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Tha SmackDown! ThrowDown

It's all about emotion. Nobody has ever accused Matt Hardy of being a badass, but as a heel, he's still able to evoke absolutely rafter-rattling heat. Why? Because Hardy is considered an "everyman"; he's an average looking guy who has had some very public ups and downs, and the fans care about him because they can relate to him.

Was a Matt heel turn the most unpredictable thing that WWE has ever done? Probably not, but it will still lead to what could be a dynamite feud if they really let it grow instead of having a one-off like they did back in late 2001. Now all we need is Jeff Hardy to come out one week and sing "Rejected" from Flight Of The Conchords.

Apparently The Brian Kendrick has some heat on him backstage for not listening to what people backstage were telling. Wait, if the wrestlers are independent contractors, though, shouldn't be allowed to wrestle his own way anyway? Damn, that whole employee/contractor thing just confuses the hell out of me. Now I wonder how long it will be before Ezekiel Jackson breaks free and gets some sort of push. That's what's up.

Damn, Chavo Guerrero is still bland as hell. He literally has no gimmick of any sort, aside from being the oft-mistreated nephew of Vickie. For the love of God, bring back Kerwin White. That or have him become The Latino Prophet, because everybody loves someone whose gimmick is pulling the racism card every chance they get.

Umaga's back. I'm glad he didn't return in the Royal Rumble match, because if he's supposed to be a heel, something like that would have caused a huge face pop. Face pops are bad for monsters. How many new tats did Umaga have, by the way? I counted at least three.

Undertaker, Triple H, and Big Show all qualified for the Elimination Chamber. I like the fact that "SmackDown!" is only using legit main eventers in their chambers, as opposed to the "Raw" chamber. Even though Edge will probably retain the title, it's not entirely predictable, as any guy in the match could be billed as a champion with the possible exception of Khali. I don't want to see him going into WrestleMania as the holder of the big belt, for obvious reasons. Does anybody really believe that the title is coming off of John Cena in his match? I digress.

My hope for this match is that Big Show wins the title. This guy has really improved his game on the stick since he returned, and he's just so damn entertaining. WWE has very seriously underutilized this guy ever since his feud with Floyd Mayweather. He could carry "SmackDown!" as either a heel or a face. I don't see any reason why he can't be given the big belt, other than the fact that Edge and Triple H are on the same show as him.

Tha Results:
*R-Truth def. The Brian Kendrick
*MVP def. Chavo Guerrero
*Umaga def Jimmy Wang Yang
*Undertaker def. Mark Henry (Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match)
*Big Show def. Festus (Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match)
*Triple H def. The Great Khali & Vladimir Kozlov (Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match)

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Anonymous said...

the momentum big show had round april time was immence i no cannot see him as someone who should hold the belt anymore with putting taker over recently kinda done him no good

kozlov is the poster boy for this yrs no way out isnt he, how can u explain that? he must gett into the chamber gimmick somehow nxt week i think or the week after, i was enjoying the brian kendrick push while it lasted shame rele, they to make a lil man belt so these wrestlers can can get over better, unifying the ic n us should be done to make room i think

Dante Ross said...

TBK loses to Truth. Damn it, this blows. If they are gonna have him lose have it be with someone I care about. And Truth's spinning elbow gets sloppier every week. He usually lands on the guy. Boo!

MVP looked okay. I'm sure if he were in the ring with anyone else it would've been better. I just dont CARE about Chavo. This guy gets no reaction other than boos when he copies Eddie. I dont know if he's worth keeping in the company.

Umaga got the shit cheered out of him! I was confused by this. And he is covered in tattoos now. Those two on his chest are knee, man. I wish he had busted out something new but he's the same old Umaga. Wang needs a cruiserweight division. I would love to see matches with him and TBK.

The Taker/Henry match was so dull. I hate to say it but I am getting bored with Taker. I know he likes boxing and MMA but his chokeslam should have ended that match. Not waking the guy up just choke him out. It looked like Taker forgot how to apply his move for a minute.

Show beat Festus. Who didn't see this one coming?! And what is Jesse there for? Put him in Legacy. They need all the help they can get to fend off that deadly Shane-O-Mac!

HHH wins! HHH wins! HHH...oh, you get teh idea. He was obviously gonna win. I swear, Vladimir is the only man that can be undefeated but still lose so much. Too many monsters on Smackdown (Vladimir, Umaga, Big Show, Festus, Khali, Ezekiel).

I wanna like Smackdown but, come on. Nothing shocked me about the show except how well the Matt Hardy promo went and the good job they did showing The Hardy Boyz history together.

Christopher Casúr said...

"SmackDown!" is the Denny's of wrestling. Nothing exciting, surprising, or out of the ordinary, but it's decent, it's reliable, and it's consistent. You know what you're getting week in and week out.

Downtown said...

I hate the word "digress" more so than even "moist". If you use that word again me and some anonymous shit will start a pointless petition to have you fired.

Contractors are held to an even stronger obligation to do exactly what they're told, no matter what the field.

Christopher Casúr said...

Dude, I love the word "digress", probably because I do it so damn much. Seriously, have you ever noticed how often my articles go off-track? All part of the magic of working for Tha O Show. Creative Control, my bredren. It's where the shit's at.

Goddamn, I'm drunk.

PlanBFromOuterSpace said...

"kozlov is the poster boy for this yrs no way out isnt he, how can u explain that? he must gett into the chamber gimmick somehow nxt week i think or the week after..."

That doesn't mean anything though. I mean, wasn't CM Punk the poster boy for Cyber Sunday, and then he ended up not even being on the show? They didn't even change it for the DVD cover.

Dante Ross said...

A funny thing happened while watching Smackdown and is a drawback to taping two shows at once (besides the crowd sounding dead and being exhausted). They showed a preview for next weeks show during the actual show and gave away who won their matches (Show, Taker, HHH). That's a big no-no.

Anonymous said...

I saw that commercial too. Lance Malibu wishes he could blow spots like that.

Anonymous said...


cm punk was a choice for the tag team match at cyber sunday while he was on the poster he still appeared on the event backstage but didnt get voted in.

kozlov is 100% guaranteed to be in the elimination chamber at no way out, Ive seen the spoiler, so get some facts right