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Rated O Radio - Episode 99

Tha O Show Radio
Episode 99 is here! And in classic Canadian fashion, Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o had no other choice but to pay homage to their favourite athlete of all time: Number 99 himself, Wayne Gretzky!

In addition, Don and Dan welcome Rico Montana into the studio to talk some shit for the final episode of Tha O Show that has double digits.

And as if we didn't tell you already, BUY OBLIVION!

Today's episode features...

Tha Os And NOs.

The Notorious T.I.D. is back with "Tha Pit Stop" to discuss a bunch of upcoming MMA pay-per-views.

Emmanuel Melo of joins the show to say a few words about this past Friday's OBLIVION! CD release party.

After a several week hiatus, Marty Garner a.k.a. Cham Pain is back with "A Glass of Cham Pain".

And Rico hangs out for "Tha Round Table" to discuss the recent WWE cuts and last weekend's Genesis pay-per-view.

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46 comments: on "Rated O Radio - Episode 99"

Leafs Mark said...

Wilf Paiement was drafted in 74 and last wore #99 in 82 with The Leafs

Anonymous said...


Jim J (in Philly) said...

Great show.... And I agree with Manny Melo. Tha O Show didn't get enough credit for Oblivion. You guys were so busy performing or hosting, there was never an opportunity for the us to thank you.

It was my first show in Ontario and it won't be my last. well worth the 10 hour drive.

Anonymous said...

Casur at an all black school?????????????????


Where's the Prophet when you need him???

Dan finally came out said...

Dan said he wants to touch Cham Pain's dick!!!!

Dan-e-o said...


Damn, and here I was thinking you queeralaz punks would actually get OFF my back for playing along.

I'll never live this down! I guess I don't have my White Boy Humour down yet.

Melo as Donnie said...


Melo as Donnie said...


mkf said...

I'm surprised you guys didn't talk at ALL about Skullion leaving the ring to beat the piss out of Warhed at Oblivion! He said on Tha O Show he was going to do it and he did!!

crush said...

I busted out laughin every time Dan hit the Secta De Uno riff

Matt said...

Just a suggestion. You guys should put commentary on the dvd as a bonus feature, with some of the workers, along with you commentating on different parts of the show. It seems like it would work really well. I'm gona be the first to buy a copy either way.

Great show as always

Tha Stepdaddy said...

Dont hate on Hootie. Dude isnt even fat anymore. Once he got rid of the Blowfish dude found some soul. No, I dont have his album but I know he has skills.

"Human Gay Hormone." Priceless. I missed Rico.

I really wish I could've gone to Oblivion. I feel like I missed out on something special.

Sounds like Cham Pain was heeling on Matt Hardy. I cant wait till all of the shit involving Jeff is out in the open. Likely a shoot in a seedy hotel room in 2011. And I've seen the Family Guy Dan-e-o mentioned. Its funny 'cause its true...

Who is eating into the mike?

Has anyone ever heard of the "one drop" rule? If there is a drop of Black blood in your body you are Black.

That chick sounded so fed up with Rico. That's not Wayne! That's his gay cousin D'Wayne. Rico's gonna get banned from that spot. Fuck around and get cross checked while eating.

Gotta admit I cracked up when the Rico riff hit during Tha Round Table. I was just waiting for it.

if The E is making all of these cuts all shows should be fucking great. No one should be on autopilot. Each show should be cant miss. TNA is about to get larger. They are trimming the fat but may end up cutting a nerve in the process.

Ring psychology is dead. Welcome to the WWE Universe.

black disciple said...

No prophet for Martin Luther King's birthday or to deal with this Casur nonsense???

Where IS he?

donny was spotted at pickel barrel with kanyon in wyoming said...

donnie can put his cock in kanyons hand and wont get aroused because hes comfortable and a real man

tha o show RULEZ RADIO!

Anonymous said...

The Fed knows what's up! Cham Pain will be on the upcoming WWE Legends of Wrestling DVD... taking on Jerry Lawler.

SirMark said...

Yess ChamPizzzle!I hope he gets $$$

Anonymous said...

Rico is the best guest ever

historian said...

I agree with Donnie... It's not automatic that Jordan is the best player ever the way new school fans talk.

It's a slur of guys including Bob Cousy, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem, Bill Russell, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, Pete Maravich, Shaq O'Neal.

The debate in hockey is Gretzky or Orr... and if you look stats there is NO debate. If you look at cross positions and dominance of the game Orr wins.

Orr was more dominant in the NHL than Shaq was in his prime in the NBA. He bullied guys and did anything he wanted

Anonymous said...

Secta de Os and Nos!!!


Anonymous said...

Austin definately drew more $$$$$ than hogan!

Nash's Staph is a work said...

Nash's staph infection was a work

BigDaddy said...

Big announcement regarding one of our long time sponsors, EVO coming next week....

Anonymous said...

Check her pitalaz!

Anonymous said...

Forgot the linkalaz!!!!!

suck a dinkalaz said...


Anonymous said...

99 Luft Balons IS German you were right

Melo said...

Cade Von Dutch Rules

BigDaddy said...

We talked about the "Race Draft" this week... Sebastian Suave sent
this in...

donny cooked some evo for kanyon when tiid tried to bring him hookers and they refused togother said...

evo and mount gay for dinner at the pickel barrel

donny cooked some evo for kanyon when tiid tried to bring him hookers and they refused togother said...

hey dan...dont fall for donnys game...donnys heavily involved in the business...and ricos a wrestler to..there all bisexuals and they just rib you cause they feel bad they got to live with the fact that there attracted to there constantly rubbin it in and tryna get you into the cock arena

hayden gayvery said...

Rico is garbage and i dont know why he beat me at Oblivion.

99, the great one-srr said...

i fucked a black chick and she swallowed my cum does that make me black now guyz?!
random as casur stop trying to fit in :p

good show, rico is the best guest ever

i agree about the genesis match. fuck man they never sold anything, i hate that shit.

the return of champeezy is great. see? just talk shit and not make him tell a story every week.

buy oblivion... am i finally gonna be able to buy evo online!!!!!!!!?

Anonymous said...

yeah, you guys are right. "oh my god, i'm going to school" who the hell cares? you want a medal for doing something normal? jesus, its retarded how desperate you are to get yourself over. oh, we should be in awe of you because you got into an all-black school? racist. i hope you get shanked on your first day there. god knows we will all be better off for it. big daddy donnie and dan-e-o, this idiot is going to kill your site if you don't get rid of him. fire casur, it's the best thing you can do for your site and the wrestling world overall.

BigDaddy said...

Hey anonymous Casur hater..... all you are doing is making me think he's doing a great job.

donny cherishes the cock said...

casur...gets props from me for drinking 3 cups of wack juice...not to mention the third cup had a bit of t.j.'s nut in hes gets the respect......

stop hatin on thaoshow even when i rib donny for loving cock and pickel barrel..its still all in good fun even though its true....

KC said...

Hey guys, I just came across a great blog on MySpace about the show. Check it out at

romello said...

Anonymous Casur hater,why don't you just ask the dude if you can suck his dick? It seems pretty obvious that you've got some kind of crush on the kid,based on the way you're constantly on his dick week in and week out. Yo Casur! Keep doing your thing son. The hate you get from gay internet stalkers like anonymous only prove that you're doing a good job.

sean waltman said...

Better a legit hate reaction than no reaction Casur!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I loved the random "GREAT ONE" sound bytes! EPIC GOOD

Anonymous said...

I want a new O-chestra track! I've already memorized Hairy Pussy.

markus K fabian (MKF) said...

Episode 100 is almost here!!!!! I can't wait!!! I can't believe I've listened to 100 straight episodes of you guys!

bradley said...

Since Tha O Show's 100th episode is coming, and I'm a poor university student in vancouver with no landline, just skype ... i thought I'd leave my fav "lines" of the last 99 shows.

"Ass blood"

"Someone steal this nigga's passport"

"No! No! No! No! No!"

"I want to touch Champ Pain's dick"

and my all time favourite...

"The 14 second fudge drop"

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the big event was a success - can't wait to see the DVD, in spite of Bloody Bill doing the worst job ever of promoting a bleud feud...I mean, you get this guy on the line to generate some hype and he completely no-sells the match and spends the whole time talking about some other feud, even suggesting that the other guy join the match! Dude needs to

Oh, and while I was always the first to point out that Dan-e-o's homophobia points to secret gay tendencies, props to him for loosening up a bit. He's still gay though.

roger said...

I don't think Dan-e-o loosened up. He's just tired of constantly getting bashed and decided if you can't beat em join em.

Anonymous said...

Dan-e-o likez menz

Anonymous said...