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It's the day you've been waiting for! 1/9/09. And the album you've been waiting for is finally out! OBLIVION! Tha Indy Wrestling Album is now available!


Featuring all original entrance themes for Indy Wrestling Superstars such as Rico Montana, The Notorious T.I.D., The Flatliners, Jennifer Blake and Vampire Warrior, this CD is on sale for just $9.99 (CDN).

Including tracks performed by Dan-e-o, T.J. Habibi of Secret Suburbia, Lyrical Chemist, Tika Simone and Summer Brockwell, this album is an intense collection of head bangin' hard rock and hip-hop!

If you can't be at the OBLIVION! CD release party tonight at The Factory, 34 Futurity Gate at Dufferin & Steeles in Toronto, then be among the first to order the OBLIVION! CD straight to your doorstep.

16 bangin' tracks. One O-mazing album!


5 comments: on "OBLIVION! Is Out NOW!!"

pickel cock from the barrel said...

t.j. and daneo and others work hard to make a nice album and tids ugly ass is on the cover?

if you guys took the time to go all out why not do a nice photo shoot with one of the ontario indy divas in a ring with some titorical pics?

fuck tids ugly grill...can i get a copy with a different cover?

Shammy_D said...

Can we download this album or is it only available to be shipped?

Dan-e-o said...

Yes you can definitely download the album for $9.99. Here is the link:

jenn said...

Can this pickel barrel got just get banned? Fuck he's annoying. Shut the fuck up.

kathy said...

I agree with pickel cock...why would you want that ugly mug plastered all over something you worked so hard on, musta been Donnies call - for some reason.