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Rated O Radio - Episode 96

Tha O Show Radio

Episode 96 is here, and it's one day early! Christmas presents galore are presented as Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o bring you a special holiday episode.

Tha O Show's resident technical producer, one half of The Handsome Genius Club and lead singer of Secret Suburbia, T.J. Habibi joins in on all the fun.

Press play and prepare to "O". Happy holidays y'all!

Today's episode features...

Tha Os And NOs.

The Notorious T.I.D. on "Tha Pit Stop" previewing this coming weekend's UFC PPV.

Dan and Don deliver Tha O-wards decided upon by YOU, Tha O-sters!

And "Tha Round Table", featuring Big Daddy Donnie, Dan-e-o and T.J.!

Merry Christmas O-sters! This week, we take you out with two gifts: Dan-e-o's first-EVER solo single, "Nuthin' Gonna Hold Me Back" from 1992! AND "Whadcha Say (About Christmas)?" by Lyrical Coalition - this was Monolith BEFORE they were known as Monolith!

The track features teenaged T.J., Dan-e-o and a host of others...the quality sucks...and the song is even worse. Enjoy!

Don't forget the OBLIVION! CD release party, GCW wrestling event and Ontario Indy Wrestling Awards night is January 9, 2009. Tickets are on sale now through PayPal. Simply click the link on this site to get yours!

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28 comments: on "Rated O Radio - Episode 96"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fuck tid

Anonymous said...

Tid Fears Black

MKF said...

TJ you are a lightweight and can't hold your drink...

Dan-e-o has never seen a pussy said...

Merry Clit lips??
Clits don't have lips!

Dan-e-o is the 30 year old virgin said...

Dan, do tits feel like bags of sand too?

Christian said...

What I heard about that Badr Hari incident is that he was left of that New Years card,because off that.
Great that you finaaly talk about some guys from the Netherlands who dominate the K-1.

Dante Ross aka Tha Stepdaddy said...

This was one of my favorite episodes. I am gonna sit here and listen to it all over again. TJ was so damned funny (as well as everyone else, of course). I have to get my hands on some of that Mount Gay. Is it available in the states? If not, send me some, shit.

The awards were good but I would have gone with so many different things. Casur was one of the best guests on the show that sat in even though he didn't show his tits (Shoot!). I think it was Missy Hyatt you had a while back that bugged the shit out of me. Like, if I wanna hear an old lady nag I'll call my mother.

I am shocked that Black Prophet didnt get more hate mail or votes for worst segment or something. I dont agree with the shit he says most times but it gets a reaction. I still like the videogame review no matter what folks say. Lufisto is hot as FUCK (I had a thigh fetish) but her segment wasnt one of my favorites. The sound always was off to me. Cham Pain is awesome. Instead of road story type shit he's so much better when he just rambles about things. No matter what it is its funny. Get him to talk about The Rock's folks splitting up.

In the next year there are a few things I want more of. Consider this my O-Mas list.

More Hayden Avery. More classrooms (with anyone including the Black Prophet). More Tid talking about wrestling as well as MMA. More Rico. A TNA star that doesnt mind some heat. More P-Vice. More Sheiky calls. More gay jokes. Later.

Matt said...

yo dan you should put those tracks in your store. Theres something nice about the raw sound they have to them.

Anonymous said...

Whats with the Casur love? Hes an arrogant, ignorant prick, and he should be removed from this site immediately. But don't just take my word for it. Put up a poll on whether or not he should stay or be fired, let the O-sters decide.

Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o, you guys are too smart to not see the damage this guy does to your site. I guarantee I'm far from the only O-ster who wants that tubby retard canned.

Anonymous said...


knee gay likes a gay knee and kingdoms a white guy trapped in a black guys body said...

pickel barrel 4 lyfe!

the gghost of christmas is it like a cock thats floating with a cape on?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Belladonna does tranny-porn now...

Belladonna does tranny-porn now

Belladonna does tranny-porn now

Belladonna does tranny-porn now...

Look it up...

knee gay likes a gay knee and kingdoms a white guy trapped in a black guys body said...

white boy knowledge^

Anonymous said...

I'm actually

I'm just still in shock that since she retired for having "herpes" she magically pops up in more porn with a new look...and it's tranny porn!

Look it up...

RatedrStar86 said...

I was at the show on Monday and they introduced Santino from Patterson, New Jersey. Santino got a crazy pop.

Anonymous said...

Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o, what more do you want? You said yourself he was overwhelmingly given the no of the year. Those people who voted are the same people who hate Casur and want him gonalaz.

We're calling for Casur's firing the same way that you guys have been calling for Cena's heel turn. Don't leave us hanging. Do the right thing and send that overgrown mark packing.

RatedrStar86 said...

For "O" of the year, when at the show in Toronto on Monday a big group including myself 3rd row ringside started a chant when JBL was wrestling Rey, "Joey Styles" JBL visable looked over at us as it got louder and gave us a dirty grin like he was saying you mother fucken smarks.

Anonymous said...

LCBO = Liquor Control Board of Ontario.... Dumbasses...

Anonymous said...

hahah LCBO ya. I can never remember that shit either.

BigDaddy said...

Casur isn't being fired.

barack the cock in yomama said...

lick cock of boys only = lcbo

casur drank knee gays nut last time

Anonymous said...

This doesn't make any sense. Everything John Cena did, everything Batista did, the lame way CM Punk got buried, everything TNA did, all the things that made fans say "no", and out of all of that, people STILL thought Casur was the worst. I get that you like him, but you liked Fronte too, and once you got rid of him, the site got a lot better. The only difference is, Fronte's sins came to light after he was fired, while Casur's are plain as day right now. Even though you like him, firing his ass is the right thing to do to improve the site.

srr said...

i dont want casur fired at all, he doesnt really write good articles but he stepped up on the o show.

i miss fatty : (

hype show TJ sounded so fucking funny at the end " synasta , SYNASTA!!!"

you black guys and your homophobia lol

when i turn 21 in 2 years i have to go to a llw show and get drunk in canada!!!!!!!!!!

i hope cody gets the most from legacy, seriously he can talk and can hold his own, plus him at that size getting over would be hype!

when tj and dan were messing with donnie about not drinking.

Dan-e-o: you pured the whole glass with coke, theres like no rum.
donnie: "I was thirsty!"

LOL you pussssssssssy!!

buy oblivion

kathy said...

TJ....i wouldn't listen to BDD's advice too often, but he's right about the cologne...if you want her go get her.

on second thought after that

Anonymous said...

Not surprised Devine was voted worst guest. He was a douche and offered no substance. Just tried to get himself over by making you guys sound like jack assess

sciubba said...

what episode did fronte get fired?