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Tha Raw Report: ?

I'm so confused right now I don't know which way is up. I hope someone else out there felt the same way I did about the PPV and "Raw" this week. I both loved and hated them. I just don't get that. How is that even possible? How can you do so many things right, yet commit so many errors?

Even though I didn't feel that there were enough pieces to the "Night of Champions Tournament" puzzle I thought having Miz and MVP in it were a step in the right direction. Having H and Cena of course was as predictable as you can get and a step towards the same old shit. Where's the Cena/RVD One Night Stand crowd when you need them?

When you see a table set up for a tournament and don't have a doubt in your mind as to who will win, you really don't want to see the tournament just to keep from having two superstars that could use the rub get jobbed out to somebody who has been in the spot they're about to get again for upwards of ten years and four yes.

When I saw MVP's name in the tournament I couldn't help but think, this is how he'll get there, even if he doesn't beat Orton he'll get the main event in a one on one match at a PPV. Of course I knew better and the E made me feel like a jackass once more.

I remember hearing that the E was in the process of building new stars to push towards the main event, I however think they're incapable. So here's my challenge to the E, in my best Benoit impression (not involving the two B's) prove me wrong. You can't and won't, but try, try to prove me wrong.

The thing that irritated me the most though is the Triple H came out there with his thigh taped up for the 165th time in his career limped for a while, but in true Triple H/Cena fashion pulled out the win. Rumors for years have said that he was going to play Conan, then Thor, well Thor isn't happening so, well stop with the superhuman bullshit.

The Avengers movie is in the works, and the JLA movie is still rumored and neither Cena nor Triple H are going to be in it, so the world has it's superhero quota. I personally have thought recently that Triple H is one of the hangers on that will never retire. That's ok I guess, but the problem is he'll keep stacking up belts. I can honestly see him rolling to the ring in a wheel chair and beating one of his kids for his 37th World Championship.

Cena too, enough already. I've said this for years. So much so that I'm not even going to go there, but I will shovel shit on someone else I've often shoveled on. Batista. Homeboy sounded like he was in bed or some shit. "OOOO, Oh yeah, this feels good." Shut the hell up dude.

Did he honestly say he didn't want to come back in a suit? Bro it's better than some of the shit he's worn, I remember the much maligned turtleneck that Dan-e-o shit upon so heavily. Bati should take some fashion pointers from Bill Nye the Science Guy. It's that bad.

The trade on the surface, and to an extent is great, but also a trade for the sake of a trade. Of the 15 people that switched brands, around 6 of them can use the change of scenery, some others will be either more lost in the shuffle or will become so.

Mark Henry will be used for a while but then forgotten Big Daddy V style. Evan Bourne will climb the card, but in the action figure world of WWE will be tossed to the side and forgotten. I hope not but I'm just going from past experiences. The Bella Twins may pull a future endeavors card soon. Matt Hardy's name was thrown in there because he got injured and well, because he got injured.

One of the things that baffles the hell out of me is the Finlay thing. You are/were building a storyline for him on ECW where you think he may actually grab the belt, but well, no, now he's on "SmackDown" he won't come close to sniffing that bastard. The two brightest spots of the trade though are on the opposite side of the Finlay coin.

William Regal and Shelton Benjamin (who by the way leaving Charlie Haas may lead to Charlie being released though I sincerely hope not) going to ECW does actually give them and me hope that they'll get a shot at and carry the ECW Championship. That'd be the perfect jumping off point, though three years too late, but still it's time.

For Regal it'd be a slight way to get some of us to relent a little on him never holding a "world" title. Regal doesn't even need an incredibly long run, give him the strap for a few months and most of us will be satisfied. Benjamin though, he is the perfect guy to end TD's nostalgic run at the top. Allow he and Christian to be the guys for a while.

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Magnum said...

Thor movie is still happening, but it got pushed to 2011.

D.J.B. said...

Yeah they cast some Australian soap star as Thor. Way to go Marvel. Homedude really needs to bulk up to be Thor. Right now he looks like Thor kept eating healthy but got on crack and muscle mass go bye-bye. Sad.