wrestlers? If so, who decides how much who is worth.. or will there be a standard "going rate"?

Also, with all the influx of $100 per worker and $500 per promotion, and $50 per fan with membership, will the Ontario Workers see any of the benifts of all this money? Will the OWC pay for any medical bills due to injuries that occur on OWC branded shows?

This seems like more like a money grab for the people involved with the Council then anything else.

Put forth an outline of how this will benefit the guys breaking their necks for $20 and then maybe I'll listen.

Joe said...

Did this idea only pop up because EWA tanked?

BigDaddy said...

Why the hell would I pitch a program that is nothing more than a cash grab for promoters??

How does this protect workers?

It's helps detour shitty workers who don't deserve to lace up a pair of boots from performing ...

Prevents those fucks from undercutting the legit talent.

Also, but ensuring every company is insured under the board, workers have protection should they be injured. Their license fee essentially becomes and insurance premium.

Joe - EWA didn't tank ... the promoters made the decision to postpone the show.

I started discussing this idea publicly on the OIW messaged board back in January.

I've discussed it privately for years.

Funny how the annonymous types are the ones who are quick to shit on the concept of change but COUNTLESS vets and promoters from Ontario and beyond have said they are onboard.

Joe said...

I don't think I like the notion of a membership fee for fans per se. Standardized ticket prices on the other hand, theres a good way to go

Anonymous said...

its a good idea, but how do you fit in, donnie? youre not a promoter, youre not a worker, you even said in interviews youre not interested in doing either. i dont see why this board would even need you at all.

BigDaddy said...

No -- not a promoter. I have worked as a booker for a long time, and have worked with various feds since 1996.

As a person who's been around the scene for a long time, and loves the biz, my ONLY motive is to get this thing up and running, then fade into the background...

I've already publicly stated it should be run by reps on the board and a chairperson - a position I would not accept under any circumstance.