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Rated O Radio - Episode 87

Tha O Show RadioWelcome to Episode 87 of your all-time favourite internet radio show: Tha O Show. It seems like each week is a big one, and this week is no different. Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o welcome a bunch of guests and gotta-helluva-lotta shit to talk about!

Back in the studio is the constant thorn in Dan's side, Rico Montana to join in on all of the craziness in Tha Land of O. Some debuts are made on today's show and a lot of stuff is given away! So listen in to win!

Now press play and sing that shit!! It's O-time baby!

This week's show features...

"Tha Os And NOs" featuring Don and Dan getting their "hate-on"! Check this wack shit out!

The Notorious T.I.D. is back with "Tha Pit Stop" to discuss the demise of Elite XC.

The ridiculously voluptuous Melissa Coates makes her debut on Tha O Show to unveil a well-spirited 'the other side of Tommy Dreamer' edition of "Road Stories".

Rising Ontario Indy star "Tricked Out" Tyler Tirva becomes the next contestant on "WrestleTrivia". Today's special edition of everyone's favourite game show allows YOU - the listen-at-home O-ster - to play along for a chance to win tickets to an upcoming EWA event in Toronto!

Listen to hear who the REAL winners and losers are!!

All the way from North Cakalak is the one and only Marty Garner with a hilarious installment of "A Glass of Cham Pain". And we do mean...PAIN!

And, of course, Rico Montana sticks around to join Donnie and Dan-e-o for "Tha Round Table" as the crew previews this coming Sunday's WWE Cyber Sunday pay-per-view as well as the whole concept of 'voting' in this day and age. Check this wack shit out!

Finally - for personal reasons which you will understand throughout the course of today's show - a special treat for this week's show outro. One of the greatest emcees to ever bless a mic, Nas drops "Black President" from his latest self-titled album. Listen and learn...and enjoy.

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25 comments: on "Rated O Radio - Episode 87"

mkf said...

Wicked episode... but Dan-e-o on the preview article, why put a picture of skinny ass Cham Pain, when you coulda posted Melissa Coats and those two big pumpkins that are fighting the fabric of her sweater??

Dan-e-o said...


good ass point! I'll add one just now...check back...

Markalaz said...

This weeks show was very light on the "alaz" lingo. Don't go soft on us now. We are all hooked on it!

Jim J said...

Rico was my fav in studio guest until his last 2 appearances. I think he's relying too much on the Dan-e-o is gay joke to get over.

I know he's funnier than that because he entertained me for months on this show before ever going to that card.

I want the old Rico back. Limit your Dan-e-o is gay stuff to one reference per show, and show us that you can hang with the boys of O.

Persona Non Grata said...

While he is from Massachusetts, John Cena is indeed a Rays fan. He was in article in The St. Petersburg Times last month.

Dan-e-o said...

Fair enough...Michael Cole should have elaborated. So I'll somewhat take back the Cole diss and re-direct my heat back where it belongs: Although I HATE the Red Sox, Cena's a punk for turning heel on his home team.

Persona Non Grata said...

The article says that he's been a Rays for since 2002. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

I dont know where you got the whole bisping cant work in the states stuff, he's fought 3 times in the states, and he fought in Canada.

Skitlez said...

Love the hip hop talk. Yo Dan, didn't know you were a Kanye fan! Wanye's verse on "Barry Bonds" might be the worst of his career, so I wouldn't necessarily judge him on that. I don't think Wayne is a skilled lyricist but I'll give him credit on his metaphors, they're out of this world.

Randall said...

Wait, when the hell did bisping fight in the states? Since he won Ultmate Fighters its been all Europe.

Bisping fan said...

I can clear this up. Bisping does not have a work visa in the U.S. he had one while the Ultimate Fighter show was on but it expired un 2006. He has had a couple fights in the U.S. on temporary work visas. Getting approval to work in Canada is much less red tape than the U.S.

Anonymous said...

I loved the Dave Linton song. He has reffed many of my matches and he always cops a feel. And i'm not a chick.

Anonymous said...

I really liked Tervas story. His trivia wins are a joke though. Those questions were beyond easy.

Anonymous said...

MC Chris is garbage. Melissa has some epic sweater melons

Anonymous said...

Great episode guys

Dante Ross said...

That was a funny, chaotic ass show! I never understood why Lil Wayne is so damned popular. His rhymes are damn close to nursery rhymes. The "pinker than the Easter Rabbit" line had me scratching my head when I first heard it last year. Actually all "Lil" rappers blow.

That was the first glass of Cham Pain that made me feel bad about a guy getting ass. If I was with a chick that ended up having a club foot or walking like Frankenstein I would check my dick. Yeah, I'm paranoid like that.

Tid was cool as always. As was Rico. I love his new theme. I was sitting on the bus tapping my knee to that fucking beat. Thats one of those songs like "Back in Black" that makes you wanna fuck people up.

Fuck both candidates. I aint voting for either one of them. How can you vote for two guys that will likely be picked off by God or an assassin? I say vote for me in '08. Join the Party Party. Tha Stepdaddy will take care of all ya'll!

drunken asshole said...

damn. im no mc chris fan, but donnie's either way too fucking sensitive or trying way too fucking hard to create some heat with some guy clearly up his own ass. to me, chris didnt come off as trying to bury kingdom, he just had a stick up his ass. i.e. nothing personal. why even give the guy the time of day, unless youre that desperate that you have to resort to such transparent ploys to get people to see where this leads, if anywhere.

i love tha o show and all, but really, i could give a fuck about your beef, legit or not, with some d-list musician interviewed on your c-grade sister podcast. if you dont like the guy, fine, call him up and tell him. as a loyal listener, i say whoopty-shit.

again, im not defending the guy, but if he's half the bitch you say he is, why even mention his name, unless youre looking for cheap heat. if that's what HGC (or parts of tha o show, for that matter) is gonna be, count me out.

all that said, i pretty much couldnt be happier with tha o show. i love the mix of news, analysis and banter/shit-talk/whatever. you guys obviously have a chemistry that you dont find in any other wresting podcast, at least no other podcast ive come across. i just get less than nothing out of hearing you complain about some asshole, or trying to start a super-cool internet flame war with some asshole.

just my two cents.

MKF said...

I personally found the MC Chris attack a little over the top and assumed it was just for the sakes of entertainment. I don't think Tha O Show is trying to start a pissing fight with that loser. But Chris did put Kingdom James in a very awkward spot. I felt bad for James listening to the interview.

I think like many thing things Donnie says on the air, he cranks up the intensity for the sakes of making it fun.

jenn said...

^^^ agree

simeon said...

Don't make too much of that - it was a throw away gimmick at the end of the show.

Also, I loved Marty's story this week, but I'm dyin for some more black prophet.

I thought the girl on this weeks show sucked though.

Anonymous said...

This was my first experience listening to Tha O Show and i must admit I loved it!

Fanboy said...

I agree with the earlier comment about Rico and his Dan bashing. Time for a new joke its getting old Rico.

Your awful beatboxing was amazing though.

srr said...

loved this weeks show i really wanted a more serious roundtable though, you know since rico is there and all and can really get some good points in better than some of the other guests *cough* danya*cough cough* but yea way too much homo jokes you fucking homos :p

champains story was funny yet awkward lol he destroyed that ho.

lol my drink be pinker than the easter rabbit. he did have some fun lyrics before IE wrestling references.

time to email danellio!

romello said...

Am not,i repeat,am not feeling Lil Wayne. Dude just might be the single most overrated rapper to ever walk the planet.Dudes like him are what turned me away from Hip Hop. They have no appreciation for the history and even less respect for the art. I know people who say his metaphors are sick,but i've heard his shit and i'm Nooing like a Big Dog on that shit and speaking of shit,BET can eat a sugar coated,bowl fill of it!

Anonymous said...

Great show guys!