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The End Of A Wylde Ride

Last night was the most emotional night I've ever experienced in the last fifteen years i've been involved with pro wrestling.

As O-sters worldwide are aware, regular O Show contributor "Dangerboy" Derek Wylde wrestled his last match in an LLW ring last night. His opponent, was the man he has faced more than anyone over his career. "Showtime" Eric Young of TNA fame. Of course, the TNA version of EY was NOT in the building. This was oldschool Showtime - wrestling his ass of and doing everything within his power to make sure his friend went out on a high note. He sure as hell did that.

The match was pure magic. I'm telling all those who vote for Match Of The Year in Ontario - the 2008 voting is done. Give them the award now.

This match had everything. Chain wrestling, sick high spots, insane bumps on the concrete outside the ring, and a sudden death finish after the time had expired.

The sold out capacity crowd was on their feet for almost the entire match. Wrestlers around the ring watched in awe and with reverence for one of the best workers this province has ever produced.

The end came when Dangerboy was at the top and connected with a beautiful rana. Young rolled through it into a small package and the 3 count was made. Danger immediately popped up to his knees, his eyes filled with tears. How bitterly poetic, that a man who made a living off the high spot, and is in fact retiring well before his time because of the many high spots that have ravaged his body, loses his final match because of one.

The ring filled with wrestlers. Heels. Faces. Backstage crew. It didn't matter. Everyone was on their feet and applauding. Wylde delivered a heart felt an emotional speech where he thanked his beautiful daughter for putting up with his incredible road schedule. He thanked his fiance "Girl Dynamite" Jennifer Blake for keeping his love for the business alive, and he thanked the fans for making it all worth it.

A class act. Absolutely amazing.

Notorious T.I.D. joked several times last night that this was Dangerboy's last LLW match "this month", Hinting at the old adage that nobody ever retires from wrestling. I know Wylde to be a man of conviction and who's word means everything. If he says he's done - he's done.

Selfishly, I wish I could see Wylde take to air a thousand more times. I'll miss his scintillating Sky Drill (over the top corkscrew). In case you're reading this Danger - scintillating is a good thing. Can't use big words with ma boy.

His running Death Valley Driver, Danger Destroyer and Burning Hammer were 3 of the most feared finishers on the indy scene. He had already handed the destroyer over to Jen Blake (she used it in her win against LuFisto last night). Dangerboy's young student Tyler Tirva used the running DVD while screaming "This is for you Dangerboy". After the match Wylde turned to his aprentice and said, "Did you like it? It's yours now".

It was a literal and sentimental passing of the torch.

In the locker room after the show I mentioned to all the boys that making it to TNA or the WWE are nice milestones - but if they really want something to strive for - if they really want to measure themselves against the best - try to be as good as Wylde and Young - two men who have truly earned everything they ever got in this business.

I know our friendship is far from over - and you'll still be backstage at every LLW show my friend - but we will all miss seeing you do what so many wish they could.

To quote the great orator Dr. Seuss, "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened".

We love you Dennis.

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Anonymous said...

I made the drive in last night from Rochester. I'd never seen Dangerboy wrestle but had heard all about him. I figured I'd better see him now before he was done and I'm glad he did. He and Showtime put on a match I'll never forget. And like many other peple I was cryiing my eyes out to. That was awesome.

Emanuel said...

Unbelievable match and final goodbye to Derek Wylde. Emotional is the word that keeps coming to mind. I have no shame in admitting that I fought the tears back that night.

Saturday May 31, 2008 is a night that will always remind me why I love this business and will always love this business.

Thank you Dennis, you are a class act and I am proud to call you friend.

Carl The Marko said...

theres no such thing as a "last match" ....your last match just happens...its never planned.....but derek wylde....i really look forward to seeing you in the ring even if its once or twice a year......

Dan-e-o said...

An incredible event that I'm very proud to have been a part of. It was honour to have been part of such history. Dangerboy truly is one of wrestling's all-time greats. The squared circle won't be the same without him. If you missed the show, you really missed out.

Here are the results, by the way, courtesy of Ontario Indy Wrestling:

1) Dark Match: Tag Team Battle Royal
Sebastian Suave & HHV w/ Persephone Vice won a future Tag Title Shot by outlasting The Steel City Saints, S&M Inc, Moondog Buddy & Homeless Bob, Phun Fer & ???, Paul Wright & Inferno, RJ City & Shawn Morgan, Freak & Wraith, Cody Shore & ???, Steve Brown & Adam Reed and The Gym Rats.

After the Battle Royal, Mercy was walking by ringside when she was attacked by LuFisto. LuFisto said Mercy was just an example of what Jennifer Blake would get later on the card and pounded on her until Blake ran out to make the save.

Tha O Show guys showed up & Brady Bling officially opened the show

2) "Tricked Out" Tyler Tirva w/ PJ Tyler def Anthony Darko

3) Light Heavyweight Championship
Crazy Steve def Dan-e-o by DQ to retain the championship when the Gym Rats interefered. Jake O'Reilly ran out to save Steve from a post-match beatdown. LLW CEO Ricky Stardust demanded an immediate tag match...

4) The Gym Rats w/ Dan-e-o def Jake O'Reilly & Crazy Steve

5) Strong Style War:
"Canadian Crazyhorse" Michael Elgin def Akira Raijin by submission

6) No DQ, No Countout:
"Girl Dynamite" Jen Blake def LuFisto

7) Tag Team Champioship:
Notorious T.I.D. & Rico Montana def Andrew & Bruno Davis to retain the titles

8) Steel City Championship:
Josh Alexander def Josh Taylor to retain the title

9) Heavyweight Championship:
"Textbook" Tyson Dux def Rip Impact to retain the title
Dux cut a vicious promo after the match about the "new generation" of wrestlers. Michael Elgin came out to challenge Tyson to put his belt where his mouth is.

10) The Last Wylde Ride For Dangerboy in LLW:
"Showtime" Eric Young def "Dangerboy" Derek Wylde
Wrestlers poured from the locker room to watch this match from ringside. Incredibly intense and emotional from the standing ovation that greeted Dangerboy to the "Thank you Derek" chant that ended the night.
Wylde & Young wrestled to a 20 minute draw but everyone agreed to go "5 more minutes". Young pinned Wylde 4 minutes later to win the match. All the wrestlers flooded the ring to pay respects to Wylde. Derek brought his daughter into the ring and thanked her, the boys, Jen Blake and the fans for all their love and support. Many fans and wrestlers had tears streaming down their faces as LLW bid farewell to "Dangerboy".

Anonymous said...

You know the shit you guys do makes wrestling worth watching. Very classy way you sent off Dangerboy.

Anonymous said...

Wylde Tribute Video

Anonymous said...

Wylde Tribute Video

Anonymous said...

jesus christ donnie....whats with the tribute? dericks still alive u know....pherhaps posting footage of the last match wouldve sufficed...

markus k fabian said...

It's called paying tribute you stupid fuck!

Anonymous said...

paying tribute? to a dead person?

that shit looked like a death tribute dude..and at the end it says...we love you

make it a celebration and hyave some nice music...not some emo shit....anyone that didnt know of dangerboy would think he died...after watching that tribute....

BigDaddy said...

Johnny Cash is emo? You're a douche bag. Dennis liked the video - sorry you don't.

Anonymous said...

hey not knocking it like that...i respect your efforts to pay some respect to the was my opinion that doesnt really matter really...and for the record...donnie takes it in the pink! lol

BigDaddy said...

ugh wait ...


wrong button