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Mayweather To UFC?

On Friday, Floyd Mayweather shocked the sports world by announcing his retirement from boxing. Word is, Mayweather is simply bored with the sweet science.

Dana White has gone on record promising a "huge announcement" this Thursday on SpikeTV. Rumors are running wild that Mayweather has already signed a contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

This story sounds way too far fetched, but many thought it was far fetched to think Mayweather would face the Big Show at WrestleMania.

If this report is legit and not just a trial balloon or a complete farce, then the ripple effect on the sport of boxing has got to be huge. The best fighter in the world, hanging up his gloves to go compete for the sport that is killing the one he's a part of. Bizarre!

More on this as it becomes available.

4 comments: on "Mayweather To UFC?"

carl the marko said...

Seems to me more the money that MMA rakes in the more they take the kayfabe route.

Protecting Kimbo is one thing but Oscar would be just a slap in the face.

carl the marko said...

I mean mayweather lol

Sir. Jimmy Of Tha O'ster Nation said...

The huge announcement this Thursday will be that UFC will be giving away one million dollars.

recursive said...

they should price-is-right it and make it a million and one dollars.