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Tha O Show Radio Program - Episode 120

Tha O Show Radio
It's Episode 120 of Tha O Show! And today, we celebrate the birthday of your bro, Dan-e-o! So as a gift to you, today's show comes a day early.

Join your bros Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o for the birthday party as they talk wrestling, MMA and lesbians!!

With a real live in-studio lesbian, you know this show will be one of the all time greats! It's O time baby!

Also on today's show...

Tha Os And NOs.

Tha Black Prophet with a fresh new rant.

"Tha Pit Stop" with The Notorious T.I.D to run his mouth on this week's UFC pay-per-view.

We take a listen to some "O-sters With Somethin' To Say".

Class is in session as your teacher "Textbook" Tyson Dux conducts another installment of "Tha Classroom". This week, he sends CM Punk to detention!

Tha debut of "Tha 3 Goombahz".

Tha News.

Of course, we finish off with "Tha Round Table" with one of our favourite guests, former ECW star, C.W. Anderson!




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46 comments: on "Tha O Show Radio Program - Episode 120"

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday dread head bred

Anonymous said...

Hilarious show!! Best one yet!
Happy Bday Dan - miss you next week!

Anonymous said...

So the 3 goombas just takl about 1 thing every week? This has potential. For this week i give it a C.

I loved SRR promo on O Phone. hey Asylum "Srrs gonna kill you"

Anonymous said...

Alex Rios -- Mr. Fan Friendly

kane said...

Donnie rocked the opening song!!! Did Dan write it? ROFLMAO

Anonymous said...


Dan's bday song

TId announcing he is co hosting next week

Donnie pissed of at the lesbian

Tyson squashing CM Punk


terrence said...

Great song
Happy Bday

mkf said...

I used to listen to Slam The Wrestling Show on Virtually Canadian and then The Law on

I am REALLY REALLY looking forward to next week.

Anonymous said...

Fuck umaga
and the Prophet

donnie loves pickle barrell said...


Anonymous said...

I totally agree on the potential if they push Tommy Dreamer as the fan's worker.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dan-e-o!

Anonymous said...

Donnie pissed of at the lesbian!!!
I agree

Anonymous said...

Worst episode of Prophet ever

Anonymous said...

Worst episode of Prophet ever

jenn said...

Is Mary hot??

crash said...

I cant believe Tid sang like homo

Anonymous said...

Dan with a SICK reference to my fav movie, Unbreakable!

F Candice Michelle

Happy Birthday Mutt

Anonymous said...

Did Dan just bitch that Morgan isnt at top of TNA after 2 years but bitches when guys like Cena and Bati got pushed too fast???

D. Ross said...

Damn that was funny! Happy birthday, Dan-E-O! When TID was singing the song I was like "No, this cant be right..."

CW is one of the best guests and I wish he were on more often. Black Prophet was short and sweet. Never bring that Mary chick back on the show. Not because she didnt strip, but because I think she is gay for pay.

Ben said...

With ROH making Canada a kind of regular stop these days, why isn't Tyson Dux wrestling for them yet?

It'd be cool to hear Tyson's opinion on more "Smark favourites" like Chris Hero, Low Ki, Alex Shelley etc.

CHOM said...

"Four grand... thats the price of a gay marriage"


Mike said...

Hey Guys, my question is that the Indiana State Athletic Commision is going to start regulating MMA, Boxing, & pro wrestling events starting July 1st. How do you will think this will effect the local indy promoter here in Indiana. Also what is your opinion of Lacey Von Erich and the Von Erich family and the days of World Class Championship Wrestling??? Murman from Indianapolis

Jim J said...

I forgot the show was a day early!! Shit!! Awesome!

Happy Bday Dan

sheila said...

Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!

mary said...

Agree with CHOM

Anonymous said...

Hoegarden beer is actually pronounced "Hooooo - Gar - Den" according to a Belgium friend of mine

kkk said...


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear Tid co-host the whole show!! I heard them together doing The Law back in the day. Donnie was more of a straight man (unlike now hes gay) and Tid was the over the top racist screaming asshole.

So, Donnie has changed.

Homo Noah from israel said...

I'd marry Donnie

Anonymous said...

Would you suck a dick for twooooo Hoegardens??? You could have one now and one after the dick sucking!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday midget

Christian said...

Hey guys, rumor has it that Oscar is leaving the E.
How hype is that.

BigDaddy said...

Update to the Umaga story:

It seems Umaga failed his second Wellness test and was told to report to rehab. He refused because of the cover up surrounding Batista... at that point both parties wanted to part ways.

Kidd said...

Hypeness show as always, guys. Happy birthday Dan-e-o.

One quick thing about the Kapono trade though, Donnie said it freed up EIGHT million in cap space right now. Really it only frees up about 1.5 mil and their cap situation is still a mess. Decent trade though. Go raps.

BigDaddy said...

Actually, Brian Colangelo said yesterday that this deal creates about 10 million between the trade and what they had available already.

Not sure how you figure their cap situation is a mess.


The Raps have Bosh at the top of their pay scale, and after that a bunch of very reasonably paid players in context with the lague and NOBODY is signed past 2010-11 other than Calderon.

So how is their cap situation a mess??

Anonymous said...

How could it only free 1.5 when Sixers are paid over 13 million the next 2 years for Kopono

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!

Kidd said...

Yes, I do frequent realgm. You are right that they have about 10 million to play with (if they renounce all their free agents) I was just pointing out that this particular trade didn't free up the 8 million, the way you made it sound.

The fact of the matter is if Marion is re-signed, and any combination of Parker/Delfino/Graham are brought back, then add in the first round pick and the Raps are right back over the cap.

Long-term their cap isn't a mess but right now the team they're flooring isn't good enough to be over the cap. I'll reserve further judgment until after the off season of course.

BigDaddy said...


the Raps were NEVER over the Cap...
Not ONCE in their history have they gone into penalty.

This past season they were under the cap -- barely ... but under.

If Marion comes back its at a greatly reduced price.
Same with AP.

Delfino would be a vet minimum.
Graham is donealaz. Period.

So, truth be told they are in a better cap situation than most teams that still have at least one maquee player.

Kidd said...

They were 100% over the salary cap last year. They were under the luxury tax but over the cap.

Kidd said...

To anonymous- because the Raps have to pay Evans $10 mil over that span.

The Iron Shiek said...

Because all they have is Chris Bosh. Rest of team is no good, cheap motherfuckers!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday dan-e-o! have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

Get back to your crack pipe sheiky

Anonymous said...

Wrestling and various Japan sources report the following:

Mitsuharu Misawa, one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all-time, was declared dead at 10:10 p.m. Saturday night at a hospital in Hiroshima from an apparent heart attack after being being given a back suplex in a tag team title match.

Misawa would have turned 47 on June 18th.

Misawa, the president of Pro Wrestling NOAH, was teaming with Go Shiozaki in a match challenging Bison Smith & Akitoshi Saito for the GHC tag team championship in Hiroshima. Misawa was given the move at about 8:45 p.m. and knocked unconscious.

According to eye witness reports, Saito gave Misawa a "routine" back suplex that was described as a "7" in danger on a scale of one-to-ten. He did not get up. It was chaos in the ring as they attempted to revive him using CPR and the crowd was hushed for a while, and began a "Misawa" chant. He turned purple in the ring and was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.

His heart stopped beating in the ring.

The wrestlers were told on the bus that he had passed away.

While it is being reported that he passed away at the hospital, he may have actually passed away in the ring.

Misawa was the Japanese high school national wrestling champion at 187 pounds in 1980, and was recruited by Giant Baba into All Japan Pro Wrestling. He gained his first taste of stardom in 1984 when he was chosen to be the second Tiger Mask. After unmasking in 1990, he became an even bigger star after a series of singles matches with Jumbo Tsuruta.

He was Japan's biggest pro wrestling star of the 90s, and one could make a strong case for him as the top wrestler of the decade. He was the Wrestler of the Year in 1995, 1997 and 1999.

After the death of Shohei "Giant" Baba, Misawa wrestled a little over one more year for All Japan Pro Wrestling, while working as company president. After consistently butting heads with owner Motoko Baba, the widow of Shohei Baba, he and 90% of the All Japan roster quit the company to form Pro Wrestling NOAH.