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Now THIS is what you call an EPISODE!! Number 98 is on the way later today O-sters and it's an edition of Tha O Show you definitely do NOT want to miss! It's one for the ages as Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o celebrate OBLIVION! week in anticipation of the release of OBLIVION! Tha Indy Wrestling Album.

Today's show features two "matches" that will also take place this Friday, January 9th at the OBLIVION! CD release party. On "Tha Pit Stop", it's The Notorious T.I.D. VS. his opponent in the Steel Cage Match, "Bloody" Bill Skullion! Joining Don and Dan in "Tha Round Table" is the OBLIVION! main event: "Textbook" Tyson Dux and "Dangerboy" Derek Wylde. And as if that wasn't enough, joining the boys for an incredible, candid interview: Chris Kanyon!

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3 comments: on "Today On Tha O Show..."

donnie is personal friends with kanyon and cock is always on dons mind....coincedence? shooooot said...

just when we thought tha o show couldnt get anymore cock guys take it to the next level and get a guy who really takes cocks in the ass....i hope you guys asked him if he swallows...

Аркадий Григорович Урумов said...

My 10 bucks that the cock guy is Dan-e-o!


Anonymous said...

No the cock joke guy is funnier than Dan