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Rated O Radio - Episode 67

Tha O Show RadioFirst off - Happy Mutha F'n B-Day to our homie, Rico Montana!

Back again for another edition of your favourite internet radio program is Big Daddy Donnie and your bro, Dan-e-o with...what else? Tha O Show!

The greatest shit talkers in the biz ham it up yet again with a slew of guests, jokes galore and a lot of praise.

The latter, of course, being directed to the soon-to-be retired Dangerboy Derek Wylde who amazed - as always - in his final LLW performance last weekend in Hamilton. Tune in and get down with the program y'all.

On this week's show ...

Tha O's And NO's with a focus on the last match of Dangerboy Derek Wylde's LLW career.

The Notorious T.I.D. does it like no one else on "Tha Pit Stop" as he blasts by with commentary about Kimbo Slice's most recent "win" in Elite XC and the upcoming UFC 85

Tha O Show Music debuts yet another gem from the upcoming O-blivion: Tha Indy Wrestling Album CD and follow up with a relentless and shameless self-put over!

Tha boys chew on some news items and then go on to re-introduce Tha O Show's latest segment: "A Glass Of Cham Pain". In this - the new exclusive Marty Garner edition of "Road Stories" - Cham Pain describes an instance where he had the opportunity to bang a Hollywood celeb!

Also debuting a new segment (on next week's show) is Tha Queen of O herself, Lufisto who joins tha boys to give O-sters a sneak peek of what is to come. Lufisto was backstage at last week's LLW event asking workers about their personal sex habits!

And joining tha crew with a surprise in-studio appearance for "Tha Round Table" is Your Saviour, Sebastian Suave!

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31 comments: on "Rated O Radio - Episode 67"

Christopher Casúr said...

You guys had Suave on the Roundtable? What, you couldn't find any better jobbers to be on?

XxICExX2 said...

This is great...The Red Wings won the Stanley Cup (OH YEAH!!!) and another installment of tha O show!!

Markington Sr. said...


in all seriousness best wishes to the o hoe

Markington Sr. said...

30 minutes in and this is already another classic O Show!

Donnie takes it in the pink lol


Anonymous said...

Great show

Anonymous said...

Ok Marty Garner ChamPain is fucking gold baby. Gold. Overaz.

markington sr said...

yo compiling a best of donnie freestyles called "take it in the pink" volume one....and i was wondering if you know what episode did you have that freestyle battle in? v.s. fatty...i cant seem to find it....if you can help out..would be cool

take it in the pink volume 1 coming soon to youtube....

Anonymous said...

I loved Marty too! Carolina represent!

ontario mark said...

I keep singing the Dr. Mask theme song! I hate that guy but the song is catchy. Now I hate myself for liking it.

ontario mark said...

holy fuck! This week's show is almost 3 hrs long! Were you guys drunk?

ontario mark said...

The bloopers at the end are HILARIOUS! TJ RULES!!

mach23 said...

1)Jeff Hardy shouldve beat cena
2)Great Show
3)Ya D-Lo is back
4)Full house was a great show lol

Drunk Wrestling Mark said...

Regarding the "Ring Of Hell" book-

When the Benoit story came to light, CNN made a massive media circus over it. The day the Signature Pharmacy list came to light, CNN was covering it. I guarantee there will be somebody out there who will read Ring Of Hell and will try to use that to again blacklist wrestling as a whole.

Wrestling is much like baseball (Go Jays!) or any other professional sport. Yes, the pros are littered with scandals and dirty laundry of the sort, but that doesn't mean that the sport in and of itself is a dirty business. I was at the last LLW show and I got to talk to many of the workers, and not a single one of them came off as a drug-addicted maniac. Quite the opposite, actually; they came off as friendly, personable people who simply wanted to entertain the people. I got there early, and even though nobody knew who the hell I was, they all came up to me and said hi as if they'd known me for years. Are you really gonna say those people are dirty? Give me a break. For the record, I realize that LLW doesn't have any shady shit going on, but you know that the people out there who hate wrestling want to paint the whole sport with the same brush.

For all the bad things we're presented anyway through the television product of wrestling, I can't understand for the life of me why there are people who are so up their own ass about trying to break down the business. Wouldn't you want to find s many positives as you can? I mean, I know my articles are often critical, but I still love the business, otherwise I wouldn't be here.

As Derek Wylde said, there is a lot of honor in what wrestlers do. They go out and put their bodies through hell simply to put smiles on the faces of the people who love the sport. Especially the indy wrestlers, because they don't get paid the huge salaries that pro guys do (they're clearly not in it for the money or glory). One day, I'd like to be a worker so that I can be a guy who brings that same joy to the faces of fans. For someone to try and bust the business like this is ridiculous, especially if it's someone who has been in the business like this guy most likely has been (I'm assuming he has been to know the stories that he supposedly tells in this book). Do you need money that bad, you fucking stooge?

Jorden Vandal (Snow) said...

First off I'd love to say that I enjoyed the show as I normally do each and every single week. You guys are fuckin' top notch. That being said, I can't just listen to this anymore without finally commenting on the situation.

Nick Hogan is not anymore to blame for what happened then his friend John Graziano is.

A bit of back-story, I have a friend who is named Shelly and she was drinking and driving and got into a wreck where her passenger was killed. Literally EVERYONE blamed her for the death of the kid we'll call LP. I on the other hand take a much more subjective stance on the situation. LP was drinking that night too. LP knew that Shelly had been drinking when he got into the vehicle. So LP is just as much to blame for his own death as Shelly is for being the driver when the wreck occurred.

Same thing goes for Nick Hogan in my opinion. I realize it's just an opinion after-all and we are all allowed to have different views on topics, but the hate that you've (Donnie) been giving Nick is starting to get over-board. Nick's friend John Graziano was drinking during the wreck, and he knew (by all accounts since they were drinking TOGETHER) that Nick had been drinking. John Graziano took his life into his own hands as well as putting his life into the hands of someone he knew was impared.

This case is somewhat different then the one I explained because John Graziano didn't die where-as LP did, but I digress. Nick Hogan got a fair sentence for someone whose (again by all accounts I've found) just got into trouble for the first time. I'm not saying John Graziano deserved to have happen, what happened. But Nick Hogan doesn't deserve all this blame and "hate" when it's not entirely his fault.

Should Nick have been drinking and driving? No.

Should anyone drink and drive? No.

Does it happen though? Yes.

As much as I wish I could change the way things are and make it to where no one drinks and drives, I can't, nor can anyone else. It's a fact of life, and because of that, things like the Nick Hogan situation and the Shelly/LP situation are going to continue to happen.

I just think you need to take a look at the bigger picture before you continue busting on Nick.

That being said, I will say that I support a LOT of your views on various things. For example, when you had the discussion with El Tornado (I believe) about the difference's in the sensationalistic media in the US compared to Canada. As well as the various other issues you discussed in that episode. I think you (Donnie) have a great grasp on things (most times) but this one you should step back and re-evaluate the situation. There's more then one side.

So, keep up the great work and stuff. Show's top notch as always.

D.J.B. said...


markington sr said...

3 hour shows rule! o show could be 6 hours and it would seem like 1 hr...its real entertaining...

"you fucking stink, take it in the pink"

yo donnie..your new punchline/signature line is "take it in the pink"

PFK said...

Triple H turns 39 on July 27th.

Anonymous said...

On some level I understand Joren's point. Yes, John Graziano is a victim of his own poor choices. He's a 22 year old that hangs out with a 17 year old. He mixes street racing with booze and doesn’t wear a seatbelt. And now he’s the victim? What if in some alternate universe both Nick and John had been okay but they had run over an innocent bystander? This guy would go from victim to villain in a millisecond, and not by any of his own actions – Thanks but I’ll save my tears for the real victims – those of us who have to share the planet with assholes like these.

Having said that, I haven’t heard Donnie has said anything that indicates he feels otherwise, and I certainly don’t think he should cut the Hogans any slack. Think about it - This little douchebag is complaining about how tough jail is. Well sorry, shitface, that's kind of the point. It's only extra tough for li'l Nicky because, because like Paris Hilton, he hasn't ever had to sacrifice, suffer or struggle for anything in his life. Most of us learn our lessons gradually, but he's been protected from reality, (or real-ality) having been given anything he wants in leau of actual parenting. And for that, the Hulkster is to blame - for checking out on parenthood and passing the buck to his shallow gold digging wife, who acts like a spoiled child herself. And when spoiled children raise spoiled children, the rest of the world has to put up with their collective festering stank. And speaking of parenting, now the Grazianos are going to sue the Hogans? Well here’s what you can do with the money – buy a time machine, go back 22 years and raise your son to make better choices.

After all this, you'd think Hogan would learn his lesson, but no, there he is feeding Nick's victim complex by explaining that it was just a bit of holy justice from above. Does that mean Nick was just an instrument of God's will? Well then, two more miracles and we can declare him a fucking saint.

Bottom line: The harder this is on Little Nicky, the more it causes him to think before acting and the safer the rest of us are. That’s the point.

PS: “Real” is already the root of the word “Reality” you dumb fuck - You don’t need to add it again thinking that you’re being clever. He should get another month added to his sentence every time he says Real-ality.

Makes me want to give him an Owen-driver.

Hugs and Kisses,
Barren Dullness

Jorden Vandal (Snow) said...

Very well said. I'm not trying to stick up for Nick, just don't think he's soley to blame. You're more then right though, the parenting of both children more then likely has A LOT to do with the situations. At both Nick and John's ages they can make their own decisions, but chances are they needed better guidance while growing up and they wouldn't have made these ignorant mistakes.

markington sr said...

hogans banging brooke and nicks banging the mother....

Jorden Vandal (Snow) said...

Yes, because that picture shows anything even close to that statement.

"O Bro" Dante Ross said...

Loved the show and the fact that it was an extended remix (bring it back, sulectuh!). Very nice.

If you wanna know any sex shit holla at'cha boy. I worked in a porn shop for seven years and know all kinds of horrible shit. Lufisto, I dont know how she can deal with it. I once saw a dudes arm elbow deep in another dudes ass (dont ask) practically giving him a heart massage. My knees actually buckled. The funny thing is that you think that you'd see so much sex that you'd get desensitized to it. Actually all that freaky shit makes you appreciate regular ass ex. Good segement, shitty sound.

Kimbo was exposed and I have the same feeling I had when Tyson got knocked out by Buster Douglas: Fuck. I really wanted Slice to run up in there, finish up in a minute, and go home. Sometimes I wish Tid wasnt always so right, but goddammit, he always is. I'd sell my third nut to see him fight "Shamcrock."

The drunk driving issue is one that will never end. My father used to drive drunk with us all the time when i was little. We never got into a wreck (thank God) but we did get home faster. he got into wrecks but that was when he was alone. I want Nick to stay in jail because he comes across as a huge douchenozzle. The amount of time he got will do nothing to deter him from drinking and riving in the future. Dude will still drive like a fucking lunatic. I remember when he first got into the wreck a magazine came out with him (a car magazine) and he bragged about cops stopping him for speeding and not getting tickets. I only wish cameras were there when he got his second ass raping. The first? "Ooooh, yeeeah!!!"

Reid said...

OMG you guys are the kings of radio. I get my wrestling and mma fix from you guys and I laugh my ass off at all the random shit that comes up.


carl the marko said...

hey donnie....why don't you plug evo anymore? and was that kayfabe? whenever you plugged them you sounded so fake man lol

old and gay, old and gay, t.j's old and gay...cock in his bum likes it that way....he doesn't know it any other way..

carl the marko said...

Donnie Takes It In The Pink. Vol.1

Freestyle Outakes

Download link:

BigDaddy said...

Evo receives priority placement in our commercials beds. Can't talk about them during the show EVERY week. I have no idea how I sounded fake - no gimmick here. I freakin' love Evo. Had some for dinner last night.

carl the marko said...

yo donnie did you peep the "take it in the pink" best of donnie freestyles i compiled?

check it man

Donnie Takes It In The Pink. Vol.1

Freestyle Outakes

Download link:

markington sr said...

yo should do a O HOE/O SHOW EVO BBQ ....nothing but evo and o hoes......

Jim J said...

This carl markington is starting to pisss me off. Can you ban him?

markington sr said...

ban him for giving a fuck to take the time to listen to tha o show and tellin all my buddies about it that dont even like wrestling? turns it they end up loving the show based of donnie and dans conversation and jokes....

dude your way out of line with the whole banning's all in good not on here disrespecting anyones mother or anything...just joking around all in good fun

if a faggot can take a cock in the sure he can take a relax!

moomoo said...