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"SmackDown!" Recap

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Jim Ross and Todd Grisham welcome us to SmackDown coming from Cincinnati, Ohio. Tonight we'll see Chris Jericho face CM Punk, but first we get a visit from the World Heavyweight Champion himself, "The Rated-R Superstar"! Edge: "If there was any doubt as to who the face of "SmackDown!", please let's end the debate now. I don't wanna hear any Superstars declaring they're the face of this show.

Judgment Day has come and gone and I am still the face of this brand. You see, Chris Jericho lost to Rey Mysterio. CM Punk lost to Umaga. And me, well, I embarrassed and defeated Jeff Hardy.

Which means, I am still your World Heavyweight Champion. You see, make no mistake about it, I am the premier superstar in the WWE today. It's true" Fans chanting for Hardy. "Jeff Hardy is not even in my league. I am a winner.

Jeff Hardy is just like all his legions of fans, just like all of you people who believe in everything that Jeff Hardy does who chant his name. He's just like all of you; he is and always has been a loser!" Here comes the GM of "SmackDown!" Teddy Long: "Well Edge, what I witnessed at Judgment Day was an atrocity. Now, I do know and I do believe the referee's decison is final. But as General Manager of this show, I cannot deny that Matt Hardy illegally interfered in the World Heavyweight Championship match.

So therefore, at Extreme Rules I am going to grant a rematch to Jeff Hardy." Edge: "No no no, I beat Jeff. You can say the reason he lost he got hit in the head with a cast. He can make excuses. You always make excuses for Jeff Hardy, I'm sick of it. The fact is he went against a man with more determination and is willing to pull out all the stop. You see, I went back into the vault and studies my moves from over the years and I pulled out my top-rope Edgecution. That's how Jeff Hardy got beat.

Jeff Hardy is not World Heavyweight Championship material. Jeff Hardy is a failure." I think Jeff Hardy begs to differ because he is on HIS way to the ring! Jeff Hardy: "No no no wait wait, Edge you're right. I am loser, a failure, a let-down, I'm pathetic, I'm somewhat wreckless at times, but you know what? Deep down Jeff Hardy is a competitor! I also know that at Extreme Rules every single match is extreme.

So why don't we get a little crazy and have a match tonight, and whoever wins will decide what kind of extreme match we will have." Edge: "No no, you can't come out here and make your own matches. Teddy, he can't do that!" Jeff: "Teddy, I remember you said this show beliongs to the WWE Universe. So why don't we hear what CINCINNATI has to say." Jeff goes out the ring into the crowd and asks numerous fans if they wanna see Edge vs. Hardy tonight. "WWE UNIVERSE YOU WANNA SEE THIS MATCH TONIGHT? Edge, I think Cincinnati has spoken. IT IS ON!" Teddy: "Well Jeff, that settles it.

Now when the WWE Universe speaks like that I'd be a fool not to listen to them. So tonight, Edge you are going to go one-on-one with Jeff Hardy. Oh, and Edge, the winner of that match will choose just how extreme that match is going to be. Now, can I get a HOLLA HOLLA HOLLA?" Jeff: "HOLLA HOLLA HOLLA!" Edge is standing in the ring dumbfounded at what just transpired before our first commercial break.

* Ricky Ortiz, Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas vs. John Morrison & Cryme Tyme

If Ortiz wants to pander to the fans by having them "Rally Up," teaming with a heel team is not the way to go. Also, to my knowledge, this is Cryme Tyme's first match on "SmackDown!". Morrison and Benjamin start the match, well actually he tags out to Ortiz, for their respective teams with Ricky getting the advantage in the corner. I think I heard some boos directed towards Ortiz. Oh well, that's what ya get. Morrison armdrags Ortiz and tags out to Shad. He hooks an armbar but Ricky fights his way out. Shad knocks him down then hits a back body drop.

JTG tags in and Cryme Tyme double team Ortiz and JoMo gets a tag in the process. Morrison comes in with a breakdancing legdrop. JTG back in and Ortiz takes over, headbutts him and tags in Charlie Haas. Haas throws JTG out but he's right back in. The faces chase off the heels out the ring before a commercial break.

Back from break and Benjamin kicks and hammerlock bodyslams JTG then tags in Haas. Armbar locked in now as the ref asks JTG is he wants to give up. JTG with forearm shots but Haas slams him down and tags in Ricky who comes in with a stomp and a hammerlock slam for 2. Ortiz shoves JTG in the corner and tags in Shelton Benjmain.

JTG and Shelton exchanging fists and Benjamin keeps him from making a tag by grabbing his leg. JTG kicks him off and nearly tags out... wait, apparently did tag out to Morrison. JoMo lands a kick to Haas' face. Shad breaks through a double team attempt by Benjamin and Ortiz and clotheslines Ortiz as Shelton ducks.

JTG takes care of Shelton over the top and it's Haas and Morrison left in the ring. Haas tries to German suplex Morrison but he lands on his feet! Haas is shocked so he charges and gets slung on the ropes, then Morrison connects with Starship Pain (split-legged corkscrew moonsault) for the win and for his team. WINNERS: John Morrison & Cryme Tyme.

Backstage Josh Matthews interviews Melina about the #1 Contender's Match between Gail Kim & Michelle McCool tonight. "All I have to say is I'm a cometitor, I came here to be the best. I showed my superiority to best on Raw that I'm the best, so now I'm going to do that on 'SmackDown!'."

Alicia Fox shows up and tells Melina that Michelle says the title will soon be hers. Melina responds with, "Can you give Michelle McCool a message from me? Tell her not to send a little girl to do a woman's job." Melina then slaps Fox and scowls at her. Breaktime.

After the break we recap highlights of another big feud... OUTSIDE THE RING between Vince McMahon and Stan Kroenke about the scheduling conflicts at the Pepsi Center for this Monday night, with the final result of Raw going to Los Angeles. Speaking of Raw, McMahon plans to call out Kroenke and there will be a 5-on-5 tag team main event.

* #1 Contender's Match for WWE Women's Championship: Michelle McCool (w/ Alicia Fox) vs. Gail Kim

At the start McCool attacks Kim in the corner. Kim comes back with a tilt-a-whirl armdrag and sends McCool outt he ring. McCool sends Kim's knee into the ringpost and locks a leglock in the ring.

In the corner Kim's knee is wrapped in the ropes but then pushes of McCool. Kim wraps around McCool with a submission called 'Flying Dragon' and Michelle's long legs reach the ropes. McCool kicks Kim and trips her down then drags her out the ring. Kim slings her on the ropes and fires at her with forearm shots. McCool kicks Kim's leg but Kim comes back with a high enziguiri. Neckbreaker for 2.

Kim goes up top but Fox interferes and Kim sends Fox into the post. McCool stops Kim on the top rope and as Kim is upside-down she grabs her and connects with the Facebreaker for 3. WINNER and NEW #1 Contender: Michelle McCool. Jim Ross will interview Rey Mysterio after this next commercial break.

This Monday night on "Raw", Ric Flair plans to call out WWE Champion Randy Orton to a fight. Jim Ross asks Rey's thoughts about defeating Chris Jericho at Judgment Day. Rey says that Jericho is an extremely talented competitor and says the victory was even more special when he hit the 619 even after Jericho promised it wouldn't happen.

He's moving on and is ready to face anybody else who is willing to fight to become Intercontinental Champion. He then names some former Latino IC champs (Pedro Morales, Tito Santana and Eddie Guerrero) and says he wants to be known as one of the greatest IC champs of all-time to honor them. J.R. then asks him why he wears a mask. Rey jokes that he's not a good-looking guy, then tells us that it's tradition and it pays homage to his heritage.

Rey tells us that he wears the mask with pride and honor and won't take it off because unmasking a luchador is the biggest dishonor. He says it even looks cool and gives him superpowers. He closes the interview by saying without his mask, he is not Rey Mysterio. Jericho's pyro and music blast and the conspiracy theorist is on his way out for a match before a commercial break.

* Chris Jericho vs. "Mr. Money-in-the-Bank" CM Punk

This is a rematch from last night's "Superstars" and we recap the match where CM Punk got the victory, with Jericho hitting the Codebreaker post-match. Jericho is smirking once we see him again but it fades as Punk's music blares through the speakers. Bell rings and here we go!

Punk starts out with kicks to the shin and back then slams Jericho down. Fans chanting for CM Punk as Jericho takes him down, then cups his ears to hear the fans. Punk ducks Jericho as he flies to the outside and drives him back-first to the ring apron's edge. Back in the ring Punk lifts Jericho for the GTS but he slips out.

Punches to the head, a kick to the back and a back suplex for 2. Punk gets headlocked and reverses it with an armdrag, dropkicks Jericho's knees and kicks him in the corner. Knee to the midsection for a 2-count. Punk tries for a springboard move but Jericho dropkicks the ropes and Punk is down as we go to commercial.

When we come back Jericho holds onto the ropes as Punk crashes onto the mat. Jericho drops himself on Punk with a senton for 2. Jericho yells at Punk in the corner before he whips him into the opposite. Both men up top and Punk headbutts Jericho and he falls but rolls through a crossbody for 2.

Punk ducked an enziguiri and rolls Jericho up in a mahistral cradle for 2. Big kick and Jericho is reeling, but connects with a second-rope dropkick as Punk rushes in for a near-fall. He tries for a bulldog but Punk pushes him off into a corner, then hits his big knee to the back of Jericho's head!

GTS countered twice and Jericho goes for the Walls, Punk reverses to a rollup for 2, then Jericho rolls BACK into the Walls of Jericho and locks it in tight! Good match! Punk crawls to the ropes calling for break. Go To Sleep CONNECTS but Jericho rolls out the ring.

Here comes Umaga! He whips Punk in the back with a strap from the apron and the ref calls for the bell. Umaga sidekicks CM Punk and he is down. WINNER by DQ: CM Punk. (There was no official announcement at the end of the match but it's pretty much clear.)

Umaga hangs Punk upside-down in a corner then uses the strap to actually tie him up then kicks Punk and hits the Samoan Spike. Umaga goes outside the ring... and asks for a microphone. Is Umaga gonna babble? NO, he's gonna actually speak! Umaga: "You think you're hurt now? Wait 'til Extreme Rules. Because, I'm issuing you a challenge. It will be a Samoan Strap Match!" Umaga then kicks Punk and whips him with the strap again while he's still upside-down.

Replays of the end of the match and then Umaga backs up the ramp babbling again as Punk lays fetal in the ring. We get a reminder for this Monday night on Raw where we'll see a 5-on-5 tag match as WWE Champ Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, The Miz & Big Show face Batista, John Cena, Jerry Lawler, U.S. Champion M.V.P. and a "mystery partner." Commercial.

* Dolph Ziggler vs. R-Truth

The WWE "Slam of the Night" is the beef with Dolph Ziggler and The Great Khali. Dolph comes down the ring first then Truth comes through the crowd rapping as usual. Dolph is in ring and he doesn't look too impressed with Truth. R-Truth: "Cininnati, Ohio... WHAT'S UP?!" (What's up!) Bell rings and Ziggler knocks Truth down and yells, "What's up, huh?" Truth leapfrogs and sends Dolph flying with a high hiptoss. Ziggler gets the advantage soon enough as he slams Truth down and locks in a headlock.

Truth dodges a charging Ziggler and knocks him with with a clothesline and a spinning sidekick. Flapjack and a bicycle kick for 2. Truth goes up top but Zigglercuts him off and hits his jumping reverse DDT for the victory. WINNER: Dolph Ziggler.

As Ziggler backs up the ramp The Great Khali's music plays! Ranjin Singh is alongside the giant as he chases Dolph down. Ziggler runs back in the ring and R-Truth takes him down with a spinning forearm shot. Once Khali gets in the ring Ziggler rolls out the ring and once Khali follows he scurries through the crowd out the arena. Breaktime.

We come back from commercial break and recap the battle of Layla and Eve Torres inlcuding the dance-off and arm wrestling contest, and also Eve attacking Layla with powder and a slap! Next week, Layla will go one-on-one with Eve. Backstage Edge is in Teddy Long's office talking about he will exterminate Jeff Hardy at Extreme Rules. Chris Jericho shows up and Edge reminds him that he's the champ and the face of "SmackDown!" then walks off.

Long wants to know what he wants to complain about and Jericho demands a rematch against Rey Mysterio at Extreme Rules after calling him a coward. Teddy Long tells Jericho that Rey had already asked for a rematch and wants a No Holds Barred Match. HUH? I thought Rey said he was moving on? Jeff Hardy comes out to the ring and the fans go wild before another commercial break.

* Jeff Hardy vs. {World Heavyweight Champion} Edge [non-title; winner determines stipulation for Extreme Rules]

Now to explain this match, the winner of this contest will get the opportunity to name the stipulation for the upcoming title match at Extreme Rules. After the break Edge comes out with the heavyweight title around his waist. The announcers are playing up the events of the title match at Judgment Day when Matt hit Jeff in the head with his cast and Edge executing a top-rope Edgecution on a woozy Jeff Hardy. Both men lock up and head to the coner and Jeff rolls up Edge early on.

Fans cheering "Let's go Har-dy" as he reverses Edge into another rollup for 2. Edge slides out the ring and as Jeff goes over he trips him up, but Jeff gets Edge in a side headlock. Jeff holds on as Edge tries to escape, then Edge punches Jeff in the head and he staggers.

Edge sent to the corner and Jeff slams him head 10 times on the turnbuckle and Edge slumps down. Hardy hits the low dropkick but is woozy again from the move. Edge looks on in astonishment, then boots Jeff in the head and he's down and out before a commercial break.

Back from break and Edge drops numerous knees onto a prone Hardy in the corner. Edge raises his arms to a chorus of boos. He hangs Jeff on the apron then kicks him in the head and he falls to the floor and Edge gets back in the ring. Apparently he doesn't want a count-out victory so he rolls Jeff back in the ring for a 2-count. Jeff hits Edge as he rushes in and connects with the Whisper in the Wind! A 2-count only, and Hardy fights back with flying clotheslines for a near-fall. Hardy slams Edge down and goes up top but Edge rolls away.

Legdrop deflected and Edge covers for a near-fall. Edge hits the neckbreaker another near-fall, then goes up to the second rope, flies and jumps right into a dropkick in mid-air. Hardy baseball slides into Edge to send him out the ring then hits a crossbody over the top. Back in the ring Jeff body slams him and hits a second rope legdrop for 2! Twist of Fate countered and Jeff flips over a spear attempt with a rollup. Twist of Fate countered AGAIN with a backslide for 2.

Hardy counters the Edgecution with the Twist of Fate but struggles to the top rope... and Edge gets up to cut him off. Edge climbs up going for a top-rope Edgecution but Jeff knocks him down, hits the Swanton, and gets the win! (Too bad these events couldn't play out this way at Judgment Day for Jeff.) WINNER: Jeff Hardy.

With this win, Jeff Hardy can now name the stipulation for the title match at Extreme Rules. Todd Grisham congratulates him and asks him what the stip will be. Jeff: "Todd, at Extreme Rules, I will not be painting. I will not be cleaning gutters. I will not be changing bulbs.

What I will be doing is climbing a LADDER to become the World Heavyweight Champion!" Todd officially announces a Ladder Match for the World title at the next PPV. We replay the Swanton and then see Edge backing up the ramp while Hardy celebrates in the ring as we go off the air!

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