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Tha O Show Radio Program - Episode 101

Tha O Show Radio
Episode 101 is here! And after Episode 100 - our biggest show ever! - you know your boys Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o had to represent.

Helping to usher in the new "century" of shows and making his in-studio debut on Tha O Show is none other than the International Superstar, Hornet!

So get ready for another 100 y'all! It starts today!

And as if we didn't tell you already, BUY OBLIVION!

Today's episode features...

Tha Os And NOs.

The Notorious T.I.D. is back with "Tha Pit Stop" to discuss this coming weekend's UFC 94 event featuring Georges St.Pierre VS. BJ Penn.

Hornet puts his guitar where his mouth is and proves that he's not the only one in the studio with musical talent. Prepare for another special performance by "Tha O-chestra"!

Rico Montana, listen up!

Of course, Hornet sticks around for "Tha Round Table" where tha boys disect this past weekend's WWE pay-per-view, Royal Rumble.

And taking you out today is the brand new cut from Monolith member, Grimace Love: "Anywhere". Featuring your bro Dan-e-o, this banger is available on Grimace's brand new debut album, Perception which is available now in his online store.

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44 comments: on "Tha O Show Radio Program - Episode 101"

Anonymous said...

Fix the link! Its pointing to episode 100

Matt said...

Link's for last week's episode

Dan-e-o said...

Just listened to it. It's sounds like 101 to me!

Sorry bout that y'all, not sure what happened.

Anonymous said...

the "download mp3" link at the top under the player points to #100.

Dan-e-o said...

You're right...thanks for pointing that out. It's been changed.

Anonymous said...

no problem. thanks for the episode!

Anonymous said...

Wicked episode.
I'm loving The Brown Hornet.... dude wails on the guitar.

New Gimmick:

The Honky Brown Man

mkf said...

I just came across this on the OIW site. It's a sneak peek from the soon-to-be-released OBLIVION DVD

Hipnosis said...

Im one of those guys saying "What happen to SUICIDE"

I loved Suicide....only thing I hate is he's only here to promote a game that's not selling....I like him cause he's from a video game though and he could get away with the "HIGH SPOTS" and kicking out of the finishers....but not to promote the game but make it seem like he's some super hero dude and stuff

Nekoda De Uno said...

I haven't listened to the show yet due to noisy fucking neighbours - just in here to announce that I'm combatting the cunt's music next door by blasting Secta De Uno on repeat. *Thumbs up*

Tha Stepdaddy (former LRW Champ) said...

Good and fast ass episode. I think the 3 hours last week spoiled me. Haven't seen Hornet perform before but will look him up for sure now. Dude's funny.

How ya'll gonna hate on beer drinking games when shit like Extreme Arm Wrestling exists? Oh, you didn't know?! You like MMA? You like arm wrestling? Then you're sure to hate this strange bullshit. I watched this and laughed my ass off. Look it up. I think its called X Arm or some shit.

I know its cold where you're at but its a pleasent ass 80 here. People are out in shorts and flip flops.

Soon as I get a job my ass is buying some O Show merch. I want a shirt, damn it! Smuggle some Evo in that shit as well. I watch te border patrol show and saw a guy sneak a skull through and get a slap on the wrist.

Doesnt the Elimination Chamber defeat the purpse of the Rumble...?

Anonymous said...

Disagree with Hipnosis ... if they booked suicide to do crazy spots and kick out on moves cuz he's from a video game --- then thats dumber than Kevin Sullivan's monster factory in WCW

P.A. said...

Great show as usual guys. Props to Donnie for knowing classic Offspring tunes. I didn't know you had it in you.

I seen the Wrestler and it's worth all the hype around it. Had like a Rocky Balboa-ish feel to it. I would love to see Rourke at Wrestlemania, but I can't help but think what an ass Vinny Mac was for saying that shit he said about the movie when it first came out. Talk about the open mouth, insert foot expression. If what Vinny Mac said was true (about how it really doesn't express what it's like to be in that line of work) then I hope Rourke reads that shit and pulls out at the last min. You can't go help a guy who has just shit on your work. You just can't.

Also I can't believe no one mentioned the pop RVD got during the rumble. I didn't watch it but I heard it was insane. So much for McMahon saying that anyone that appeared on the Celebrity Wrestling would never work for him again.

Robbie Nekoda said...

Don't worry Dan, I've had hooks in my apartment sine I moved in, and my coat always ends up on a nearby chair!

A few things! First off, Suicide. the only thing I can say on this front is that whenever he shows up, Don "I'm Shite" West and Mike "Tha Receder" Tenay always begin their commentary with, "FROM THE TNA VIDEO GAME!" - Jesus Christ, way to kill the gimmick. At least Lou Albano was the Captain BEFORE he was Super Mario. Fuck, why doesn't TNA get Gatorade Man, or Taco Bell-End or something for all the kayfabe-killing it does? And it's not even the fact that it kills kayfabe, per se, more like it kills it on a new level. "This character exists because he's on a video game".

Anyway. Ahem.

Part of me is going "WAHEY! New theme!" but I have to admit, the idea of it changing makes me nervous. I'm scared it won't be as good as the current one. And that's not me burying you Dan, that's a compliment. Like most O Show listeners I assume, I'm no hip-hop fan. But your O Show stuff is the PERFECT balance, it's just mainstream enough - and your very clear, understandable rapping helps...

Your freestyle blew me, a lifelong metal fan ('Til recently?) away!

...but the current O Show theme is not only WAY better than the first one, but it's nigh-on perfect. Not just because it's good rap, but the "da-da, da, da-daaaaa" is PERFECT for a show of this type. Imagining a better theme is like imagining a new colour: It just can't be done, and that's a shoot.

That being said (which is Don's most-said phrase aside from LEGIT), I'd LOVE for Dan and TJ to prove me wrong.

P.A. said...

This weeks TNA has some of the funniest shit I have ever seen in a wrestling show. Booker is making me shit myself. He is gold.

Christopher Casúr said...

Well, I'll tell you something, this week's "iMPACT!" is awesome, and the people who disagree are candyasses to the nth degree.

I've never been more entertained by TNA. Even Scott Steiner is making me laugh. I popped when he introduced Team 3D as being from "The Great State of Obesity".

Matt said...

Casur, you should break the mold and write a review for TNA tomorrow morning. I think this show warrents it. I'm onl on the Petey Williams match cuz I'm watching it on DVR, but Booker's amazing. Does Don West realize he's a walking punchline?

Matt said...


One thing about Morgan is...

He's a big guy

Brad said...

Sorry to stray away from the talk of wrestling and mma, but the deal with Zetterberg signing that mammoth deal with the Red Wings is that in the last 3 years of the deal he gets $3 million, $1 million, and $1 million respectively. After 10 years if he retires he gets $71 of the $72 million but the Wings are assessed only a $6.08 million cap hit. So the contract actually ends up working out for everyone involved.

bird said...

Well what do you know, I received an email from The Fan 590 in response to my inquest about bringing The Law back to their station. Turns out wrestling has turned them off! Where, oh where will The Law be heard on radio? Thousands of LAW listeners driving down the highway while smoking a joint and believing the show has ended... what a pity. The Law would never be in this predicament if Marek and Donnie were still steering the ship. Between the incompetent and blacklisted Dan "Don't Call Me Janitor" Lovranski and the asinine and self-indulgent Jason "Cum-navigator" Agnew, there's no chance that these two can come up with a viable plan to get them back on the air. But... you know... se la vie. Here's what I got in reply...

There has never been any talk of bringing wrestling back to THE FAN - nor is there any interest in doing so for the foreseable future. Hence, LAW will not be on our station.



Matt said...

Thought the O nation might appreciate this

Wings Fan said...

You say the Wings are assessed only a $6.08 million cap hit... like as if thats nothing... That's still like having a star player on your team and having nobody there...

And if like Donnie hinted the CAP continues to go DOWN -- that's trouble.

Anonymous said...

After watching that clip Matt posted, I'm convinced Obama is white.

Dude CAN'T dance!

Dan-e-o said...

1) That Obama link was awesome!

2) I'm actually gonna watch TNA off my DVR this week. Thanks for the heads up.

3) A new theme IS coming.


Dan-e-o said...

YO! Y'all didn't believe me!


Matt said...


BigDaddy said...

Whatchu mean a NEW theme IS coming? The poll right now suggests tha O-sters don't want a brand new theme!

Why you gotta be Napolean Bonaparte and be all dick-tator ... just cuz yer short and have tall man hate?

Dan-e-o said...

Okay. That's it. You leave me no choice:

romello said...

Instead of doing a new theme,just change up the gimmick by having a different worker do it every week. That would be kind of hype,and it would give some people a greater appreciation for hard HARD it really is to rap. I would get a kick out of hearing Rico,trying to do the theme in spanish.

Anonymous said...

LOL Rico would kayfabe that spot HARD.

romello said...

Just watched this weeks Impact. HOLY SHIT! Booker T gets my O of the month. The running commentary during the beatdown was off the fucking chain! I can't believe that TNA actually put on an entertaining 2 hours of television.BIG UPS TOP WHOEVER WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS WEEKS SHOW!

Dante Ross said...

I cant believe I'm saying this but...I wanna watch Impact this week. You sons of bitches got me wanting to watch...

Anonymous said... comeback to danny? i'm disappointed

Anonymous said... comeback to danny? i'm disappointed

Dirt Edward said...

Dan-E-O, have you ever considered taking the show to Sirius Satelite Radio? Show would be a perfect fit.

Great job with the show!

Gotthorm said...

Time now for me to gloat as queef huffing lamp shitter Dan "The Mouth" Lovranski finally does enough damage to cause Live Audio Wrestling to go off the air.

It had to take a good week to gather all the info, but I'm now able to present my fellow Dan Lovranski haters with the full story.

Oh yeah, I had my hand in it. For a good while I've been sending the GM of CFRB snippets of soundbytes from the show. Soundbytes where bum Lovranski was doing exactly what he's being accused of in my petition. All I did was tell her - "Here's some more. Do with it as you may".

As a consequence Dan Lovranski received a complaint from CFRB where he was asked to tone down his language and be more respectful towards his guests and callers. It was at this time LAW, in their typical arrogance, decided to add the line "hey network, I dare you to throw me off the air... because I'm gonna break every rule you throw in front of me until you throw me the hell of the air!" to the opening promo of Dan Lovranski's "Live Audio Xtra Stupid" segment.

... and before you pollitarded Lovranski apologists come crawling out of your dumpsters with "but CFRB can't punish him for something he does on a webcast" - guess what? They will if they're already pissed off and can use something else as a valid excuse.

Which brings us to the Jan 4th 2009 "Worst of" edition of LAW, now available for download at\assets\Downloads\126\010409.mp3. It was here bitchchops doucherocket Wai Ting delivered the comment that would get them thrown off CFRB. The straw that broke the camel's back so to speak.

The comment took place during the atrocious Ask a Wai segment, where four bisexual men had crammed their butt burgling asses inside a tiny studio in the middle of the night to talk about their likes and dislikes.

Just to set this up properly, it's important to quote some of the things that were said, to give a view of the assholish atmosphere that plagued the studio before Wai Ting made his ill-fated comment.

It's also important to have a clear image of what these 4 cuntrags look like -\01242009\4dorks

Granny head, shrivel dick, billy-no-mates and cum navigator Jason Agnew - "If someone throw a virtual snowball at me... FUCK YOU! Or add me to their zombie list... WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? I mean, yeah it's social networking, but why the FUCK do I care... what are you doing? Why are you trying to have - and guys, you know what? Ask me your questions on Facebook and I know a lot of the LAW listeners listen to this - but if someone else send me some fucking stupid wrestling thing... I DON'T CARE MAN! I'll take your questions and stuff but not... I don't wanna virtually WWE wrestle you - WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? YOU LISTEN TO THE LAW FOR FUCK'S SAKE! ARE YOU A MARK?"

Granny head, shrivel dick, billy-no-mates and cum navigator Jason Agnew - "I'm really scared about next week's promo now."
Nun-beating fishdildo John Pollock - "Dude, you're only gonna weed out the losers."

Nun-beating fishdildo John Pollock - "I paid 25 dollars for glow-in-the-dark boxers and I have not got 25 dollars worth of satisfaction out of them when I turn the lights on to see if they work."
Granny head, shrivel dick, billy-no-mates and cum navigator Jason Agnew - "Why did you do that? They work! You just gotta put them up to the light first..."
Nun-beating fishdildo John Pollock - "I just turned the lights on and was like "this is it?""
Granny head, shrivel dick, billy-no-mates and cum navigator Jason Agnew - "They're photoluminescence! You have to hold them up..."
Nun-beating fishdildo John Pollock - "I was expecting like christmas tree like... I wanted like ilumination coming from..."
Granny head, shrivel dick, billy-no-mates and cum navigator Jason Agnew - "No... they're like the shoes I used to have, they glow in the dark."
Nun-beating fishdildo John Pollock - "They didn't really glow in the dark either!"
Bitchchops doucherocket Wai Ting - "You're gonna have to learn outside of your ass."

Beef-barf niffing bubble butt Justin Terry - "I still think we could have had any girl we wanted in that club though."

And then the comment from bitchchops doucherocket Wai Ting - "My 'worst human being of the year' is someone who works in this very building... and... he hosts the Jimmy T experience."

Genius. Going after the most popular radiohost in the building - perhaps out of jealousy? Wai Ting - you're a nobody with such a low level of self-worth that you agree to deliver groceries to Dan Lovranski's home every Sunday. Jimmy T - well, he's Jimmy T.

I notified Jimmy T of this, and he in turn filed a complaint with CFRB. The next Sunday Dan Lovranski had to announce LAW had been cancelled by CFRB. The talk I had with Jimmy T the following day confirmed that this was not coincidence.

I guess I should thank bitchchops doucherocket Wai Ting for the assist, but let's be honest - the assist could have come from any bisexual man in the studio that night. With the amount of shit and stupidity that they've hurled across the airwaves, it was inevitable that one night they'd offend the wrong person. Bitchchops doucherocket Wai Ting shouldn't be tied to his bedpost and inserted with his wrestling figures as punishment for this. Instead you need to put the blame rightly and squarely on the incompetent Dan Lovranski.

But my quest to get Dan Lovranski off the airwaves didn't end there. On Tuesday Jan 13th 2009 granny head, shrivel dick, billy-no-mates and cum navigator Jason Agnew announced that they had a meeting with a group that was "seriously interested in bringing the LAW on board and is behind us 110 percent". This group was in fact The Fan 590. I contacted this station as well, offering up the same soundbytes and documentation that I had given CFRB over the last months. Now as you know, LAW had a hugely successfull run on The Fan 590 between 1998 and 2000, so you'd think they might be willing to give this program another shot right? Except times have changed. No more Jeff Marek, but instead a 2 hour drugged dosage of Dan Lovranski when he initially was only meant to be kept to a 2 minute segment. This goes back to what I've been saying all along about how the janitor has run LAW into the shitter... and that's why The Fan 590 won't touch them.

So what they ended up with was Sirius Satellite Radio, a service that provides streams over the Internet. In other words, LAW can no longer be heard on regular radio. The typical LAW listener who's driving down the highway while smoking a joint won't be listening to LAW anymore. This type of listener will neither know nor care how to use a computer to find the show. In fact, well over half of LAW's listening audience is now long gone. This could have been avoided if they had decided to send Dan Lovranski home sooner.

When did they send Dan Lovranski home? I'm glad you asked.

On the Jan 18th 2009 edition of LAW, now available for download at\assets\Downloads\128\011809.mp3, LAW debuted on Sirius Satellite Radio without Dan Lovranski's mumbling voice. The reason for Dan's absence was explained by John and Jay as being attributed to a case of the flu. This of course will sound suspicious when you consider that Mouth has been more than happy to do shows severely hungover and disorientated. What happened was Dan Lovranski was extremely unhappy about granny head, shrivel dick, billy-no-mates and cum navigator Jason Agnew not being able to sell the show to a station. Furthermore, Dan was freaking out at how little Sirius would be paying him compared to CFRB. This all came to a head when on Sunday the janitor showed up at Sirius headquarters and started giving everyone a hard time, saying he didn't see the point in doing the show anymore. John and Jay had talks with Sirius throughout the day, and they agreed that once they got on the air they would have to stay positive and treat this as "an opportunity" instead of a funeral. Once it became apparent that Dan's whining and complaining would not subside, and that he would not be able to portray any enthusiasm once they got on the air, a conscious decision was made to send Dan home and come up with a backstory to explain his absence. In the end they did the show without Dan, and the feedback they got was that Jay and John were fantastic together. Need I say more?

Anonymous said...

He was on the show last week.

XxICExX2 said...

First off 101 was another week another solid O Show for the O Nation.


I know that hockey is a mostly popualar in canada but listen you guys need to worry about the Maple Leafs and their weird ass signings and contracts and let the Red Wings do their thing because the last I heard...They have a better track record in decision making then you guys and most of the NHL so...I think they did the right thing In signing Zetts to a big contract I don't know about 12 but thats their decision.

And the only teams that want that 1 year contract thing is fans from teams that don't win. Beacause they don't have a good core office to run the team.

Anonymous said...

But over the last 10 years there are only 2 teams that win consistently. That is NOT good for the league. As a Leaf fan im happy about management now that we have Burke.

CenaSlayer said...

I say go ahead with the new theme.Its not like you cant revert to the current theme if Dan fucks it up.

Anonymous said...

I am emotionally attached to the theme. You don't talk about changin O's and No's or Round Table or Black Prophet songs and I'd be pissed if you did.

srr said...

now you guys know how i feel. <3 pld o show theme.

hornets the man. i would mark if next ochestra wa with come out and play. hyyyyyyyyyyyyype

good to know that episode 100 had the most downloads, because of my call.

your aunt said...

hey dan...tell these guys to eat a say dont change the theme..your basically sayin dan cant make another classic theme...i think the new themes spice the show up...u guys actually go out of the way to make shit different..some wrestling shows have the same theme for years..and its boring...switch it up for the 09 dan....i say 1 new theme every year or so...bring it on dan...fuck these jobbers...

plus since u guys are taking more of a shit talk radio appraoch..u can take that handle more so in the theme...the theme now is strickly u can redo iit to a new beat and do new it dan!

Dan Lovranski said...

I agree, a new theme would be awesome. How about a generic guitar solo with soundbytes of wrestling catchphrases played over the top?