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Today On Tha O Show...

Happy New Year O-sters! It's Episode 97! And unlike most shows, your bros Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o aren't gonna waste your time with a "best of" gimmick or knee-ass clip show.

It's an all new episode to take you into 2009. Today you get Tha Os And NOs, The Notorious T.I.D. on "Tha Pit Stop", Tha Black Prophet, messages from Tha O-sters and making his debut on both "Road Stories" AND "Tha Round Table" is former TNA and Survivor star, Johnny Fairplay!

Tune in later today and check out the last show of 2008! Then go get drunk!

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8 comments: on "Today On Tha O Show..."

donny loves pickel barrel even on new years day..and tj still likes being called knee gay said...

hey o show bros...hope this isnt askin to much...but if this can go up today on wed before would mean the world man..i wanna peepage at will make 2 hours fly like a mosquito...hyyyyyype [hi pitch dan harmony]

if u cant post it before 1 well..fuck em with tids dick

and happy new years guys...97 later and i havent missed 1 damn show it...hopefully by this time next year we will be 145...cheers boys be safe and see ya at episode 98 in 09!

Christian said...

Hi Dan-E-O and Donnie,

Could you please get Portia Perez on your show, because I think she's hotallaz.
Also a Happy New Years to everybody associated with this great show and to all the listeners as well.

Ricky Stardust said...

Buy Oblivion

Danny Bonaduce said...

Can't wait to hear what Johnny Fairplay has to say.

MKF said...

Screw Portia Perez.
I remember when she was on - and the guys had some fun with her asking "what would a fat ass like fronte have to do to get a girl like you" ...

She couldnt diss him - she couldn't put him over - she just had nothing to say!!!! She was like "Well if I have to tell you then theres no point".

Go back to wrestling in India where they love that kayfabe crapulaz!!

Christian said...

@MKF: I would love that.

portia perez said...

Frickin Awesome

Danny Bona douchey said...

fuck fairplay.