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WWE & MMA Tidbits

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At last night's "Raw" house show in Hamilton, Ontario, there was a title switch where John Morrison and The Miz defeated Kofi Kingston and CM Punk to win the World Tag Team Titles.

This has since been confirmed by so it's now official. As both The Miz and John Morrison like to say, BE JEALOUS.

MMA results courtesy of Figure Four Weekly - Bobby Lashley stopped Joshua Franklin in 41 seconds with a takedown, and then opening up his forehead with punches and it was stopped on a cut.

It was both men's pro MMA debut tonight at the American Airlines Arena in Miami. In the main event, Jeff Monson defeated former UFC heavyweight champion Ricco Rodriguez by outwrestling him for three straight rounds.

2 comments: on "WWE & MMA Tidbits"

Anonymous said...

wud ov prefered that to b a match at armageddon like! for a title switch but ahh well!

Adam said...

Pretty much confirms that CM Punk is going to win the Intercontinental Tournament and title, atleast i think so.