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Tuesday Night Turmoil: Big "Show" Down

As of late it has seemed as though “SmackDown” and ECW were fighting for the true “A” show in WWE. ECW has done the best job of incorporating new talent into the WWE, even though that is the supposed “job” of ECW, at least they can do that. They also manage to keep it entertaining, and keep storylines going.

While Mike Adamle usually gets a merciless lashing from me, this week I’ll steer clear of that and praise what I will ultimately label the “A” show in WWE. “SmackDown” is easily number two, and has it’s moments at #1. After the Draft I still fully expect “SmackDown!” and ECW to be the top two.

While I’m not usually happy about the pranks and debauchery of Hornswoggle and Finlay this week I’ll let that slide as well. It was entertaining, and while I think they went a little overboard, it goes along with the story and character of Armando Estrada…currently. I do hope they utilize him better in the future though.

The spot with Finlay and Tazz after the match was gut busting funny. When Finlay told Tazz that there were people Tazz’ size under the ring I almost spit Mountain Dew from my nose, considering we here at Tha O Show have busted on Tazz’ weight more than once.

I’m elated that Matt Sydal, who now, since Vince must own all names is Evan Bourne has a job, and is being used. I also like that he is able to use some of the moves people would recognize, both from the independent scene and the far gone WSX.

I don’t like that Striker is jobbing again, but until BDV loses weight and become just Daddy V I don’t expect him to do much else. Nice Shooting Star Press from Sydal by the way, though I thought Vince said that move was a no-no some time ago.

The long lauded Mike Knox made his presence felt after the Evan Bourne/Matt Striker match by leveling Bourne. This led to the next match, Mike Knox facing Kofi Kingston (SOS), a match that has been building, atop the Kofi/Benjamin feud, which I’m glad they are doing.

I’ve said before that Kofi was getting stale and they needed to find a way to make him matter, and they’ve done that. They ended the meaningless undefeated streak and built on that, with Shelton Benjamin. Shelton/Kofi as I’ve said can be a PPV match, and with the way this feud is going it may just be that, and even if it isn’t the final match will have a pay-off.

I don’t see how the ending of Shelton hitting Knox can go anywhere, because I don’t think anyone would buy either of them as a face right now, but I like how Kofi escaped this week. ECW is doing a nice job of trading off weeks of the face and heel looking strong. I also liked Adamle comparing Kofi/Benjamin to Ali/Frazier. Give Shelton some gold and go with it.

I’m supportive of Miz and Morrison as far as being tag team champions go. I think putting them in this match with Finlay and Horny doesn’t do much for either team. Having Finlay and Horny win will be a waste of 7 months. What can Finlay and Hornswoggle do for the belts? Hell, last time Hornswoggle held a title they retired it.

John Morrison and CM Punk went one on one again, but it was a good match…again. Punk gets a good victory, one he really needed. I don’t want to see the briefcase taken off of him, I want to see it put to good use, and even if he doesn’t come away with gold, he needs a good, top-tier feud out of it. With the Draft coming up…it could happen.

Finally we finally got the colossal stare down that we’ve been promised for a few weeks now. It was nothing special, but it was nothing to frown at either. They did a good job of covering their history together, and they also did a good job of keeping one feud going while not forgetting another.

Dan-e-o’s favorite wrestler Mark Henry trotted his jolly ass out to the ring to run down Big Show and Kane by saying that if he isn’t drafted Monday, then after NEXT Sunday he’ll come after the ECW Champion. Why is the Draft before the PPV? Anyway, Kane and Show hit a tandem chokeslam on Henry. I think a ring collapse effect would have been nice there.

This was the final ECW before the big Draft, but we get one more ECW before the PPV. Why is the PPV after the Draft? That’s a question that needs to be asked over and over again. Either way, we’ll continue to get more good shows from ECW no matter the roster.

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Tha Results…
*Hornswoggle def. Armando
*Evan Bourne def. Matt Striker
*Kofi Kingston (SOS) def. Mike Knox via DQ
*CM Punk def. John Morrison

2 comments: on "Tuesday Night Turmoil: Big "Show" Down"

Mach23 said...

I think the reason that Ecw and Smackdown have been better than Raw is that since their rosters r smaller, they can utilize basically everyone on their shows even if they r just being squashed or constantly losing.

I'm most looking forward towards the Ecw Championschip match and the raw tag match to c TD partner at NoC, but of course Ecw is not going to be the the final match which it should be.

Matt said...

Solid wrestling matches on a wwe show???? Whos booking this garbage? Where was the dance off? Why wasnt there any desperate publicity attempts? Unbelievable