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Tha Titan Towers Massacre

Remember that conference call in Q4 when Linda McMahon said the company was dedicated to cutting 20 million in expenses in 2009? They started chipping away at that yesterday.

Th WWE released one of their bright young lights, and an incredible wrestling in Shawn "Gavin" Spears. Spears is from Ontario, Canada and was seen by many as a blue chipper. He was a tag team champion in OVW with Cody Rhodes and competed on ECW television.

Also cut was veteran Val Venis (real name Sean Morley). Sean knew his days were numbered. The company recently asked him to move to Connecticut and take an office job. Sean respectfully declined, and now finds himslf a free agent.

Another Canadian was released on Oblivion Friday. Long time referee, Jimmy Korderas.

Amongst the others who were cut yesterday: Kevin Thorn, Bam Neely, D'Lo Brown, Tim White (former referee, current agent), Mike Posey (referee), Kevin Keenan (referee),
Mike Kruel (developmental) and many of the senior management at Titan Towers.

According to a WWE source: The worst is yet to come. More cuts are exoected shortly.

4 comments: on "Tha Titan Towers Massacre"

don and kanyon are good friends... said...

hey don...why doesnt it suprise me that you posted that picture of shawn spears with his package visible....

Nal Nekoda-is said...

They cut Val? Fuck sake.

Anonymous said...

its a shame about spears. but is anyone really gonna miss the other cuts? nope

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they cut Korderas. He's been around since the Tunney days. I really liked him, he was good. Why all the ref cuts anyway?
Big H