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Coleman Backs Out Of Lesnar Fight

Shocking news today from the UFC.

Mark "The Hammer" Coleman made a splash a couple months back by challenging UFC Heavyweight and former WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar to a fight at UFC 87. That show, which will be held in Lesnar's home state of Minnesota, will now feature a new main event.

Coleman has withdrawn from the fight because of an apparent knee injury. Reports are that Lesnar had been training incredibly hard for his shot against the UFC Hall Of Famer, and is now livid at the change of plans.

UFC 87 will be shown live on Pay-Per-View on August 9th. Lesnar's new opponent will be announced shortly, but in a paper thin heavyweight division, where the charismatic musclehead is coming off a loss to Frank Mir, it's difficult to imagine what will draw as well as this Coleman fight.

Here's hoping for Gonzaga-Lesnar.

3 comments: on "Coleman Backs Out Of Lesnar Fight"

NCAA Mark said...

you wanna see brock fight an entire school???

Andrew Gray said...

Heath Herring has been announced as Coleman's replacement to face Lesnar at UFC:87.

Anonymous said...

Herring is going to get pwned.