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HGC Episode 20: A Handsome Day's Night

It's the big Two-Oh for The Handsome Genius Club Radio Show. Our twentieth episode and today's show is chock full of HGC goodness. KINGDOM, TJ and NOAH discuss everything from Jessica Simpson's weight gain to this weekend's Super Bowl to a long overdue update on Yoshi The Pug.

TJ thinks the movie Pulp Fiction was full of sex and regrets saying it once he's reminded of who was in the movie's only sex scene. Noah tells us about the latest victim in his DJ BattleMonkey XBox Challenge. And Kingdom gets ready to start wrestling again. All this, plus NERD NEWS, a ton more pop culture conversation and special guest DEREK SIMPSON.

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Derek is a strip club deejay by day and drummer for the band BIG TOBACCO & THE PICKERS by night. Kingdom and Derek have a hilariously off-color chat about strip clubs, dating dancers and working drunk. The language gets a little salty, so be forewarned!

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