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ECW On SyFy Recap

We get a video package to open recapping the ECW Championship Match between Tommy Dreamer and Christian Cage on Sunday night. Christian got a very nice pop at the bar we watched Night of Champions at when he picked up the win, and there were definitely a lot of PEEPS signs in the crowd at the Wachovia Center.


Josh Mathews welcomes us to the show, and it's time for our opening match, scheduled for one fall. First these words from Tyler Reks: "Don't mistake me for some laid back surfer dude. Paul Birchill, after what you did last week, you're about to find that out."

* Tyler Reks v. Paul Burchill (w/ Katie Lea)

The bell rings and we're underway. Reks grabs the left arm and starts to work it over, posting Birchill in the corner and giving him another armdrag as the belligerent Brit tries to fight his way out. Reks tries to go to the top rope but The Rippa yanks him down by the dreadlocks, drops a knee in his face, then goes for a cover mere moments later. Matt Striker: "I'd rather watch Katie Lea than Paul Birchill." Hmm. Well as WWE eye candy goes, she certainly stands out from the generic blonde bimbos. Double knees to the abs by Birchill, then a saito suplex for a near fall. Ab stretch is applied after he gets back up.

Reks starts his comeback, hits a dropkick, clotheslines The Rippa out to the floor then dives out onto him. He throws Paul back in and goes top rope for a flying crossbody that gets 2.9. Birchill floats Reks over in the corner and punches him in the faceon the apron. He tries to run him across the apron into the ringpost but Reks gets out of the way, counters Birchill into snapping his neck off the ropes, springboards a missile dropkick and covers him for the three. WINNER: Tyler Reks. The Dick Dale guitar music plays as Reks goes around all four corners to celebrate. Christian v. Zach Ryder is teased for later as we go to commercial.

When we come back we get a video recap putting over the triumph of Jeff Hardy at Night of Champions encouraging us to order the replay. Josh Mathews puts over how great of a night it is in Baltimore tonight before the angry Russian music plays.

* Vladimir Kozslov v. Bill Baine

Bill Baine plays the role of local jobber du jour tonight. Vlad the Bad wastes no time hitting a belly to belly suplex, dropping Mr. Baine on the top ropes, hitting shoulders to the gut in the corner, picking him up to drop him across the ropes, then running up to kick him in the gut. He lifts him off the ropes for an overhead suplex, pulls him back up, picks him up for the Iron Curtain and it's GOOD NIGHT IRENE for the 1-2-3. WINNER: VLADIMIR KOZLOV.

Suddenly Ezekiel Jackson's music hits. He comes down to the ring to get face to face with the Russian. The crowd starts a U-S-A chant in anticipation of the confrontation, but instead of attacking Kozlov he picks up the jobber and squishes him like a bug with a modified urinage - drawing the boos of the crowd. Satisfied with himself Ezekiel walks out as his "combination of domination" theme of music plays.

Backstage Tommy Dreamer thanks Tiffany for his last two months as ECW Champion. Shelton Benjamin walks in and says he wants to followup on the e-mail he sent about being on the Abraham Washington show. She says Abraham had some concerns about Shelton Benjamin NOT BEING ENTERTAINING ENOUGH. Gregory Helms walks in and says he has a question for her, and she says no problem just give me one second. An already flabbergasted Benjamin says "Don't you ever knock? So what do I have to do to get on his show - dress up like A SUPERHERO?" Helms: "Dude I'm just a reporter." Benjamin glares at him then turns to Tiffany: "You want entertaining, I'll GIVE YOU entertaining." Commercial.

* Sheamus v. Goldust

The Golden One must buy better quality facepaint than Sting does - his seems to stay on during matches. Sheamus overpowers him with a shoulder tackle early as a YOU SUCK DICK chant is audible over the airwaves. Not sure if they're talking about the flamboyant Goldie or the pale tanless wonder Sheamus. When Goldie fights back and throws Sheamus into the corner, the crowd starts to pop for him, which suggests to me they were indeed talking about the red-haired, pale-skinned Celtic Warrior. Sheamus starts to grind him down to the canvas again and Goldie gets another crowd pop.

All of SCW's (Sheamus, Celtic Warrior) offense so far is power based. He changes it up with hs version of an armbar, which involves using all his strength to push Goldie's head and chin into the canvas. Goldie finally gets to his feet and hits punches to the gut of SCW, then mounts him in the corner for punches to the head. The crowd is hot tonight - they're counting along for the punches and the near falls every time. Knee to the head, boot to the gut by SCW, drop down uppercut to the chin by Goldie and then a power slam for a near fall. Final Cut blocked with a forearm to the face and a pump kick to the head. SCW pulls Goldie up and hits the elevated backbreaker for three. WINNER: ANGRY CELTIC WARRIOR SHEAMUS. We're promised a Christian promo after the commercial break, which is led by a promo for WWE: Allied Powers - The World's Greatest Tag Teams.

When we come back from break we get a recap from yesterday's Shaq Diesel Raw including the main event of Jericho & Big Show versus Cryme Tyme. Shaq and Big Show got into a confrontation after the Unified Tag Champs got disqualified, and if you didn't know better, you'd think it was a teaser for a match at SummerSlam. We'll see.

* Christian Cage - New ECW Champion

It's time for our new champ to greet all of his PEEPS in Baltimore. There are no shortage of signs congratulating him on his win. Christian looks at the belt for a second in the ring, looks around to the crowd as they pop for him, then begins to speak. "They say you always remember your first time, but standing here in front of all of my peeps a two-time ECW Champion, I've got to say the second time feels a little bit sweeter. This might sound crazy but losing the title a couple of months ago was a good thing, because it made me realize how much this title meant to me. I can't forget about the guy who held it before me though, Tommy Dreamer. Yeah I know I made some fun of him from time to time..."

Cue Dreamer's music. Dreamer gets daps and "E-C-DUB" pops from the fans along the rampway as he walks down to the ring. Dreamer: "I'm out here for a couple of reasons. First, and most importantly, to say to you - that was one hell of a match and congratulations on being the new ECW Champion. I just spoke to our general manager Tiffany and she's given me my rematch next week. By the way, that rematch is gonna be... Extreme Rules."

WOO WOO WOO! Zach Ryder's music interrupts. "Enough about next week. Christian, bro, I'm gonna beat you THIS WEEK. Woo, woo, woo. You know it!" Dreamer looks at him like "Who is this geek?" Christian looks ready to go, but first, these commercial messages.

* Christian Cage {C} v. Zach Ryder (non-title match)

The match is already in progress when we come back from the commerial break, with Christian and Zach Ryder slapping each other around. The next four minutes are Ryder beating up Christian until he catches him coming off the ropes and goes on offense, even hitting a springboard sunset flip for a hear fall. Ryder hits a shoulder to the gut with Christian charges over, tries to pull him out to the floor, but Christian stuns him with a missile dropkick then does a suicide dive to the outside to knock him down - which sends us to a commercial break.

So what the hell happened with that Gregory Helms and Shelton Benjamin confrontation? They teased a match or a fight later, or at least a superhero segment with Hurricane making the save for some "entertainment," and we got none of that.

Zach Ryder welcomes us back from the commercial break by dumping Christian out of the ring to the floor HARD from the top rope. He gets the ref to start the ten count and we get all the way to 9 before Captain Charisma dives back in. Ryder immediately puts a boot to his throat for the four count. Ryder stays in control as we pass the 11 o'clock EST mark. Matt Striker: "You think his attire would be indicative of something else but it takes a tough man to wear an outfit like that!" That was in response to a superplex off the top rope that left both men down.

Ryder gets up first, sets Christian back on the top rope in the opposite corner - possibly to hit another superplex - but he gets shoved away and hit with a flying crossbody for two. Normally I'd be somewhat against giving a midcard guy such a competitive match with your new champion his first night on TV, but this crowd has been so hit for everything I'd say go with it. They're popping for even the littlest things, like Christian hitting two missile dropkicks in a row. There must be a lot of children in the building given how every nar fall is counted along with the ref. Ryder drops Christian across the ropes and hits a flying leg lariat for a near fall. We get a 7/11 replay as Striker marks out for Ryder.

Christian hits a tornado DDT for 2.95. Christian charges the corner but gets put into the steel post. Zach Attack is blocked, Ryder gets kicked in the face through the ropes, flying forearm connects. Christian signals it's over, hits the KILLSWITCH and gets the pinfall. WINNER: ECW CHAMPION CHRISTIAN CAGE.

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Anonymous said...

Someone help me out. Ezekial Jackson's music sounds very familiar but I can't place who used it originally (sans vocals, of course).

richie said...

missed the main event but the tyler reks match suprised me, i think the two put on a really good match. i think with a little more work on the promos and he should be a big star in the furure