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Tha A List Analysis

Tha A Show is the best wrestling show right now, on a consistent basis for the few TNA enthusiasts out there. I do however have some complaints this week, as out of the ordinary as that is. It could quite possibly have something to do with the fact that it's 62 degrees this morning. I don't know.

The complaints aren't really about the direcion of the show, but a few of the people on the show and in one instance the directing of the show.

Tommy Dreamer came and began to cut what was most likely going to be a retirement type speech. He was then interrupted by the one guy who induces groans from some, but boners from others. Kozlov proceeds to take Dreamer out, and then cut a promo in which it sounded like he told Hardy if I take you to dinner this week this is your future. Or something to that effect.

Staying with this segment and getting to my complaints, I want to address the dress of Tommy Dreamer. I had no problem with his shirt or his leather jacket, but Tommy is a bigger guy, with the love handles going strong, so the tight in the thigh jeans are just plain bad. I know, I know, southern dude complaining about style, sounds funny, but it's true.

Sticking with a style complaint. Jack Swagger lost so many points in so many ways last night. The swagger he used to walk to the ring, and circle around a prone Dreamer was beyond horrible. I really can't even describe it. The hands out motion reeks of Orton clone. The dusting the dirt off his shoulders and wiping his shoes clean reeks of gaydom.

The motions he went through last night did in fact draw heat, but not the kind he's after. He got no heel heat for that, only heat from homo-phobes. There was absolutely nothing heterosexual about anything he did. From the weird shirt with the incredibly high collar (or does he not have a neck?) to the all out gaydom of it all. Seriously dude, stop that, stop that right now.

Staying with Kozlov and Swagger for a moment, I understand Kozlov doesn't need to be taken out of a main event picture, so you put him on ECW to feud with Hardy since Hardy cost him a WWE title shot, but why waste a match of undefeated youths on ECW where the belt is mentioned? Swagger vs. Ortiz has now be made completely meaningless.

The Miz and John Morrison are money. It's unreal just how money these two are. From their acceptance speech at the Slammy's to the fact that they made Jimmy Wang Yang and Kung Fu Naki look like money in their match. They actually made people believe that JWY was going to pull that victory off.

The match itself was very good, starting with Miz selling his tail off for Kung Fu Naki, all the way through the match actually. MnM sold perfectly, they put themselves over the perfect amount, they just didn't do anything wrong, and the kick Morrison hit to end the match was sick. Great show opening match.

The Boogeyman finally graced us with his presence. He won no doubt, and he won fast, quick, and in a hurry. Good to see him back, and hopefully this time around he can be utilized correctly and stay healthy. On that note no DJ Gabriel and incredibly uncomfortable dancing either. I did however miss Alicia Fox.

The big-time tag team match of Finlay and Hornswoggle against Mark Henry and Tony Atlas. Good enough match, good enough action. Good enough finish. Did you really expect Finlay and a midget to win here? I know I sure didn't. Overall it kept up with A Show standards, so still no disappointment on this end.

Quick results...
*MnM def. Jimmy Wang Yang & Kung Fu Naki
*Boogeyman def. Local athlete
*Mark Henry & Tony Atlas def. Finlay & Swoggle

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