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Tha O Show Radio Program - Episode 102

Tha O Show Radio
Episode 102 is here early! Your boys Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o are back with another banger! As in "wish we could bang her!".

The gorgeous Cherry Bomb, a favourite on the Ontario Indy Wrestling scene is back after a long hiatus to join in all the O-xcitement!

It's a packed 3 hour episode with a bunch of guests. So without further ado, let's get to tha O's!

And as if we didn't tell you already, BUY OBLIVION!

Today's episode features...

Tha Os And NOs featuring "T.I.F.G."

The Notorious T.I.D. is back with "Tha Pit Stop" to discuss last weekend's UFC 94 event featuring Georges St.Pierre VS. BJ Penn.

Don and Dan put the lovely Cherry Bomb on the spot to see if she can win some evo in a Trish Stratus-edition of "WrestleTrivia!".

The trio preview the upcoming TNA pay-per-view Against All Odds.

Our main man from North Cakalak, Marty Garner is back with "A Glass of Cham Pain" to discuss a bunch of things...including the new "rift" between his boys Matt and Jeff Hardy.

And right before his big MMA fight in Winnipeg this Friday, Canadian rock star turned MMA fighter, Robin Black joins the crew for an awesome candid interview.

Finally, Cherry hangs out with the boys for "Tha Round Table" to discuss women in wrestling.

And we take you out with...what else? Some music by Robin Black!

And, just a reminder, BUY OBLIVION!

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37 comments: on "Tha O Show Radio Program - Episode 102"

rObbie nekOda said...

Is this supposed to be three posts down the page? Botch! You'll be interviewing Jeff Harvey next.*Laughs*

Dan-e-o said...

Dude, you're up early! That's always done to test the file first. Usually it lasts all of ten seconds and then we post it you're quick on the draw!

Enjoy the show.

Justin Pogge said...

Yeah, props, Nekoda, I haven't seen anyone that quick on the draw since...well, since last night, but that's still quick.

BigDaddy said...

I'm willing to bet the "Justin Pogge" guy is Christopher Casur tryin to poke fun at Leaf fans again.

Why do cats from Buffalo feel the need to tell Leafs fans their team is better at every turn?

Oh, I know why - cuz that's all Buffalo HAS to brag about. Yay! We're in 7th and we're gonna diss the Leafs.

Eat a puck.

Christopher Casúr said...

At every turn? Pretty sure it's only happened once or twice, and it's only because I aspire to get Dan hot using something other than "'re gay, heh heh". Besides, it's just a game. Chill. And don't get me started on some (most) of the idiot fans in Buffalo who think that a Sabres game is some life or death situation and will try to seriously injure someone just because they wore their Leafs jersey to the game.

I would have expected the same shit from you guys if it went the other way and Toronto won 5-0, friendly shit talking is part of the game. Besides, it's not like Toronto is superior to Buffalo in every other way.

Besides, like I told Dan last night, on any other night I'd be cheering for the Leafs, they're a fun team to watch and I'm a huge Toskala mark.

cyder house said...

Dan-e-o killed me with two lines on Wrestle Trivia...

"Isn't your middle name 'ISTHE'??"


"Hold it down Kofi"

mkf said...

You're a Toskala mark?? You can have him. Let's swing a trade.

And the REAL reason Leaf fans don't care about Buffalo is cuz we don't consider it a feud.

We do that crap to Habs fans. Buffalo thinks we are their rival.

We aren't. Cuz we don't care about your little team.

Anonymous said...

hey Cherry DID say UMMMMMMM during the mag cover question .. so she gets that right.

Christopher Casúr said...

I'm a Toskala mark because he came through the San Jose system, and I'm a Shmark.

Also, I'm pretty sure you were trying to talk shit, but I actually agree with you. I don't consider Leafs games a rivalry either. Every time I've been to a Sabres/Leafs game, I've sat next to Leafs fans and we got along just fine the whole game, regardless of who won. Drunk idiots in the stands (mostly Sabres fans, I never see Leafs fans instigate) and a "border rivalry", as NHL media likes to call it, do not make a rivalry.

Now, the Senators, on the other hand...

Anonymous said...

more of the same from casur. why don't you just fire him already before he embarrasses himself and the site any more?

Mike in Ottawa said...

You got no feud with the Sens either ... cuz they dominated the Sabres .. a feud can't be a one way dominatialaz. The only time you guys score wins on the Sens is this year cuz we're having a down year and making a push for John Tavares!!

Anonymous said...

Shut up you annonymous goof

Christopher Casúr said...

Yeah, you're right, there's no rivalry with the Senators. Because, you know, it's not like in back-to-back years, they played each other in the playoffs with one of the teams as the number 1 seed in the conference with lower seed knocking them out in 5 games. It's not like a huge brawl even involving the goalies never happened, or a player from one team bit a player from the other one. Yeah, something like that wouldn't make for a good rivalry, you're totally right.

BigDaddy said...


If Kamala squashed SD Jones on WWF Superstars every week... that doesn't make it a rivalry. It just means that SD Jones is gonna be bitter about always getting squashed by the same guy :)

Christopher Casúr said...

Yeah, except neither team squashes the other one. At the end of the 2006-2007 season, the series record all-time was 43-26-10 in Buffalo's favor.

So Buffalo's won 43 and lost 36 against the Sense, and it's been about 50/50 the past two years. Who's getting squashed?

Corey said...

St. Louis Blues in 2011!

jenn said...

Can you homos stop talkin about hockey! Holy COW! Robin BLACK is on the show!!! ROBIN BLACK! he's soooo hottt!!!!

jim j said...

I'm not a fagalaz and won't call him hot but I really really enjoyed the Robin Black interview.

That guy is hype. A glam rocker who doesn't take himself too seriously and has a lot of respect for MMA. I hope he loses on Saturday though because I'd love to see him tank Dan-e-o.

Anonymous said...

Steve in Chi Time representin tha Windy Cindy!

yea! yea!

kaotic said...


kaotic said...

Oh wait. Forget the pic. I found Hootbot on Youtube!!

Christian said...

At Steve from Chicago:

I don't know if this site has the shirts you guys are talking about, but I will post it anyways.

mkf said...

YES!! Hypalaz!! There you got Steve In Chicago!! Buy those for the crew!! I'll take one too!

Private Dixon (Army of O) said...

Ok here's my summary:

I want Cherry Bomb. Whoever her bf is should thank his lucky stars he isn't me - a guy who will never get that close to Cherry Bomb

Tid always makes me laugh

Best glass of Cham Pain ever!!!?? I don't know what you're talkin' a-BOOT

Robin Black is an AWESOME dude!


Evitman said...

Steve from Chicago:

Please buy one of those shirts and send it to this lady:

Love the show and let's get the Black prophet to rant on this woman's breasts.

Pickel Barrel Rules Evo said...

hey don you still frequent the pickel barrel? or the keg on 401?

srr said...

i aint gonna listen to the show until saturday my niggas, but CHERRY BOMBS RETURNS is hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so fucking Hot


Tha Stepdaddy said...

Cowboy Curtis came a long ass way. Man. And the jerry curl was quite juicy. The genie actually lives nearby. Shoot. The whole Pee Wee weenie thing shocked the shit out of me when it happened. That damned Large LaMarge shit scared me when I was little. And didn't Vanilla Ice give his publishing to Suge Knight after being dangled off the balcony?

Celebs of any form need to know that fools are gonna take pictures of you everywhere. What a jackass. And this is America. They are gonna come down hard on you for smoking weed harder than if you raped a chick. And I didnt know he was only 23. Dude has the face of a 40 year old. And in case you wanted another reason to hate Miley Cyrus, they have pictures of her doing the "Chinese" eyes with her friends. Remember the Spanish basketball team did this shit?

As someone that worked at at hospital, I can tell you that I dont slow down for car accidents. I saw some horrible shit in the ER and took enough of them to the morgues. I actually get pissed when people slow down. What do you wanna see?

That live O's & No's was funny! I've never been to a strip club sadly. I know i wont go to the ones in Vegas though. Dont wanna see no broads with stab wounds and c-section scars.

Tazz Is a Fuckin' Goof! I love it. Its not like you cant do this every week. Seriously, what is a fucking bing cherry? Bing!

"Hello, Miss Patrcia Stratusbluablahbluh..." I didnt know this shit.

Man, Cham Pain is heeling on Matt hardcore! "I dont wanna sound like a queer or nothin'..." Dont hate on the diamond abs. I want that shit. The best way they could've made the Hardy split years ago was for one of them to change their look. Matt looks the same now as he did 10 years ago. Get some tights, man! Let Matt beat Jeff until he becomes Itchweed.

Dont get me started on the 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon. I'm a God with that game. Robin Black was cool. Now I have to find out who the fuck he is. I saw an article about him a while ago. Cool interview.

I think MMA and wrestling differ in having someone famous outside of the sport coming in and doing it. In MMA, since its not written if a dude gets in there and beats someones ass, its real, you know? What can we say? "I fuckin' hate Russo and how he writes!" In MMA there is none of that shit...unless Black starts greasing himself up etween rounds.

Get the fuck out of that house, Teej! Fuck talking to a medium, small, or large! Dan-E-O doesnt need to be investigating. He's the first to go. Donnie is next because he would have to fuck someone and fuckers get killed. Cherry might make it until the end. Black people are supersticious as hell. That's why the KKK dress the way they do. For serious. They know we are scared of that kinda shit. I saw my Grandpapa's ghost when I was little and it freaked me the fuck out!

Speaking of that PG shit, did you know Cena changed the FU to the Attitude Adjuster? This PG stuff means nothing. It means a lot more valets. The last woman marketed wel was Kong. Yes, they totally ruined it and she isnt as awesome as she was less than a year ago, she was cool as fuck.

Robbie Nekoda said...

So it looks like I visited the site within ten seconds of it being posted - if that ain't an O Sense I don't know what is! Unlike the spider sense, though, you don't make me tingle.

Fantastic show this week, and surprising running time! Awesome. I always mean to have more to say, but fuggit, it's nearly 2am. More tomorrow yo!

Dolph Ziggler said...

Hi.....IM DOLPH ZIGGLER...but anyways...I love Randy's Excuses man ha ha

I thought "Randy Orton did this before" He came up with a good excuse...he said he didn't wanna kick Shane's ass and wanted Ted and Cody to back off ;)

...if it was Undertaker kicking Orton's ass the same excuse would be great

...BTW...anyone notice Suicide change how he moves in the ring...he seems a little shorter...he's been gone 7 weeks I think so I guess someone is pretending to be suicide...I think he was attacked cause suicide looks shorter now (I know who it is but I just wish TNA did that kind of angle)

Christopher Casúr said...

Hi, I'm Chris Casúr. Nice to meet you.

As for the Suicide thing, they discussed it on last week's episode. While Kaz is rehabbing, Christopher Daniels is playing the part of Suicide, so yes, your guess is correct. His mannerisms have changed slightly, he's jerky and hesitant on a lot of things; Daniels really does not look like he's comfortable playing that character.

Steve said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Steve said...

Steve from Chicago here, wanting to say thanks for the props from the Nation of O! Also, thanks for the links to the t-shirts on the web, but none of them were the right one (of course). Here's hoping I get to rant at all of you again soon!

Oh, and buy Oblivion.

Pickel Barrel Rules Evo said...

hey dan...go for it and make another classic...the fact that don doesnt want a new basically saying dan and tj cant make another classic...lets do it dan!

plus u can add the shit talk radio theme in lyrics

Anonymous said...

it's "locker room radio" now. think of the sponsors!

ben said...

cherry bombs bf is matt burns of the flatliners

el hijo de fuego said...

That's a work Ben. Don't believe everything you see on a show