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HGC Episode 12: Quantam Leap Of Solace

A dozen episodes under our belt and the HANDSOME GENIUS CLUB RADIO SHOW is gaining more steam with each passing week. Today on the show, actor PEDRO MIGUEL ARCE joins us to talk about fighting zombies for George A. Romero, getting beaten up by 50 Cent and Terrence Howard and what really happened between him and Neil Patrick Harris!

Plus Pedro talks a bit about the impending Screen Actors Guild strike, the ups and downs of being a celebrity guest on the comic convention circuit and some insider information about the future of Romero's "Of The Dead" series.

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Plus, a ton of NERD NEWS, NOAH PANICO "almost" reviews Quantum of Solace, KINGDOM and TJ talk about great dates and horrible sex, our weekly update on YOSHI and some helpful advice in case you ever encounter a kitten with two faces!

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