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The SmackDown! ThrowDown

Batista's the top face again. Vickie Guerrero is still the GM. Edge's cronies still suck. Yawn. Hey, at least that's all the hate I got for "SmackDown!" this week, because it was a halfway decent show.

I do have to voice my open outrage about one thing though. Vickie Guerrero cannot go on the stick if her life depended on it. Most heels stop because they're getting booed so loud you couldn't hear them anyway. She stops because she keeps messing up her lines, and five tries later, still is.

"It is with great pleasure to introduce to you..." What the fuck? Forget some Adamle type gaffe where he botches a name or something like that, that last statement (which she said that exact same way five times) isn't even a real sentence. I realize that WWE is trying to be nice since she's Eddie's widow and Eddie died, but nice can only go to a certain point.

Finlay and Chuck Palumbo continue their feud that seemed to come out of nowhere. I respect Finlay for constantly being willing to be the wrestling tutor for guys who the E like despite not being the best of workers, but with such a thin roster on that show, a guy like Finlay is over enough to be in the main event, no question.

The Great Khali returned from his month off, which seemed shorter than a month, but time flies, I suppose. He squashed Deuce & Domino, which makes no sense. I again ask anyone reading this, do Deuce and Domino have heat with someone? Because they have to to be getting this kind of treatment, especially with such a weak tag division on Friday nights.

Why did Cousin Sal face Santino Marella several weeks after their in ring incident, on a different show? WWE normally doesn't play up being in Los Angeles as much as they did last night, which seemed odd. I'm still wondering if we're actually going to get some sort of payoff for the Piper/Marella feud, or if it'l fizzle out like the Marella/Simmons angle did.

Credit to "SmackDown!" for getting a women's title so that the women on Friday nights have something logical to go fight for. I still would have preferred to just have the Women's Champion be able to face challengers from all three brands, but I'm certainly not complaining about this decision, especially if Nattie Neidhart is going to be the first champion.

10-0 is Vladimir Kozlov now. Which means he's been squashing people every week for two and a half months now. Sooner or later, the E is going to run out of people for him to squash and will have to do something with him. Are this many squashes really even necessary, though? 10 of them later, I can't see him as any more of a main eventer than I did the week he debuted.

Last night, Batista teamed with two jobbers and one new guy to take on the worst stable in recent wrestling memory. I know that I harp on this every week, but it cannot be overstated that Edge does not need this stable so much as the stable needs him, and that's a bad situation to put your champion into. He can get himself over and get his own heat no problem, but put a bunch of vanilla guys around him and have them try to get heat too, and suddenly the word clusterfuck leaps to mind.

Although, quite frankly, not like that word didn't already jump to mind at the though of Batista being the number one contender again. Why, oh why did they not turn this guy heel when they had the chance?

Tha Results:
*Finlay def. Chuck Palumbo
*The Great Khali def. Deuce & Domino
*Cousin Sal def. Santino Marella
*Natalya def. Michelle McCool, Cherry, Kelly Kelly, Victoria, Maryse and Layla
*Vladimir Kozlov def. Jimmy Wang Yang
*Batista, Colin Delaney, Funaki & Nunzio def. Edge, Chavo Guerrero, Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder

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